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Miniature bits trading services

Article updated: 2022.10.15

Miniature bits trading services offer small parts and bits for miniature modellers. These bits can be used to build your wargame and board game miniatures or to convert and change existing ones. I've listed the miniature bits trading services by area.


DakkaDakka: Buying Bitz and Wargaming Supplies Online: A list of bits stores.

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Miniature bits trading services

eBay: Website dedicated to online commerce, including miniature bits.

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Miniature bits trading services


Miniature bits trading services


Australia & Oceania
Miniature bits trading services


Miniature bits trading services



  • Bitz Store (in French)Bitz Store (Facebook) : A webstore focusing on Warhammer 40.000 bits and miniatures. Although it's French, the store structure is pretty straightforward even for those who can't read the language.


Warhammer 30/40k Magyarország (Facebook group): A Facebook group that has a Warhammer 40.000 bits trading place.

United Kingdom


  • Wytchfire Studio (eBay): They sell 28/32mm scale miniatures, mostly Warhammer 40.000, some Beyond the Gates of Antares. Sells internationally. Accepts PayPal.

Gorleston-On-Sea, Norfolk

  • Bitzbox : Only 28mm heroic scale bits for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40.000 from Games Workshop and Forgeworld.


  • Valhalla Gaming (eBay): They sell Warhammer 40.000 miniatures and bits. Sells internationally. Accepts PayPal.

Tingley, West Yorkshire


North America
Miniature bits trading services

USA - North Carolina


USA - Virginia


Virginia Beach


South America
Miniature bits trading services


Others (Antactica, International Space Station etc)
Miniature bits trading services


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Do you know further miniature bits trading services? Would you like to add your own second hand webstore? Do you have experience with the listed services? Tell us in the comments!


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