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Imagine from Gamewright (Hungarian edition from Cocktail Games) - Game review
image © Gamewright

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Details - Imagine base set from Gamewright

Board game set: Imagine base set, Set type: Board game base set (Game base set), Product code: ?, System: Imagine, Series: -, Company: Gamewright, Production: -2017-2021-
Designer: ?
Features: Competitive, Cards

UPC CODE: 0759751001100

Players: 3-8

This review is based on the Hungarian edition of Imagine, published by Cocktail Games.

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Contents - Imagine base set from Gamewright

Imagine from Gamewright (Hungarian edition from Cocktail Games) - Game reviewimage © Gamewright


1x Rules

65x Enigma Cards

61x Transparent Cards

35x Scoring Tokens

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System - Imagine base set from Gamewright

Activation: One player after the other, in order.

Number of players: 3-8

Playing time: ?

Player abilities:

* Knowing the player: Guessing the phrase depends on how well you know the one who tries to show it.
* Pop-culture knowledge: You need to know the references if you want to guess them.

Winner: I suppose the one that correctly guesses the most phrases.

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Rules - Imagine base set from Gamewright

Imagine rules

Imagine is similar to Pictionary or Activity, in that the player draws a phrase on a card, and he tries to use the included transparent cards in such a way that the others can guess the phrase.

In part, it's more helpful than just drawing, as the cards can help to build the pictures easily.
In part, it's more restrictive than just drawing, as the possibilities are limited by the cards.

In the end I think it balances out, you need to be creative to come up with ways to illustrate your phrase, but you don't have to be an artist the show your thoughts.

We used the Hungarian version, that uses Hungarian pop-culture references. While there were some phrases that were hard to guess, but all of them were possible to solve after a while.
There were some topics I didn't know about, so I had no chance of solving them, but I suppose others have the same problems with some other topics, so I think it works out.
However I feel that the game would run better if it wouldn't include recent references, especially niche dependent ones (for example recent cartoons).

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Resources - Imagine base set from Gamewright


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Buying the product - Imagine base set from Gamewright

Base price (Imagine base set): ? USD (? EUR / ? GBP)

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