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Kings of War Ed2 Gamer's Edition Rulebook from Mantic Games - Wargame book
Kings of War Ed2 Gamer's Edition Rulebook from Mantic Games
image © Mantic Games

Wargame Book: Kings of War Ed2 Gamer's Edition Rulebook, Series: Kings of War, Setting: Mantica, Rules: Kings of War Ed2, Company: Mantic Games, Production: 2015-2016-
Designer: Alessio Cavatore
Features: softcover

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Opening the book

The book is very nice, good cover, great illustrations, they really get me in the mood of playing battles. The book is a perfect size for a portable rulebook. The paper is good quality. The book is full colour, the art (mostly line-art) and the photos are nice.

After a year of use the book is still in good shape, and pages didn't fall out of it, so I think it's a durable product.

Contents (80 pages)

  • The Fall of Ironhold Bridge (inside front cover, 1 page, 1%): History
  • Rules (p4-39, 35 pages, 44%): Rules. You'll only need to read them if you'd like to play Kings of War. Most of it can be downloaded for free.
    • Magical artefacts (p29-32, 4 pages, 5%): Nothing special, but could be worth reading for use in other games.
    • Spells (p33-34, 2 pages, 1%): An interesting, short implementation of magic for wargames.
    • Scenarios (p35-38, 4 pages, 5%): Six typical scenarios. Five of them are not included in the free rules.
  • Force lists (p41-p80, 39 pages, 49%): Army lists, just the list of stats, without any additional information or illustration. Most parts of the army lists can be downloaded for free, but about half of them are published in the rulebooks only. The Force lists section of the hardback rulebook is a better read as it contains additional information.  Includes: Forces of the Abyss, Forces of Nature, Undead, Dwarfs, Elves, Abyssal Dwarfs, Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Basileans and the Kingdoms of Men

Compared to the hardcover Rulebook, the setting information has been left out, not just the whole A World at War part, but all setting info is missing from the Force listst too. The Modelling notes section is also cut from the Gamer's Edition.

There might be some additions though - I don't think that The Fall of Ironhold Bridge is in the hardcover, and I also think there is a photo of Orcs on page 38 that's new.

Reading the book

The text: The book is good, the text is easy to read, easy to comprehend. I think the language is easy to understand even for those who've learnt English as a second language. 

Rules: The rules look easy to follow and I've felt I understand most of them for the first read-through, or at least I'll know where to look them up.

Information: While I can't be sure but I suppose the rules give you everything you need to know about playing Kings of War, without the need to know further wargames (or the first edition of this game).

Differences between prints

There is at least two different versions, both printed in 2015. The text about Charging on p11:

v1: “In this case, you’ll have to nudge these enemy units away by an inch or as much as possible to ensure that they are no longer touching.” - This is the text from the rules that you can download for free.

v2: "In this case, you’ll need to nudge these enemy units away to ensure that they are no longer touching" - This is the text from the hardcover Rulebook, and this is the current rule.

Who will need this?

If you are just interested in this whole Kings of War game you have heard about, the Gamer's Edition might be a good primer, but to understand the units of the armies, you will also need to read the hardcover Rulebook. So I'd recommend you start with that instead. However, if you are not opposed to playing Kings of War, and you can get one very cheap, having the Gamer's Edition is better for playing games than the hardcover, in case you ever have the opportunity to play.

If you'd like to start to play Kings of War and start an army, so you'd like to get to know their rules, reading the hardcover Rulebook is a better choice as it will give background information about your chosen army. For playing, however, the Gamer's Edition will suffice.

If you already have the hardcover, the Gamer's Edition is smaller, lighter, and you can leave the hardcover in the safety of your home and bring the Gamer's Edition to wage battles.

If you intend to run Kings of War games or tournaments, and you are not content with a printed copy that you can download for free, the Gamer's Edition could useful to have. It has every rule and every unit statistic from the hardcover Rulebook for reference, but you'll still need to print the errata to have everything covered.

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Mantic Games: Kings of War 2nd Edition Gamer’s Rulebook: Official page.

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Buying the product


Base price (Kings of War Ed2 Gamer's Edition Rulebook): 12,5 GBP / 18 EUR/ 25 USD

Base set price (Kings of War 2nd Edition Deluxe Game Edition): 50 GBP / 70 EUR / 85 USD

  • Includes: Kings of War Ed2 Rulebook (25 GBP), Kings of War Ed2 Gamer's Edition Rulebook (12,5 GBP), Kings of War Game Counter Set (25 GBP), Kings of War Damage Trackers (15 GBP) = 77,5 GBP = 65% price
  • Price for Gamer's Edition Rulebook: 8 GBP

Mantic Games: Kings of War 2nd Edition Gamer’s Rulebook: Official page.

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Do you have the Kings of War Ed2 Gamer's Edition Rulebook from Mantic Games? How do you like it? Would you recommend them to others? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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