The Eye of Terror Campaign for Warhammer 40,000 Ed3, from Games Workshop was a worldwide online campaign in 2003. I participated in the games, and I've written a couple of log entries.

Personal log of Colonel Kadmon of Miskolc Prime

Campaign Log 001

Our company was busy cleaning the remaining forces on Malogrim Hive after an invasion of the Cultists of Pleasure when our Astropath, Rado of Avash started to have distrurbing dreams.

Geza, our Chief Medic stated it can be normal after such exposure to pure Heresy but his dreams started to become visions of far away places, that Navigator Secundus Stromheim identified as cities of Sector Agrippina. The words of Rado spoke of ruined hives infested with bloated inhuman forms, feasting on corpses of the former inhabitants.

After the order at Malogrim Hive was restored to the point the local Arbites and Planetary Defense Forces could take care of it, the flagship Mathias Rex began its long journey into the Eye of Terror.

Campaign Log 002 - Malin's Reach, Day 1-2

After arrival our fleet got almost immediatly in a battle with the foul forces of Chaos, and even though the Crimson Fleet crushed the Cruiser Tisza the troop carriers got onto the planet Malin's Reach.

In an unidentified Hive City I lead a strike against Traitor Astartes. First seeing them I have thought they might be from the honored chapter Blood Angels as they were the color of red and all were armed with close combat weapons. It was all but my vain hope! Fortunately the Demolisher squadron of Sgt Lukacs and the Bombard Batteries were already in position so we have broken their charge and the heavy bolter teams could finish them off.

On the 2nd day after the landing we were honored to assist a Dark Angel strike force against the heart of an underground tunnel complex, where abominations dwelled and preyed on the remaining survivors of the battle. Even though our first strike went well, more and more of them arrived through a violet membrane so the Warriors Astartes chose to destroy the tunnel entrance to trap them until more Andels of Death arrive to reinforce them. After the battle Captain Morgan told us of the insidous race of Eldar whose Wytches and Warriors took the lives of our troopers. And after those tales I do hope they are death and not enslaved !

Campaign Log 003 - Malin's Reach, Day 3

It's day 3 and our forces are still scattered due to the premature landing. I command 2 squadrons of Leman Russ Demolishers, one of them modified for close encounters, 3 squadrons of Sentinels, armed with lasers and autocannons, 3 guardsmen squads and 2 units of heavy support.

After we could establish radio contact, I've got to know that in a nearby warzone, Lieutenant Felfoldi lead us to victory against a small force of Chaos War Engines. The Marauder Bombers proved again they are useful as the traitor scum prepared for close combat - and they could not even reach the line of defence. While the troops were shaken none tried to run away thank to Comissar Belyayev's litanies.
So much for now, I hear rumbles of closing artillery.

Viva Imperator, protector Humanis !

Campaign Log 004 - Malin's Reach, Day 4

While a horde of Chaos Marines, accompanied by a Predator tank tried to get access to a munition depot, Chaos Cruisers assaulted our fleet in orbit.

The Predator tank was destroyed in a brave charge by trooper Kovacs, be his name remembered. I've ordered my men to the top of the ruined buildings while the Demolisher guarded the streets and the Sentinels scouted through the rubble. The charging traitors fell one by one from the las-shots, or grinded to their death by the tanks. In some minutes their assault came to a halt, and retreated.

Two of Lieutenant Varga's Sentinels fell to the bolters of the chaos scum, but Mechanicus Adept Nyitrai's engineers already working to get them in order for a next assault.

Up above, in the orbit two cruisers, the Vazul and Mokany got damaged as our captain defended a convoy of Cadian supply ships, but they have reached safe space before Chaos reinforcements would have arrived.

Still couln't make contact with the rest of our forces that got separated but we had to dug us in due to the overwhelming enemy presence. I hope we'll get our reinforcements soon, we need the heavy support against these armored abominations.

Campaign Log 005 - Malin's Reach, Day 4

Our fleet was forced by the continous attacks of the traitors to leave near-orbit, so we have lost their bombard support.

Marching though the ruined streets of 'Wagner District' we have found an Arbites precinct where black uniformed guardsmen worked hard to fortify the damaged walls. Scout Trooper Jaszay waved and hailed them only to get shot by several las-guns.

His squad jumped for cover and we all were shocked but we all knew such things can happen in the turmoil of war. So I identified our army, telled them the names of our officers but all we got for answers were more shots from the barricades.

It was Sgt. Szuhay who recognized the strange insignias on their robes and the purple star on their flags that was similar to the ones on the traitor cruiser that attacked us upon arrival.

I have ordered the Demolishers to drive the traitors back from the walls, so our squads could reach the fortified gate. A Sentinel destroyed the gates, and frenzied Black Guardsman poured out of the fort, throwing grenades all around. Three of our soldiers fell immediatly but fortunately their aim was as tainted as their foul mind, as they have killed five out of ten from their own men due to the plasma explosions.
After this initial assault not much of them remained, and we have cleaned this outpost of evil.

Campaign Log 006 - Malin's Reach, Day 4

While trying to recover from the constant battles, blue Rhinos of Ultramar appeared on sight. Captain Krüger of the Ultramarines ordered us on a scout mission for a chaos fortification before their strike force would begin the assault.

It was deep inside a factory area, full of hazardous waste, ideal for the traitors to establish a base. I have sent all squads to breach the factory. There was no sign of the enemy and due to the difficult ground our Sentinels had to provide cover from the distance.

We have wasted a long time for scouting but nothing appeared on our scanners. Our squads were spread all around the area to gain more sight.

Then Comissar Sebo's bioscanner came to life. And it was all but too late. The signs were not too numerous. But after the horrible shapes of Chaos Terminators got out of the shadow, not much chance of victory remained. Under the cover of a trooper with plasma gun the Comissar Charged one of the Terminators and for the effort of the whole squad, the Terminator fell to the ground destroyed.

After the first and only minute of victory hell broke loose. The Comissar got killed in a volley of shots from a reaper autocannon, the plasma gun trooper got burnt to black ash with two of his comrades, then storm bolters of chaos came to life and killed the running remnants of the squad. There was no time to consolidate and gather our forces so we had to retreat.

At least the Astartes got an idea of the defences of their target but it was a small pleasure for us.

Before the Marines started to plan their frontal assault, Captain Krüger gave me a transmission of one of their fellow members, Captain Aegis, who needed help in a nearby warzone. Even though we are still stucked here in the inner city, I have sent the company of Lieutenant Felfoldi to brake though the lines of the Crimson Traitors and help the Ultramarines in need.

The Emperor Protects !

* * *

After the initial skirmishes, the City Rats were transported to St. Josmane's Hope to stop the tide of Chaos. They have won some battles, lost some others. They have received reinforcements of superheavy tanks (a Baneblade and a Stormhammer) in their new garrison.

On Day 10, the City Rats were ordered to abandon their posts, and evacuate the planet of St. Josmane's Hope. Their commanding officers and tanks were transported off-planet, but most of the troops remained there, not giving up Imperial territory as long as they could breathe.

Then, Lord General Ursarkar Creed ordered the destruction of St. Josmane's Hope, and the whole planet was blown up, with any remaining Imperial foces on it. The surviving members of the army were sent as reinforcements to other Imperial armies.

* * *

Would you like to try the game?

* * *

Did you take part in the Eye of Terror Campaign in 2003? How did you like it? Tell us in the comments!


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