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Társasjáték Maraton (2017.08.19-20) - Esemény beszámolóWarhammer 40,000 Ed8

Game: Warhammer 40,000 Ed8 (Games Workshop)

Author: Berecz Zoltán
Edited by: Kadmon

Translation based on: Warhammer 40.000 8. kiadás (Games Workshop) - Taktikai játék ismertető Berecz Zoltántól (2017.09.10)
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Games Workshop released the Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium set, the latest, 8th Edition of Warhammer 40.000Berecz Zoltán published posts on Facebook about the 8th edition rules of 40K, that Kadmon have edited into the form of an article.

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Anyone who lives under the attic / stove and is fed from a handbag may have missed the news that a new release has come out a few weeks ago, a new basic box, all new.

I have summarized some of the new releases, mostly beginners, starters and 8th publishers. Do not read KMCS for the time being, because it just confuses them. At least if you're as 2-bit as I am.

Warhammer 40.000


Basic rules

There are basic rules, Core Rules. This is a 8 page small bundle that is now available free of charge - and legally! - on the GW side, even in Hungarian. This is not enough, but no one is absolutely blind even in his first match. Of course, somebody is willing to read those pages.

We are already in the first few games. I started to put together and paint the basic box stuff so I have a bit of experience. Let's say there's not much more than good grounding. They are asking for further reading in this light.

The fundamentals are so dull that they have not been discussed so far. Anyone who wants to play so simple rules can do much cheaper than the games of competing manufacturers, so it's not worth paying for GW's huge extra prices. So we started with the Advanced version, which sometimes seems to be too small here or there, but you may just have to get used to it. They are ideally used for the time being, but in principle they should not, but should be discussed in advance. It's no worse to go back to the previous release.

On the other hand, however, the basic rules will be perfectly good for beginners in the first two or two games. If someone is tired of home, he or she reads the rules, and if there is anyone at hand who is more experienced then the first matches can be played in a vigorous way. I would even risk that when a beginner comes to his second day of play, he will have his or her own ideas of what to do and how to do it on the table.

Afterwards, they will be able to play the game with additional rules on demand.

Dark Imperium set for Warhammer 40.000 Ed8 from Games Workshop - Miniature set reviewimage © Games Workshop

The basic box

At the moment about 35,000 HUF is available for the so-called. a big base box, the Dark Imperium. There is a complete set of rules, two fairly decent beginnings (like a book-like booklet), some cubes, and a gauge.

The medium box is about 18,000 HUF, with half a figure, no complete set of rules (you do not know what is left out of it, it turns out), a box with features, and a two-sided "carpet" that you can play.

The small box is about 10,000 HUF, with fewer than the previous one (about 20 in total on both sides), with a smaller "carpet" and even a smaller rule book.

Actually, these last two boxes are meant for beginners, while the whole is more for those who are already in the hamster mode.

The miniatures

All three boxes have so-called easily assembled figures.

I only have the Nurgle side, but I would not say anything to the novice as a novice, not to put together or to paint. You do not have to panic. If someone is too old for the first 1: 72 Tiger or Messer, with a little spit, but he can put it nicely.
Makeshifters either avoid Nurture's rotten figures or be modest and ask for help. It is not the assembly that is needed, but the removal and deburring of a lot of thin and / or small parts so that they do not go awry.

I do not know Space Marine, but I do not think there's such a problem with them. Then say who they have experience. Beginners are even better off in terms of gaming with the rather novice Space Marine Army.

Warhammer 40.000

Modes of play

Quests and play modes have become quite different in the new release. The codebook describes three game modes: Open, Narrative, and Matched. Whether you are playing with basics or with the extension is independent of the game mode. Open will not be open to having only basic rules, this is a matter of decision / discussion.

Open Play

As far as I can see his name, I can really do anything and whatever.

For beginners, this is important because when you can put 5-10 on a table, you can start the game. You do not have to wait until the Death Star is finished, figure 101 or figure 101 is overtime. This game mode is not really about who wins. It is about learning the rules, and more importantly, to see beginners why they have been paid for and why they have been glued for hours or days. By the way, they will also see in which direction they intend to develop their army.

