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Miniatures - Miniature related definitionsMiniatures - Miniature related definitions

I've gathered some miniature related definitions that are useful to know when you work with miniatures.

3:1 master sculpt: Some mass production methods require the use of master sculpts that are three times the size of the final product.

Adhesive putty: A kind putty that has adhesive properties. If you’d like to remove adhesive putty, roll some putty into a ball, press it onto the putty that needs removal, and try to pull it away. It should come off after a few tries. One famous brand of adhesive putty is Blutac.

Bit: A part of the miniature. Some minis are one-part casts, others come in several bits that need to be put together.

Bits box: This is where you store your spare parts you’ve accumulated.

Base: The part of the miniature that helps it stand. It can be integral part of the miniature, but most wargaming miniatures are produced with a separate base as wargame rules use different kinds of bases for games.

Casting error: A problem that happens during the casting of the miniatures. Most often a mould line or a flash.

Flash: A casting error, an overflow of material that remains on the miniature.

FLGS: Friendly Local Gaming Store. A physical store you can visit to buy games, miniatures and supplies.

Glue: A gel-like substance. They set slowly compared to superglues.

Liquid superglue: A glue that needs to be brushed on. They are setting in seconds so don’t use it if you’d like to fiddle with the parts.

Master sculpt: The original sculpt used for creating a mould, to create further copies of it.

Miniature: A figure that represents something on the tabletop. It’s usually a scaled down version of a real or imagined person, creature or equipment. When you buy it, it can come in one-piece or in several bits that need to be assembled.

Mould: A frame for casting miniatures, that has the negative shape of the miniature in it.

Mould line: A casting error, a visible line on the miniature due to the two sides of the mould not fitting tightly enough.

Pin: A small, strong (usually metal) rod. You can use practically anything that is strong enough – rods (brass, steel), metal wire, paper clips.

Pinning: Sometimes glue don’t hold the bits strong enough. Drilling a small hole into the bits, glue a small metal rod into the hole can help a better hold. It’s especially important for metal minis as they are heavier so the glue must bear more stress.

Self adhesive glue (SA glue): A kind of gel that will make the prepared area permanently sticky.

Sprue: The plastic or metal casted frame with the miniatures that comes out of a mould. Some companies remove the miniatures from the sprue before packaging them.

Static grass: A kind of miniature plastic grass that can be charged with a static grass applicator to stand up realistically.

Static grass applicator: An electric appliance that looks like a strainer, used to charge static grass to stand up.

Superglue: A gel-like substance. They usually set in minutes. It’s usually Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue.

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