I've collected phrases and definitions that are related to wargaming.


ITC - Independent Tournament Circuit: A ruleset to organize Warhammer 40.000 tournaments.

Ruleset: The rules that are used for playing the game.

Unit: A unit is an actor (a person, a squad, a vehicle) that has rules to use in the game. The units are represented in the game as playing pieces (tokens or miniatures).

Token: A cardboard or plastic piece that represent units in the game.


Grey: Unpainted miniature, that's still shows the original colour (often grey for hard plastic miniatures). Some rulesets have different rules for unpainted miniatures (Battlefleet Gothic).

Three colour minimum: Some rulesets require models to be painted. ITC requires these models to be painted with at least 3 different colours to be able to be able to receive prizes.


Counts-as: A substitute model for a unit that's not the official miniature. The ITC defines a counts as as a miniature that's not an official miniature used with that ruleset.

Proxy: A substitute model for a unit that's not the official miniature. The ITC defines a proxy as another official miniature used with that ruleset (and doesn't allow the use to avoid confusion).

WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get: The model should look exactly like the unit it depicts. If the model doesn't have an equipment on it, it cannot use that in game. Some rulesets allows extra equipment on miniatures that are not used in game. In that case, if your miniature has a sword, it can't use a spear, however, if it has a sword, it can still count as an unarmed miniature. Some rulesets allow concealed equipment, that means if your miniature wears an all-concealing trenchcoat, it can have any kind of equipment under that.


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