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6-8 Player Map for Cthulhu Wars from Petersen Games - Board game expansionimage © Petersen Games


Board game set: 6-8 Player Map, Set type: Game expansion: map, Product code: CW-M4, System: Cthulhu Wars, Series: Cthulhu Mythos, Miniatures Range: Cthulhu Wars (Modern Fantasy), Company: Petersen Games, Production: 2015-2016-
Designer: Sandy Petersen

Range: Cthulhu Wars (Modern Fantasy), Species: Various, Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm), Proportions: Realistic, Size: Various, Material: Soft plastic, Priming: Not necessary
Assembly: One-piece, Sprueless, No cutting required, Posing: Medium, Paintjob: Unpainted, Base: Integral scenic base, Sculptor: Various (Fenris Games)
Features: Various

The 6-8 Player Map is an Earth map expansion for the Cthulhu Wars  board game from Petersen Games.

"6-8 player Map expansion, The original game board expanded for 6-8 player"

"It works just like the normal three to five player Earth map, in that one side is the six player side, the other is the eight player side, and when you flip one side face yp and the other face down you get two different configurations for the seven player map"

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Contents - 6-8 Player Map for Cthulhu Wars


Double-sided Earth map for 6-8 players (20% larger than the original Earth map)

6x gate

2x Ritual Track

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Resources - 6-8 Player Map for Cthulhu Wars


Petersen Games: Cthulhu Wars: Official page.

Petersen Games: 6-8 Player Map: Official page.



Content overview

Petersen Games: Cthulhu Wars Maps Expansions Unboxing: Content overview video.


Antonios S (for Review of Cthulhu Wars: Six To Eight Player Earth Map: Compensated review article, based on playtest. The reviewer received a complimentary copy to review.

Rules overview




Play strategy & tactics


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Buying the product - 6-8 Player Map for Cthulhu Wars

Base price (6-8 Player Map): 20 USD (? EUR / ? GBP), Price/model: ca. ? USD (? Euro / ? GBP) if you need all the other components

Petersen Games: 6-8 Player Map: Official page.

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