Warploque Miniatures - ArcWorlde

Company: Warploque Miniatures

Game: ArcWorlde

Current edition: Ed1 (2010? 2013?)

Setting: ArcWorlde

Designer: Alex Huntley

I've collected the resources and ArcWorlde tutorials I've found interesting.

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Kings of War

I've collected the Kings of War resources I've found interesting.

System series: Kings of War, Company: Mantic Games

System: Kings of War Ed1

System: Kings of War Ed2

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Kings of WarCompany: Mantic Games

Game: Kings of War

Current edition: Kings of War Ed2 (2015-2016-)

Setting: Mantica

Designer: Alessio Cavatore

I've collected the resources for Kings of War I've found interesting.

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I've collected the sources and wargames tutorials I've found interesting.

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I've collected the sources and game design tutorials I've found interesting. 

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The Afterlife is a futuristic miniatures wargame, produced by Anvil Industry.

* * *

Wargame: Afterlife

Latest edition: Afterlife v1.3 (2016.05.31-)

Rules: Afterlife

Previous editions: -

Setting: Afterlife

Company: Anvil Industry

Designer: ?

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Aliens vs Predator Chess from Scenery World Workshopimage © Scenery World Workshop

Article updated: 2016.12.05

Chess is a game of abstract warfare.

* * *

Wargame: Chess

Current edition: Chess (19th century)

Rules: Chess (19th century)

Previous editions: Chaturanga (ca. 300-500), Chess (ca. 600), Chess (1475-1500)

Setting: Earth (expansions offer play in other settings)

Company: Public domain

Designer: Unknown

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Article updated: 2019.05.23

Wargames have strict rules, and some of them are not easy to learn. That's why is fortunate if you have someone who can initiate you to playing the game. This is the reason more experienced players do demonstrations (demos) of games they know and like.

I've collected some of my thoughts about running wargame demos for beginners.

Keep in mind that my tips are for organising the play of two beginner players. I'll indicate when I write about playing against the beginner in a demo.

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