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I've collected the resources and board game tutorials I've found interesting.




Council of Four

Firefly: The Game (Gale Force Nine)

Five Tribes

Grand Austria Hotel

Lanterns:The Harvest Festival



Zock 'N' Roll

Zombie Tower 3D

Board games with miniatures

Blood Rage

Dungeon Saga

eriochrome (from Sons of Twilight): Sons of Twilight Dungeon Saga Index: Articles.


Massive Darkness

Black Plague Crossover Set (Kickstarter Exclusive)

Zombicide Green Horde - Massive Darkness Crossover Set

Plastic Token Pack

3D Pack - Chests and Pillars

3D Pack - Doors and Bridges

15 Doors

5 x 3 Door

2 x 1 Bridge

A Quest of Crystal and Lava

6x Crystal & Lava Tiles

9x Massive Darkness Tiles

1x A Quest of Crystal and Lava Campaign Booklet

Enemy Box - Elementals set

1x Air Elemental

1x Earth Elemental

1x Fire Elemental

1x Water Elemental

Enemy Box - Ratlings set

1x Ratling Agent

1x Ratling Bully

1x Ratling Crossbowmen Boss

6x Ratling Crossbowmen Minion

1x Ratling Warriors Boss

12x Ratling Warriors Minion

Enemy Box - Reptisaurians set

1x Reptisaurian Agent

1x Reptisaurus Rex

1x Reptisaurian Blowgunner Boss

12x Reptisaurian Blowgunner Minion

1x Reptisaurian Warrior Boss

6x Reptisaurian Warrior Minion

Enemy Box - Troglodytes set

1x Troglodyte Agent

1x Bloodseeker Minotaur

1x Troglodyte Brute Boss

6x Troglodyte Brute Minion

1x Troglodyte Warrior Boss

12x Troglodyte Warrior Minion

Heroes & Monster Set - Bloodmoon Assassins vs The Hellephant set

1x The Hellephant

1x Sylvan, the Nightshade Ranger

1x Valerie, the Bloodmoon Assassin

1x Victoria, the Warrior Priestess

Heroes & Monster Set - Noble Warriors vs The Cockatrix set

1x The Cockatrix

1x Azrael, the High Elf

1x Mila, the Barbarian

1x Zoe, the Dwarf

Heroes & Monster Set - Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk set

1x Lord Tusk

1x Ajax, the Sorcerer

1x Sarah, the High Elf

1x Silence, the Thief

Heroes & Monster Set - Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops set

1x The Spearmaiden Cyclops

1x Malleus, the Warrior Priest

1x Moira, the Sorceress

1x Ostara, the Paladin of Fury

Kickstarter Exclusive Heroes

Lil'Ned, the Bonecrusher Ogre

Myriam, the Witch

Sicarius, the Assassin

Kickstarter Exclusive Monsters

Chromatis, the mad unicorn

Cun-Ha, the Mummy

Cyclops Cliffbreaker

Flesh Golem


Graz & Prug, the two-headed ogre


Iron Golem

Living Construct

Low Troll

Nightmare Thing

Ogre Brute

Ogre Rockbreaker






Project: ELITE

Games Nexus: Project: ELITE products

Star Saga

Dark Ops - Star Saga Deluxe Tile Set #1

40 GBP

"33 x 3mm MDF bases with 33 x 2mm MDF upper detail tiles. Details are deep etched to allow ease of painting"

DarkOps: Star Saga Deluxe Tile Set #1: Official webpage of the product.

Ben Shaw (brennon) (from The Beasts of War): Dark Ops Show Off Upcoming Star Saga Game Tiles: Preview article.

DreadPathZone: Dark Ops Star Saga Tiles Review: Review video.


Zombicide organizer from Broken Token

Board games with miniatures - Sport games


Slaughterball official website

Slaughterball Facebook page

Tony Mastrangeli (from Board Game Quest): Slaughterball Review: Review article with photos.

Card based games

Assault on Doomrock

Best Treehouse Ever

Dungeon Scroll

Friday Card Game

Hot Pursuit

Machi Koro Harbor Expansion

Star Realms

The Goonies Adventure Card Game


Dexterity games

Animal Upon Animal

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