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This is a list of several kinds of terrain that could be used for miniature games.

Stackable terrain

These kind of terrain can be put on each other, creating a stack.

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Modular terrain

Modular terrain pieces can be combined in any way to create any kinds of terrain using the same pieces. You can put them side by side, or you can put them on each other, they will look fine any way. If you can't put them beside each other to create a continous terrain, then they are not modular but stackable.

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Collapsible (pop-up) terrain

After use you can fold them flat, to take up less space. If you need them again, just open them for use.

Resources - Collapsible (pop-up) terrain

Stonehaven Miniatures (on Kickstarter): Pop-up Miniature terrain kit: These look a bit strange to my taste, but a great idea overall.

InitiativeTabletop: Collapsible construction - video preview: Very nice building pieces.

the video on YouTube

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Papercraft terrain

Printable paper buildings that need to be cut and folded to use. Some of them are collapsible.

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Modular brick terrain

The terrain pieces are made from modular bricks, like LEGO or similar kits.

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Disassemblable terrain

I'm not sure this is a real world, I use it to refer to those kinds of terrain that can be assembled and disassembled in a short time, and they are usually stored flat. Some manufacturer call them "collapsible", but they don't fold, just fall apart.

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Do you have further ideas about miniature terrain types? Do you know other good sources? Tell us in the comments!


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