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Using glue - Miniature hobby guide
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Glues are used to stick parts of the miniatures together. There are several kinds of glues you can use for modelling.

Superglue: It dries quickly. Most often it's a cyanoacrylate (CA) glue.

Wood glue: It's a white glue. It dries slowly. Some are water-soluble.

Cyano-acrylate glues

Cyano-acrylate glues come in a few varieties:

  • Cyano-acrylate gel glue: It's a gel-like substance.
  • Liquid cyano-acrylate glue: It's a liquid that needs to be brushed on or applied with a tool.

Further reading: How to use brush-on liquid cyanoacrylate glue

Mixing cyano-acrylate with sodium-bicarbonate dust: It will create a very strong, but ridig bond. It can be good for any miniature, but it's most useful on larger, metal miniatures.
If you want to remove the glue, put the miniature into the freezer for a while. Hopefully it will help to separate the miniature parts from the glue and it will be easier to pry it off. If the glue is already exposed (for example, on a part that's broken off), you can use a diamond file to file it off.

Adding bits of tissue paper to cyano-acrylate glue: You can put a small piece of tissue paper between the parts you'd like to glue. According to modellers, it will help to create a faster bonding. It's useful to glue larger, metal miniatures.


Glue Looper

The Glue Looper is a glue appliaction tool to put an exact amount of glue into any spot.

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Kulipintyótechnika: Chemics 101: Superglue (in Hungarian): Tutorial article about superglue in Hungarian.

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