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Cthulhu Wars board game (Petersen Games) - Board game review by Ottóimage © Petersen Games
Cthulhu Wars board game base set
Cthulhu Wars board game from Petersen Games - Board game review by Ottó

Game: Cthulhu Wars board game base set board game (Petersen Games company)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

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The Cthulhu Wars board game from Petersen Games was reviewed by Gregor Ottó.

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Earlier, beside H. P. Lovecraft, we looked at people's "risky" struggle against the enormous power of the elders (Elder Sign board game), where if we can't overcome it, we shut it off from our world or keep in deep sleep to avoid being a threat. This time, however, I show you a game where people are lost. The time has expired, and the elders have come to the world.

Cthulhu Wars board game (Petersen Games) - Board game review by OttóCthulhu Wars board game base set

Cthulhu Wars board game

"My gloomy look turned to the sky. "The gods should be compassionate to me," I said, though better thought, they will be the ones who will least appreciate us mortals. Time out. We tried to close them in vain. It's too late! Star rating is good! I already feel their presence! The elders woke up!"

Imagine the moment when one realizes how insignificant his life is. When the monsters of the past destroy millions of our species with their hostile armies. Thousands are crazy in the sheer sight of these horrible creatures taking back the planet, which we believed yesterday was just ours. Now we are just insignificant beetles on a cosmic chess board where the real players are moving.

In the game, we take control of one of these terrible armies. 4 immeasurable elders demand our planet. In the war of the gods, one can have little say, but the sects who have loyal to a certain entity can still benefit from the fight. As we know, these creatures exist in a spiritual plane or in other dimensions / times, to summon rituals that open portals to other worlds perfect. They are pushing their dreadful battle on their own, to our planet, where they will fall to each other for power!

Cthulhu Wars board game (Petersen Games) - Board game review by OttóCthulhu Wars board game base set

Shub-Niggurath is the black goat of the forest. Hastur and the Yellow King. Nyarlathotep is the messenger of chaos. And of course the iconic Cthulhu, the great dreamer of depth. Each group offers a different game style. All the elders have their own units and spells that they are fighting with. It is interesting that each cult plays according to its own rules. This means that, although there are basic rules for everyone, the factions are all overwritten at other points, or they are breaking or possibly supplementing their own rules. That will make Cthulhu Wars unique. Asymmetry is better than in other war-area games! All four sects have a whole new set of strategic options that cover replayability for a long time.

The game uses a "achivement" or "milestone" system to develop your faction. If you want to make your own rules or your new skills (spells) into the game, you have to meet different conditions. We call this a landmark (achivement). If you are successful, you can import your spell of choice into the game. This is important because you will need all 6 to win, plus you have to kick a few old guys!

Area reservation is the name of the game. There will be plenty of battle scenes among these non-world creatures, primarily for strategically important sites, which are (of course) portals to another world. Occupying them is a point in the game, and at these gates we can summon new nightmare creatures to the battlefield. Here we can also load the raw material we manage: our energy. The more you have under our authority, the better the points will come, but we can even accelerate this process with a dangerous ritual. With the Ritual Ritual, we can double the number of victory points in the current round, but if we pass this dance too many times, it will bring the apocalypse, the end of the game.

Cthulhu Wars board game (Petersen Games) - Board game review by OttóCthulhu Wars board game base set

The game may have more outcomes. When someone reaches a certain victory score, it ends the war. Secret Ancient Signs can change the end result, but ultimately who has the most points will win. It is very important, however, that all 6 spells in that sect are in play. If only 1 is missing, he immediately lost the game, no matter how many points he has. The ritual of destiny can also put an end to the game, the winner with the most current points, if you have all 6 spells.

People on Earth are helpless. They have no say in this cosmic war. We cannot be just a miserable observer of this dread. The forces are marching each other out beyond our current laws and logic. But an interesting situation can arise. For if the ritual of destruction or the limit of the point brings the end of the world (the game), and no faction has the 6 spells, the elders are all lost, and the desperate battle of mankind is a victory for survival. Even if a desperate, desperate old man probably had a say in it!

This heavily overpriced but incredibly beautiful game is really not an everyday experience. Battles are fast and complex. Gameplay is unparalleled. Getting to know each faction is in itself a very enjoyable game. The war on Earth is just the scene of a deeper phenomenon that boasts a Lovecraft atmosphere. Each movement and ability of the factions carries the uncomfortable feeling that a good horror novel can give. When the Yellow King desecrates the scene around him, or the great Cthulhu falls into the depths of the infinite ocean and pops up in the most unexpected places. It was never so enjoyable to bring the end of the world!

Cthulhu Wars board game (Petersen Games) - Board game review by OttóCthulhu Wars board game base set

The game was provided by Kadmon and the Nexus Club, which I thank him for!

And what incredible old sect do you want? Decide, because the solstice on our neck and the stars are right!

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