With some fluff knowledge and fantasy, the available figures can even produce your own quests. A handful of ideas are listed.
Thrifty / more obedient / canned consumers have three quests. Interestingly they combine armies / troops with different strengths besides different goals. There is one sender, where he suggests that he has a rating of approximately equal rank / Power Level, one where one is 30-100% larger and one where one is more than double the other.

Obviously, such a match will not be nearly balanced, which is why it requires some maturity from the players. The winner is happy, but the loser does not break like the ears of his cheeks, he does not have to take blood revenge.

Best of all, if a novice player is playing against an older, more experienced player, he or she can adjust his own arm to avoid a one-sided defeat. A walkable way, if beginners play against each other, more experienced players can make the initial steps smoother. Antisocialists do not get bored, they do not have to go out of the security of their room, they just can play against themselves. It is also much better to learn the rules and to gain experience, than to browse the forums and to read the graphome spells like this.

Narrative Play

Narrative games where things are getting complicated. In many features, this game style reminds you of a shift in the past three editions to the fluffy play against the competition.

There must be a real army, if not necessarily big. In Space Marin, let's say at least 15-20 atmospheres, ork, say double, upper limit is the star / warpstorm sky.

He had such delicacies as hidden cover for the protector, night fight in the first stone, artillery preparation, changing number of stones, reserves (here to throw it!), Watchers, or a thing where fallen units can come back under certain circumstances.

We get six factory quests, all of which define the set up, the hosts, the terrain's characteristics, and which one of the above spec rules is used. In addition to the standard Stratagems, the missions received a couple of their own, each mission has three attackers, three for the defender.

It's just a private opinion, but I think these missions should be discussed in advance and not randomly chosen, at least in the beginning.

With a beautifully decorated table, well-invented backdrops with fluffy armies and army pairing, you can really taste delicious battles. Of course, after a little experience.

Unfortunately, beginners are not necessarily recommended, but I think so before trying that whoever started in the 40k, he did for those games. So, if you have an incentive to sell a row, or to blotch small tiny sips or to replenish innumerable side effects, then such a game will float to your mind's eyes.

Warhammer 40.000

Matched Play

We first leaned toward the fluff, now the sacred grace of the competitive game, the unavoidable balance, is the goal.

Strictly / rigorously defined army building rules, specifically for armies counted in points. In addition, it strives to keep the balance in the game, and the extra units that come out of the list also need to pay points strictly. Fluff is here or there, which can not come together, it can not come together. There is no more Gray Knights army with Demon ally. So the fluff is not thrown into the corner, and at first glance the authors have cleverly cleared the matter.


  • There was some limitation on the use of Stratagems and Psy.
  • However, contrary to the Narrativ game, here is no need to drop the reserve, it comes whenever you want the leader.
  • It is worth paying attention to small changes of rules, eg. the distance from the lens should be measured from the center.
  • They have been silent for the formation zones, there are not three types but six types.

There are two sixth series of quests, much like in the previous edition, six are plain and six are cards. These should be read carefully and interpreted carefully, and I must not "shake this out" with exclamation. They are very similar to the old ones, but we can find a few small changes and decisive changes. For example, there is no objective objection - whose multiple models will be the object. To get Linebreaker, you have to reach the opponent's zone zone instead of the edge of the table edge 12.

Typically random elements were added and chess parts were added. Those who are willing to pay attention to the details may not be big, but they may have some small benefits. The others will stay using the zinc-coated cube and / or the hit / voodoo / other superstitions, if it's stupid but it does not go silly.

How do I see the real difference between Narrative and Matched Play? Well, the first is a delicacy for gourmets, ranging from a delicious twisted tasting to a grubby snack. The second is the high-quality diet of high-profile athletes and other professionals. There is no such difference, however, that any game mode is liked by the other on our throat.

Warhammer 40.000

We're pretty much in the new release that if you already know what you want or do not want to get started, then we can answer your questions.

Then sooner or later he will have to rush to the first game, even if he is a borrower, the "I'm looking at binoculars" only works on the women's napkin.

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You have enjoyed the game, and you would like to buy it?

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Do you have the Warhammer 40,000 tactical wargame from Games Workshop? How do you like it? Would you recommend it to others? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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