Megabosses Bundle for Project: ELITE boardgame from Artipia Games & Drawlab Entertainment - Boardgame accessoryimage © Artipia Games

The Mega-Boss Bundle v2 is an improved version of the Mega-Boss Bundle v1 from 2015.

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Boardgame expansion: Mega-Boss Bundle v2

Product name: Mega Boss Bundle, Product code: PEM-COM, Set type: Game expansion: miniature, Game expansion: unit, System: Project: ELITE Ed1 system, Range: Project: ELITE range (Futuristic), Setting: Project: ELITE universe, Company: Artipia GamesDrawlab Entertainment, Production: 2016-2018?
Designer: Konstantinos Kokkinis, Sotirios Tsantilas

Features: Miniatures

Weight: 0,4 kg - Therion Megaboss (0,2 kg), Turtalon Megaboss (0,2 kg)

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Contents - Megabosses Bundle v2 for Project: ELITE Ed1


2x Profile cards

1x Therion Profile card

1x Turtalon Profile card


1x Therion Megaboss sc1 v2

1x Turtalon Megaboss sc1 v2


Project: ELITE - Therion Megaboss

Contains: Project: ELITE - Therion Megaboss includes 1x Therion Megaboss sc1 v2 miniature and its profile card.

Project: ELITE - Turtalon Megaboss

Contains: Project: ELITE - Turtalon Megaboss includes 1x Turtalon Megaboss sc1 v2 miniature and its profile card.

image © Drawlab Entertainment image © Drawlab Entertainment
Therion Megaboss sc1 v2 Turtalon Megaboss sc1 v2

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Review - Megabosses Bundle v2 for Project: ELITE Ed1

Some review find these megabosses too expensive to their worth. They say these bosses don't provide as much difference in the games, and they are very pricey for being just lumps of plastic.

For more information, read our Games Nexus previews:

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Resources - Megabosses Bundle v2 for Project: ELITE Ed1


Artipia Games: Project: ELITE - Therion Megaboss: Official webpage. (2020: offline)

Artipia Games: Project: ELITE - Turtalon Megaboss: Official webpage. (2020: offline)

Drawlab Entertainment: Project: ELITE Mega Boss Bundle: Official webpage. (2020: offline)

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Buying the product - Megabosses Bundle v2 for Project: ELITE Ed1


Base price (Mega-Boss Bundle v2)(2016-2018): 25 EUR. Price/miniature: 12,5 EUR

Contains: Therion Megaboss (15 EUR), Turtalon Megaboss (15 EUR) = 25 EUR instead of 30 EUR = 83% price.

Where can you buy it?

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