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Article updated: 2020.03.27

This is a collection of articles about making hills for miniature games, creating modular terrain hills, painting rocky surfaces.

Creating the hills

Mel (The Terrain Tutor)'s hills:

3T Runtherder: DIY: Making Wargaming Hills the 3T-Studios Way!: Tutorial article. A good tutorial about making realistic hills. (2020.03.27: The website is offline.)

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Painting rocks and hills

negativefunction: Model Railroad Scenery - Painting Rocks: A quick tutorial video for painting the base colour.

Viv Chandra (for Rubbish In Rubbish Out): Painting rock texture on wargaming scenery: A video tutorial on how to paint rock texture.

Viv Chandra (for Rubbish In Rubbish Out): Painting a rock pillar terrain piece: A video tutorial for painting a rock pillar with wet blending, then flocking and adding vegetation to it.


Josh R Cohn: How To Make Rock Faces: A video tutorial how to use plaster for making rock detailing. It's a bit slow and uncut, so you can just jump to 9:00 to see the start of forming the details.

Viv Chandra (for Rubbish In Rubbish Out): Creating realistic rock texture for wargaming scenery: Adding texture to polystyrene foam rocks.

Stackable hills

Kadmon (Games Nexus): Small red hills - Miniature terrain tutorial: Making stackable hills from foam boards.

Viv Chandra's stackable hills:

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Do you know any further methods for making hills for miniature games? Do you know other good sources? Tell us in the comments!


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