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Camo Cloaks from Victoria Miniatures - Miniature accessoryimage © Victoria Miniatures
sculpt © Victoria Miniatures
paint © Victoria Miniatures

The Camo Cloaks from Victoria Miniatures are capes or cloaks for 28mm / 32mm scale, Heroic scale miniatures, that feature no special pattern. They could also fit 35mm, or larger 1/72 (20mm) minis. They can be used as conversion bits.

Miniature accessory: Cloak with hood, Set: Camo Cloaks x5: contains 5, Product Code: -, Range: Futuristic, Company: Victoria Miniatures, Production: 2012-2016-
Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm) scale, Proportions: Realistic / Heroic, Size: ?, Material: Metal or Resin, Priming: Primer is necessary for metal, Primer is not necessary for resin
Assembly: One-piece, Posing: ?, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: -, Conceptual design: ?, Sculptor: ?
Features: 1x 5 cloak.

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Buying the product


Base set price (metal): 5,5 AUD, Price/model: 1,1 AUD
Base set price (resin): 6 AUD, Price/model: 1,2 AUD

Where can you buy it?

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