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The Rahdox sc1 v1 was designed for Project: ELITE range from Artipia Games. In 2016 an improved version has been produced, the Rahdox sc1 v2.

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Miniature creature: Rahdox sc1 v1

Product name: Rahdox, Product code: ?, Sprue: -, Range: Project: ELITE range (Futuristic), Setting: Project: ELITE universe, Company: Artipia GamesDrawlab EntertainmentProduction: 2015

Size: ?, Species: Janusian - Rahdox (Biped alien), Gender: -, Technology: Wild, Role: Warrior, Features: -, Armour: unarmoured/ carapace armour, Helmet: no helmet / carapace helmet, Equipment in hand: none / built-in pincers (Weapon - melee weapon - one-handed melee weapon), Equipment carried: none, Based on: -

Scale: 1:45 (40mm), Proportions: Realistic, Size: ?mm high (+5mm base), Material: plastic (green), Priming: ?
Assembly: One-piece, Posing: ?, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Integral scenic baseConceptual design: ?,  3D Sculptor: Antonis Papantoniou
Features: Armoured

Set: Rahdox sc1 v1: contains 1

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Alien (Rahdox sc1 v1 for Project: ELITE) from Drawlab Entertainment - Miniature creature review Alien (Rahdox sc1 v2 for Project: ELITE) from Drawlab Entertainment - Miniature creature review
Comparison - Rahdox sc1 v1 (2015) on the left, Rahdox sc1 v2 (2016-) on the right
The v1 is a bit darker and softer.

Rahdox sc1 v1 (2015): dark green material, low on details

Rahdox sc1 v2 (2016): light green material, more detail

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The miniature comes in a resealable plastic bag, that includes a unit card.

I have the first version (Rahdox sc1 v1), there's also an improved second version of the same sculpt (Rahdox sc1 v2).

The material is slightly hydrophobic, so using a non-water based primer will make painting it easier. I didn't use a primer, I just painted it straight with acrylic paints, and although putting on the first layer was a little slower than usual, in the end it stuck to the plastic, and didn't rub off.

There are not many hard details that would help you leading your brush, and even the soft details are mostly on its back, so this gave me freedom to decide about the details.

Painting the miniature


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Resources - Rahdox for Project: ELITE

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Buying the product - Rahdox for Project: ELITE

Base set price (Rahdox sc1 v1): ? EUR, price per mini: ? EUR

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