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Game design & publishing - Resources

Article updated: 2020.04.15

I've collected the sources and game design tutorials I've found interesting. 

Game Design

Game design theory is about the ideas behind creating a game.

Game design - Resources

George Phillies: Classes in Game Design: Video playlist.

George Phillies: Classes on Eurogame Design: Video playlist.

George Phillies: Designing Board Wargames: Video playlist.

J.F. Sargent (for Cracked): 5 Prejudices That Video Games Can't Seem to Get Over: Article about game design problems.§

J.F. Sargent (for Cracked): 4 Things Gamers Think Are Important (But Aren't): Article about game design problems.§

Sandy Petersen (for Sandy of Cthulhu): How to be a game designer: Video about how to be a game designer.ß

Sandy Petersen: Making your own game:

Game design theory - Resources

Teale Fristoe (League of Gamemakers): Game Elements: Uncertainty: Article about the difference of random and uncertain events in a game.§

Game design theory for wargames

Jake Thornton (from Quirkworthy): Game design theory articles

Game Publishing

Game publishing - Resources

Mark Hill (for Cracked): 5 Reasons Gaming Is Being Ruined By Hype For Its Games: Article about marketing your games.§

Fairway 3 Games (for The Indie Game Report): To Patent or Not to Patent: Article about patenting game features.§

Kirk Dennison (for The Indie Game Report): Publishing Insights: Taxes: Article about taxes and deductions. A must read for US publishers, and useful ideas for others.§

Game components - Sources

Q Workshop: Custom dice design and production.

Game Publishing - Crowdfunding

Game Publishing - Crowdfunding - Resources

James Mathe: Kickstarter articles: Tutorial article collection.

Jamey Stegmaier: Kickstarter articles: Tutorial article collection.

Letiman Games: Lesson #12 – 4 Reasons Your Campaign Failed: Tutorial article.§

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Do you have further ideas or experiences about game design or game publishing? Do you know other good sources? Tell us in the comments!


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