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There are some miniatures related commission services I couldn't list anywhere else yet, so I try to list them here. These services have something to do with wargame and board game miniatures, beyond assembling, painting, sculpting, casting, and terrain making. I've listed the commission services by area.

These miniature commission services include:

  • Miniature basing commission service
  • Miniature converting commission service
  • Miniature magnetizing commission service
  • Miniature movement tray making commission service
  • Miniature paint-stripping commission service
  • Miniature purchasing commission service
  • Miniature repairing commission service
  • Replacing bending gun barrels or spears with solid brass
  • Miniature MDF terrain assembliy commission service


Africa - AsiaAustralia & Oceania - EuropeNorth AmericaSouth America - Other

Other miniature related commission services


Other miniature related commission services

Sri Lanka


Australia & Oceania
Other miniature related commission services

Australia - New South Wales


Other miniature related commission services


Kraków (Cracow)


United Kingdom

Halifax, West Yorkshire





North America
Other miniature related commission services

USA - California

Martinez, San Diego

USA - North Carolina

Jamestown, Guilford County


USA - Utah

Spanish Fork


South America
Other miniature related commission services


Others (Antactica, International Space Station etc)
Other miniature related commission services


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Do you know further miniature related commission services? Would you like to add your own miniature related service? Do you have experience with the listed services? Tell us in the comments!


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