The Norsgard company makes fantasy miniatures for their own wargame, titled Norsgard. I got some of their miniatures, and while I didn't have the time to assemble and paint them properly, I took some quick photos to show their size compared to other miniatures.

I hurried to do this as there is a new Norsgard Kickstarter ending in Nov 2015, and there might be people interested to see their previous work.

Mork Tribe Warchief, Mork Tribe Vei-Banshee, and Hlle Huntress

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The miniatures I have all belong to the Howling Horde, an army of barbarians. They are resin, multipart minis. The quality and detail is very good on all of them. Their poses are dynamic, but I don't think it would be easy to repose them. All in all, they are lovely models.

Their size makes them either very high 1:64 scale or normal sized 1:48 models.

The miniatures on the picture are not assembled, they are held by blu-tac, the photos are strictly for scale purposes and I intend to change them as soon as I'll have better ones.

Hlle Huntress with 1:72 minis

Hlle Huntress with 1:56 minis

Hlle Huntress with 1:35 minis

Mork Tribe Warchief with 1:72 minis

Mork Tribe Warchief with 1:56 minis on a blurry photo (sorry for the bad quality)

Mork Tribe Warchief with 1:35 minis

Mork Tribe Vei-Banshee with 1:72 minis

Mork Tribe Vei-Banshee with 1:56 minis

Mork Tribe Vei-Banshee with 1:35 minis

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Do you have the Norsgard miniatures? How do you like them? Would you recommend them to others? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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