Albionnican Crossbowmen (4) from Warploque Miniatures - Miniature setimage © Warploque Miniatures
sculpt © Warploque Miniatures
paint © Adam Parkhouse
Painted Albionnican Crossbowmen (4) for ArcWorlde from Warploque Miniatures - Miniature set


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Miniature Set: Albionnican Crossbowmen (4), Species: Human, Range: ArcWorlde - Albionnican Empire (Fantasy), Company: Warploque Miniatures, Production: 2014-2016-
Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Realistic, with Heroic scale heads Size: ?, Material: White metal, Priming: Primer needed
Assembly: One-piece, No Assembly, Pre-cut, Needs cutting, Posing: Hard, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Tabbed for Slottabase, Sculptor: Alex Huntley
Features: Human, male, crossbow, shako
Category: Human-sized (3+) Human male (Human male) warriors with crossbow.

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Albionnican Crossbowmen (4) contents

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Albionnican Crossbowmen (4) included in:

ArcWorlde - The Fantasy Skirmish Wargame (2014-2016-): includes 1

The Albionnican Empire Starter Warband (2014-2016-): includes 1

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Resources - Albionnican Crossbowmen (4)


Warploque Miniatures: Albionnican Crossbowmen (4): Official page.

Warploque Miniatures: The Albionnican Empire Starter Warband: Official page.


athilith: 2# Arcworlde: The Albionnican Warband: Showcase video.

The Maniac: Arcworlde - Albionnican Empire Review - #1: Content overview video. (2020.04.15: The video is private.)

Willem-Jan (Hephesto)(from Hephesto's Forge): A closer look at the models of Arcworlde, part II.: Part 2 of the review article about the miniatures, size and look, with comparison photos.

Carl Packham (from Hitting on a Double 1): Warploque Miniatures - Arcworlde - Albionnicans: Review article.

BK-Marcel (from Brückenkopf-Online): Review: Arcworlde Menschlinge (in German): Review article, with assembly guide and size comparison.

Google Translate English version

Pablo El Marques: Fotos descajado / unboxing 'ArcWorlde': Content overview article of the first ArcWorlde Kickstarter with lots of photos.

Google Translate English version

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Buying the product


Company Set price (2016) Price/model (2016)
Warploque Miniatures

Albionnican Crossbowmen (4) (12 GBP = 14,4 Euro / 16 USD)

3 GBP = 3,6 Euro / 4 USD
Warploque Miniatures

The Albionnican Empire Starter Warband (25 GBP = 30 Euro / 33 USD)

Individual prices = 29 GBP (86%)

86% price for Crossbowman:

2,6 GBP

Average price:

2,8 GBP = 3,3 Euro / 3,7 USD

Where can you buy it?

Warploque Miniatures: Albionnican Crossbowmen (4): Official page.

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