Kings of War

Article updated: 2020.04.01

Kings of War has lots of unit types that are not covered by Mantic Games models, the company that produces the game. I've collected some ideas, model suggestions, what kind of miniatures could be used for the different Kings of War units types. If you click on the unit name you can get the full list of miniatures we have in our database that belong to that unit type.

Also, there are some creatures that are not covered by Kings of War army lists - for these we are trying to provide proxy army ideas.

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Kings of War
Kings of War Ed1-Ed2 from Mantic Games - Wargame system analysis

Kings of War is an easy to learn, easy to play abstract wargame in a fantasy setting. It is produced by Mantic Games, for their Mantica setting.

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Wargame: Kings of War

Current edition: Kings of War Ed2 (2015-2016-)

Rules: Kings of War Ed2

Previous editions: Kings of War Ed1 (2010-2015)

Setting: Mantica

Company: Mantic Games

Designer: Alessio Cavatore

Players: 2 (2+ with modifications), Powers: Various, Possibly different, Units: Fixed footprint

Turn structure: Taking turns, moving whole armies, Movement: Set distances,

Playing time: 30-90 min, depending on the size of the battle, Play style: Abstract, Competitive, Theme: Combat, Language dependency: Rulebook, army lists

Features: Competitive, Miniatures, Random effects (dice)

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Warploque Miniatures - ArcWorldeWargames - Warploque Miniatures - ArcWorlde - Products - Resources

Company: Warploque Miniatures

Game: ArcWorlde

Current edition: Ed1 (2010? 2013?)

Setting: ArcWorlde

Designer: Alex Huntley

I've collected the resources and ArcWorlde tutorials I've found interesting.

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Kings of WarKings of War - Sample armies

I've collected some sample army lists for Kings of War armies. I suppose these are valid lists for Kings of War Ed2 (published in 2015), I'm not sure about Kings of War Ed3 (published in 2019).

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Kings of War

I've collected some ideas about Kings of War tactics.

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