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Zombies!!! Ed2 from Twilight Creationsimage © Twilight Creations

Article updated: 2021.02.08

This is our review of Zombies!!! Ed2 is a board game from Twilight Creations. It was first produced in 2002. It is out of production now.

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Details - Zombies!!! Ed2 from Twilight Creations

Board game set: Zombies!!! Ed2, Product Code: TLC2010, Set type: Board game base set (Game base set), Series: Zombies!!!, Rules: Zombies Ed2, Company: Twilight Creations, Production: 2002-2006-? (out of production)
Kerry Breitenstein, Todd Breitenstein
Style: Miniatures

Range: Zombies!!! (Modern), Species: Various, Scale: 1:72, Proportions: Realistic, Size: Various, Material: Soft plastic, Priming: Primer is not necessary
Assembly: One-piece, Sprueless, Posing: Medium, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Integral flat base, Sculptor: ?
Features: Various

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Contents - Zombies!!! Ed2 from Twilight Creations

100x Zombie #1 - Male Zombie #1

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Similar games - Zombies!!! Ed3 from Twilight Creations

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Aliens from Gale Force Nine: Stupid, AI controlled enemies. The system is a lot more complicated than Zombies!!! or the Aliens from Leading Edge Games, and both are cooperative.

Dead of Winter: Zombie-themed. The system is more complicated than Zombies!!!, and the experience is very different..

The Walking Dead: All Out War from Mantic Games: Zombie-themed, similar miniature scale. The system is a wargame, and it's more complicated than Zombies!!!.

Zombicide Season 1 from CoolMiniOrNotGuillotine Games: Zombie-themed. Similarly easy system, but Zombicide is cooperative.

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Resources - Zombies!!! Ed2 from Twilight Creations


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Buying the product - Zombies!!! Ed2 from Twilight Creations



Base price (Zombies!!! Ed2): 30 USD (27,3 Euro / 21 GBP), Price/model: ca. 0,3 USD (0,3 Euro / 0,2 GBP) if you need the other components

Where can you buy it?

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