C’tharac set from Tor Gaming - Miniature set reviewimage © Tor Gaming

Miniature Set: C’tharac set, Product Code: TG-RELC6, Species: Non-humanoid alien - C’tharac, Range: Relics - C'thu (Fantasy)

Production: 2016-2018-

Company: Tor Gaming, Production: 2016-2017

Company: TTCombat company, Production: 2017-2018-

Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Realistic, Size: 45mm high body, 50mm high with spikes, Material: Resin, Priming: Primer is not necessary
Assembly: One-piece, Posing: Hard, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Tabbed for slottabase, Sculptor: -


1x C’tharac

1x Horror Counter

1x Damage counter


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Resources - C’tharac miniature set from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming: C’tharac: Official webpage.

TTCombat: C'tharac (Limited): Official webpage.

Kickstarter: The C'thu - A Cthulhu Mythos Inspired Relics Faction: The crowdfunding project that started this range of miniatures.

Tor Gaming: C’thu Size Comparison Chart: Size comparison concept art.

Photo gallery

Dysartes (on DakkaDakka): C'tharac: Showcase article.

Dysartes (on DakkaDakka): C'tharac Group Shot: Showcase article.

Nick Johnson (from Dysartes' musings): Tor Gaming - Death from Above : Review article, with comparison photo of Versparther and C'tharac.

Other’s articles - Reviews

Fortress:John (for Table Top Games UK ): I HAVE TENTACLES ON MY PAINTING TABLE! Relics: The Cthu have landed!: Review article.

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Buying the product -  C’tharac miniature set from Tor Gaming

Base price (C’tharac set)(2018): 12 GBP, Price / mini: 12 GBP

Base price (C’tharac set)(2017): 18 GBP, Price / mini: 18 GBP

Tor Gaming: C’tharac: Official webpage.

TTCombat: C'tharac (Limited): Official webpage.

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Do you have the C’tharac miniature set from Tor Gaming? How do you like it? Would you recommend it to others? What further uses can you come up with? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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