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Guide to transporting your miniatures collection

There comes the time when you'd like to transport your collection of miniatures - perhaps for a painting competition or for a wargaming event.

I've gathered some thought about methods to carry your army of miniatures safely around.

Transport cases

Army cases with foam inserts

They are specifically made to carry miniature armies. They are usually sturdy, and have layers of foam inserts, so your minis could survive if you drop the case or if the pack swings in the trunk of a car. The foam inserts usually have different sized holes, or modular pieces so you could fit infantry, cavalry or even vehicles or huge monsters inside. As the foam encompasses them all around, this method can be used for air transport. Although using aluminium cases is safer, but even the plastic boxes survive a flight or two.

  • BattleFoam packs
  • Citadel (Games Workshop) Figure Cases
  • Feldherr storage cases
  • Privateer Press Bags

Army cases with shelves / magnetic shelves

They are specifically made for transporting miniatures. They have a hard shell, and sliding shelves you can attach your miniatures with adhesive putty or magnetic sheets you can attach your miniatures to with magnets. This method depends on how carefully it is carried, so I only recommend it for personal transportation.

  • BattleFoam magna-racks

Modular storage boxes / containers / transport cases

You get some small boxes, that fit tightly into larger boxes, and you can put everything in a large carry case. They are not specifically made for miniatures, so you need to tailor your foam inserts or magnetic sheets. This method depends on how carefully it is carried, so I only recommend it for personal transportation, unless you stuff the boxes with lots of foam or tissue paper. You can use non-slip mats on the bottom of the boxes so your miniatures don't slide around.

  • Rubbermaid Modular Food Storage Canisters: Some users reported that the rubber liner can melt in hot areas, so don't leave them in a hot trunk while parking.

Homemade cases

If you have the time, you can create your own transport case to fit your needs perfectly.

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Michael C Carter (from Unt l Somebody Loses An Eye): I shall pluck no more forever: Tutorial article about transporting miniatures, using existing products and creating your own transport cases.

Kings of War Fanatics: What's the best means of transporting your armies, especially if they are multibased? (closed Facebook group): Forum topic about transporting miniatures. You need to be a group member to see the topic.

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What do you think of these methods for carrying miniatures? What is your take on this? Do you have questions about them? Tell us in the comments!

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