Legends of Andor board game (KOSMOS / Piatnik) - Board game review by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó
Legends of Andor board game

Game: Legends of Andor / Andor legendái társasjáték (Piatnik) / Die Legenden von Andor (KOSMOS)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

Translation based on: Andor legendái társasjáték (KOSMOS / Piatnik) - Társasjáték ismertető Ottótól (2019.01.05)
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The Legends of Andor board game, created by KOSMOS, published in Hungarian by Piatnik was reviewed by Gregor Ottó.

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Cooperative games are not new to anyone. Close collaboration for a common goal, race against time, fighting for survival, as a huge logical puzzle where we feel every step of weight! All this in a wonderful storybook world!

Legends of Andor board game (KOSMOS / Piatnik) - Board game review by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó
Legends of Andor board game

Legends of Andor board game

"In a beautiful, weathered world, where a weak but just king reigns, dark forces hit their heads. The roads are no longer safe. Farmers are dreaded. Riot's castle is under siege, and terrible fears have taken over the empire. The king's last remaining power sends you for help! Brave heroes arrive on Andor's land to fight the repressive forces!"

The game is a cooperative, story-driven logic / role play. Everyone is a hero who tries to solve one of the different stories of the game. The stories are very different, it will be when we have to sabotage the enemy army, we will be exploring a treasure in a mine or even fighting a dragon for a desperate struggle!

"The castle was under siege. Brave soldiers hold on as long as they can, but their stock is finite. The manpower is scarce, and the gates don't last forever! Fortunately, we are not alone in the battle!"

As with any good cooperative game, we can lose a lot of ways here, but we can only win the team by working together and achieving the common goal. The common goal usually consists of several parts, but the protection of the castle is always important, because if you occupy it, the game ends immediately! There is no reason for panic, we can recruit from the serfs to the army to increase our defense, but time is too tight! There is a timer in the game that gets closer to the end of the story with every battle or day gone by. If we do our mission during this time, we will be successful in the end of the war, otherwise our destiny will be lost.

"With all the compassion for an unconscious enemy, alliances were easily complicated! The dwarf dwarfs living in the stomach of the southeastern mountains and the guardians of the tree of life who lived among the trees covered with fog in the north forest helped us. The only son of the king had raided the countryside with his own little army and helped the heroes when they needed it! Most of our hopes were still in them!"

Legends of Andor board game (KOSMOS / Piatnik) - Board game review by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó
Legends of Andor board game

We can be fearless warriors, cunning archers, wise magicians, sneaky assassins, starving dwarves, and much more. With the add-on you can choose from a total of 8 roles, so everyone can find their own favorite. Each has its own special ability. In addition, as we fight, we become more and more powerful and rich. We can buy more equipment or training from gold to have a better chance of overcoming the ever-increasing monsters and the hostility that sometimes drops into the dust with terrible efforts! Weapons, armor, and objects further enhance our extensive repertoire in the game.

"The hours of our desperate struggle became darker when the leader of the nightmare appeared! He hit the kingdom with enormous power. Roads have become impotent, and hundreds are lost from a single blow! The heroes shook themselves before the new challenge, and they brave themselves into the hopeless battle! They were Andor's last hopes!"

The game brings the fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age) very much. It is not very original, so we get a fairy tale story of greedy dwarves, devastating dragons, insidious black magicians, a hopeless war and 2-6 heroes who are fighting overwhelming and defying the dark forces! But don't you want to be part of such a fantastic tale?

Do you have any favorite fantasy stories? I'll wait for you at the table.

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How do you like the Legends of Andor board game from KOSMOS / Piatnik? Did I miss something interesting? Was there something unclear? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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