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The Others: 7 Sins board game
The Others: 7 Sins board game base set from CoolMiniOrNot - Board game review by Ottó

Board game: The Others: 7 Sins board game base set (CoolMiniOrNot)

System: The Others (CoolMiniOrNot)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

Translation based on: The Others: 7 Sins alapkészlet (CoolMiniOrNot) - Társasjáték ismertető Ottótól (2017.09.10)
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Gregor Ottó reviewed the The Others: 7 Sins board game by CoolMiniOrNot.

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Many literary works give the theme and play the idea of Hell. The realm of guilty souls where they are who did not live a decent life before their death. Dante's Divine play was the first one to divide her into circles and bunks, according to the Sovereignty of Satan. This has since been recaptured in countless media outlets. But in the next game, the heroes are not going to Hell, but Hell comes to them!

The Others: 7 Sins

'Through me the way to the suffering city;
Through me the everlasting pain;
Through me the way that runs among the Lost.
Justice urged on my exalted Creator:
Divine Power made me,
The Supreme Wisdom and the Primal Love.
Nothing was made before me but eternal things
And I endure eternally.
Abandon all hope - You Who Enter Here.'

- Dante Alighieri: The Divine Comedy

This time, you are the only seven sinful ones who are falling into the city of Haven. The game is a teammate led by a game master, where a seven-member squad of brave heroes watch out for a single daring daemon controlled by the game master. Sins come from laziness, greed, and pride, to anger. We can find all seven sins (with accessories) and each of them has a different flavor. Not to mention that the demons are manifested in their form in the form of their sins, in the form of their own, whether it is fat and a lot of mouth-pangs, or the roar of figurines. They hit their imaginary world fantastically.

"Faith" is a global military organization called when the problem is not small or the inexplicable one is involved in the problem. In their wars, they do not drag the oddities, mutants, liqueur or mystical creatures, or even soldiers coming from other dimensions. Agents have one or all of them with a special ability that they use to fight the warriors of Hell! They were recruited into caste and trained as * fist fighters, * shooters, * merchants, and * leaders. They are now in the midst of the city of Haven and the fire of Hell, and though they are excellent soldiers, like all men, they too have their sins!

A player of sin is not in secret the task of slandering the city and inflicting (corrupt) everything and everybody. Players, if they do not care, can quickly find themselves in the irreversible sea of corruption. Or even dive into it! They can let the temptation and suddenly get enormous benefits and abilities, but the closer they get to the sin, they are completely overwhelmed by their souls. Corruption can cover many things. The inevitable clutches of Hell may come to the guilty soul, but it may also be that the person is struck by a sinful past that has been buried in him, and this may have serious consequences for the heroes!

image © Busits Dávid
The Others: 7 Sins board game

Haven. The sinless city that never sleeps. It's a real delicacy, the transmitting radiation of Hell. They just blame corruption on the streets, but there are those who are fighting. The strongest ally of the Faith agents is the city itself. They are not only equipped with equipment, but hospitals are willing to heal their wounds, and pray in churches for their souls. By the way, an orbital satellite equipped with laser gun is also available, which disgusts the puffballs down. Some brave civilians are in battle. Although they do not have special abilities, they do their best to help the agents move in the city or their struggle. You are not alone!

However, not all people are so willing. Unfortunately, many of them let the infectious temptation of Hell. Mutilated, corrupt politicians, policemen, nuns, and tubers hinder the agents' activities. Of course, these people are immaterial, but the biggest danger is that the infamous Hell Club members go into the street. As time goes by, the Apocalypse is approaching and approaching the attraction of the Hell Club in our world. These beings feed on your sins, and if they appear in the streets, they leave ruthless destruction!

The game is story-based. Heroes can choose from 3 different types (terror, corruption, liberation). We have to get rid of the more demons in the city, but we have to face our own inner demon. We have to save innocent civilians, but we can even end up with the Hell Club! Every story is a series of diverse missions, where sometimes we have to decide where to go. The player of the crime can call his devastating avatar on the board as a major enemy halfway through the game. In addition, the clock of the Apocalypse always knocks! The heroes have to finish their mission before they fall into the infinite sea of sin!

The task is not simple from the perspective of the heroes, but the player of the sin will not be easy. Sin can not be destroyed, so the game master will always be there to hinder the agents, and as the Apocalypse approaches, it will become stronger. The power of heroes lies primarily in their equipment, in their individual abilities, in the city's help, and not least in their dice rolls. In the game, our successes are moved by a cleverly crafted cube system (you have to throw a lot of dice! Everybody likes it!) There are various actions on the sides of each side's stake (attack, defense, resistance, corruption, etc.). In addition, the player of the crime can use the cards to keep the agents busy, so he will always be waiting for some unpleasant surprise that they can not count on, though they are more of a laugh. His real power is the infinite demon army of the wicked and the events on the board, which if they can not solve it, can easily end the agents.

The Others: 7 Sins board game

The game is also true of the likes of a similar "game master": "Heroes have the chance to win as much as the game master leaves." Perhaps not as openly as other titles, so the player of the offense is weak and he has to make serious tactical decisions in the game to be strengthened, but all in all, we felt that with all the help, if the player played seriously, then hell would surpass . It was a win in the very first round, although it is obviously a tossing one.

The gaming experience and mood, however, are so immensely strong in this flaming and tentacle in a mordant, mesmerizing, heavenly city that the road will definitely compensate. Diverse missions are imaginative, events are unexpected, and in themselves beautiful stories are generated in every turn! From the side of the agents there is a huge challenge, but they face the Pokoll with them! Dealing with such a powerful force is never easy! But victory is all the more delightful when the demons are rebuffed to their own dimension.

And now tell me my child. What are YOUR sins?

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