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Kings of War Ed1 Rulebook v2 from Mantic Games
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Wargame Book: Kings of War Ed1 Rulebook v2, Product code: MGKWM01-1, Series: Kings of War, Setting: Mantica, Rules: Kings of War Ed1, Company: Mantic Games, Production: 2012-2015 (Out of print)
Designer: Alessio Cavatore
Features: hardcover

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This hardcover book (published in 2012) is an expanded version of the previous, small softcover Ed1 Rulebook that was published in 2010.

Contents (144 page)

  • p1-21: Expansive Background section
  • Rules Section: The same rules that were free downloads.
  • Expanded Rules:
    • Siege Warfare: Defending strongholds, laying sieges.
    • Terrain and buildings: Tar pits, living forests, swamps.
    • Campaign rules
    • Multi-player games
  • 8 Army Lists: The rules of the army lists that were free downloads, but the rulebook also has setting information.
    Including:  Dwarfs, Elves, Kingdom of Men, Abyssal Dwarfs, Goblins, Orcs, Twilight Kin, Undead
  • Tournament Pack

Who will need this?

As most of the book became obsolate with the 2nd edition Rulebook, getting the new one is a better choice to start playing Kings of War.

However, the expanded rules section has not been reprinted for the 2nd edition yet, so if you are really interested in it, you might get the 1st edition. There are two kinds of campaign rules published for 2nd edition, but as I don't have access to the 1st edition rulebook, I don't know whether they are updated versions of the rules printed here, or entirely new ones.


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Buying the product

Base price(Kings of War Ed1 Rulebook v2): 25 GBP / 35 EUR / 40 USD

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Do you have the Kings of War Ed1 Rulebook v2 from Mantic Games? How do you like it? Would you recommend them to others? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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