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Dixit from Libellud - Boardgame review
image © Libellud

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Details - Dixit base set from Libellud

Board game set: Dixit base set, Set type: Board game base set (Game base set), Product code: ?, System: Dixit, Series: -, Company: Libellud, Production: 2008.12-2017-
Designer: Jean-Louis Roubira
Features: Competitive, Cards

Players: 3-6

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Contents - Dixit base set from Libellud

Dixit from Libellud - Boardgame reviewimage © Libellud


Game board

84 cards (in PDF)

6 meeples

Rules (in PDF)


The components are nice, and I liked the fact that the game board is part of the box insert. This is a good way to get more out of the material.

The playing pieces are rabbit shaped wooden meeples. They do not suit their intended purpose, as several players can land on the same space, while balancing that many meeples on said space is not an easy task. Using coins or tokens would work better in this case.

The cards are big enough to handle, although some of the artwork was too small to see from a distance. As getting a good view of the picture is essential in this game, maybe even larger cards, or more robust images might work better.

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Rules - Dixit base set from Libellud

Rules (PDF)

Each player opposes every other player. In reality however, the active player can help other players chosen by him to get better results, if he says phrases only the chosen players can relate to.

Players get cards with images. The active player chooses one of his cards, puts it face down, and says a phrase that he feels related to the image on the card.

The other players react to this by choosing cards from their hand that fit the phrase, and put that face down beside the original card.

Then the cards are shuffled, all of them gets turned face up, and then he non-active players each put a vote token in a pile that shows which card do they think was the original card. Then the votes get turned up, the active player tells which one was his original card, and then the results get counted.

  • If there is at least one player, who guessed correctly, but not everybody, the active player get 3 points (4 in a 3-player game).
  • If the player guesses correctly, they get 3 points (4 in a 3-player game).
  • If there are players who guessed wrong, the player whose card they've guessed, gets 1 point.
  • If everybody guesses correctly, or nobody guesses correctly, everybody gets 2 points, except the active player.

Every meeple moves as many spaces as the player got points.


Dixit Odyssey: It expands the number of players to 12.

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System - Dixit base set from Libellud

Player abilities:
- Good vision: You need to see the details on the images.
- Dexterity: You need to be able to choose from your cards and tokens, and put them face down, while the others don't see the other side.

Playing time: Depends on the players creative and guessing abilities, and also their quickness.


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Dixit base set - Opinion by Kadmon

As I'm not a competitive player, I've found the board game elements less exciting, than the guessing parts, but I can relate to players who like those parts too.

Although I don't like the rude morbidity of Cards Against Humanity, I enjoyed that more, as it was more of a social experience for me, but that can depend on the players themselves, so this might change in the future.

I've read that the game is more fun if you don't play it antagonistically, and now I understand why the other players, who have played together previously tried everything to exclude me from the references, as it provided them an opportunity to get one player who didn't guess correctly. However, it spoiled the whole game for me, and it's a weak point of the game.

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Resources - Dixit base set from Libellud


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Buying the product - Dixit base set from Libellud

Base price (Dixit base set): 35 USD (? EUR / 30 GBP)

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