Albionnican Halberdier #1 for ArcWorlde from Warploque Miniaturesimage © Warploque Miniatures
sculpt © Warploque Miniatures
paint © Adam Parkhouse
Albionnican Halberdier #1 for ArcWorlde from Warploque Miniatures

The Albionnican Halberdier #1 is a warrior figure for ArcWorlde from Warploque Miniatures.

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Miniature: Albionnican Halberdier #1 standing, halberd points front


Features: Human-sized (3+) Human male (Human male) Warrior in armour with halberd (Weapon - melee weapon - polearm) held with both hands. Wears shako with plume.

Archaic miniature, Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Archaic humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Fantasy humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Medieval humanoid,

Advanced miniature, Advanced humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Advanced humanoid, Human-sized (S3) Early Modern humanoid,

Humanoid - HumanHuman male - Humanoid with melee weaponHuman with melee weapon - Humanoid with polearm - Human with polearmHumanoid with halberdHuman with halberdHuman-sized (S3) humanoidHuman-sized (S3) Human - Human-sized (S3) Human maleHuman-sized (S3) humanoid with melee weaponHuman-sized (S3) Human with melee weaponHuman-sized (S3) Humanoid with polearmHuman-sized (S3) human with polearmHuman-sized (S3) human with halberdHuman-sized (S3) human warrior with polearmHuman-sized (S3) human warrior with halberd - Human-sized (S3) human male warrior with polearmHuman-sized (S3) human male warrior with halberd - Human-sized (S3) human male warrior in armour with polearm - Human-sized (S3) human male warrior in armour with halberd

Category: Human-sized (S3) human male warrior in armour with halberd

Species: Human

Technology: FantasyMedieval (Archaic) / Early Modern (Advanced)

Armour: no shield

Range: ArcWorlde - Albionnican Empire (Fantasy)

Company: Warploque Miniatures

Production: 2014-2016-

Material: White metal

Priming: Primer needed - Primer must be applied before acrylic paints

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) according to maker

Proportions: Heroic scale, according to maker - Realistic, with Heroic scale heads

Assembly: One-piece, No Assembly, Pre-cut, Needs cutting

Posing: Hard

Paintjob: Unpainted

Base: Tabbed for slottabase

Sculptor: Alex Huntley

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It is a one-piece white metal miniature.

Scale & Size

It's 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) according to the company.


The proportions are heroic according to the company. For me it looks mostly realistic, only the head has heroic scale proportions.




It's made of white metal.


The miniature is made of metal so primer must be applied before painting with acrylic paint.


The miniature is unpainted.


One-piece, no assembly needed.


The miniature comes with no accessories.


Looks hard.


The miniature is tabbed for slottabase.




Alex Huntley


The pose is static.

I can't really see how to change the pose into a more dynamic one without a lot of effort, so I'd leave it this way.


From what I've seen on photos, there is some flash, mould lines and sprue remains that need clean-up.






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Size comparison photos


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Using the miniature

Possible uses

  • 1:72 scale: ?
  • 1:64 scale: ?
  • 1:35 scale: ?

Uses for games

Uses on the website

  • None yet

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Warploque Miniatures: Albionnican Halberdiers (4): Official page.

Warploque Miniatures: The Albionnican Empire Starter Warband: Official page.


athilith: 1# Arcworlde: Nick from Albionnica: Video showcasing some miniatures and info about ArcWorlde.

athilith: 2# Arcworlde: The Albionnican Warband: Showcase video.

The Maniac: Arcworlde - Albionnican Empire Review - #1: Content overview video. (2020.04.15: The video is private.)

Willem-Jan (Hephesto)(from Hephesto's Forge): A closer look at the models of Arcworlde, part II.: Part 2 of the review article about the miniatures, size and look, with comparison photos.

Carl Packham (from Hitting on a Double 1): Warploque Miniatures - Arcworlde - Albionnicans: Review article.

BK-Marcel (from Brückenkopf-Online): Review: Arcworlde Menschlinge (in German): Review article, with assembly guide and size comparison.

Google Translate English version

Pablo El Marques: Fotos descajado / unboxing 'ArcWorlde': Content overview article of the first ArcWorlde Kickstarter with lots of photos.

Google Translate English version


Buying the product


Company Set price (2016) Price/model (2016)
Warploque Miniatures

Albionnican Halberdiers (4) (12 GBP = 14,4 Euro / 16 USD)

3 GBP = 3,6 Euro / 4 USD
Warploque Miniatures

The Albionnican Empire Starter Warband (25 GBP = 30 Euro / 33 USD)

Individual prices = 29 GBP (86%)

  • 1x Albionnican Captain = 5 GBP
  • 1x Albionnican Halberdiers (4) = 12 GBP
  • 1x Albionnican Crossbowmen (4) = 12 GBP

86% price for Halberdier:

2,6 GBP

Average price:

2,8 GBP = 3,3 Euro / 3,7 USD

Where can you buy it?

Warploque Miniatures: Albionnican Halberdiers (4): Official page.

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Possible substitutes

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Do you have the Albionnican Halberdier #1 miniature for ArcWorlde from Warploque Miniatures? How do you like it? Would you recommend them to others? Tell your opinion in the comments!


Tags: Nexus (Eng)proportions-Realisticassembly-One-piecematerial-white metalpaintjob-unpaintedbase-Tabbed for Slottabasescale-1:56GNMDB-species-Humanposing-Hardminirange-Fantasy rangePrimer is necessaryGames Nexus Miniatures Database - Miniature Figureproportions-Heroic scaleReviewMiniature Reviewassembly-Pre-cutassembly-Needs cuttinggender-Maleassembly-No assemblyaffiliatecompany-Warploque Miniaturesminirange-ArcWorldeperson-Alex Huntleyminirange-ArcWorlde-Albionnican EmpireGNMDB-minisize-3GNMDB-species-Human-maleGNMDB-feature-weaponGNMDB-feature-weapon-halberdGNMDB-miniature-Warploque Miniatures-ArcWorlde-Albionnican Halberdier #1GNMDB-role-WarriorGNMDB-feature-armour-armourhuman with halberd(S3) human with halberd(S3) human warrior with halberd(S3) human male warrior with halberd(S3) human male warrior in armour with halberdhuman with polearmS3 human with polearmS3 human warrior with polearmS3 human male warrior with polearmS3 human male warrior in armour with polearmhumanoid with halberdhumanoid with polearmhumanoid with melee weaponSize3 (S3) humanoid with melee weaponSize3 (S3) humanoid with polearmArchaicAdvancedMedievalFantasyEarly ModernAdvanced miniatureSize3 (S3) Advanced humanoidAdvanced humanoidArchaic miniatureArchaic humanoidHuman-sized (S3) Archaic humanoidHuman-sized (S3) Medieval humanoidHuman-sized (S3) Fantasy humanoidSize3 (S3) Human maleGNMDB-feature-weapon-melee weaponGNMDB-feature-weapon-polearmSize3 (S3) Early Modern humanoidGNMDB-feature-armour-no shield

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