Dark Souls board game base set from Steamforged Games - Board game review from Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó
Dark Souls board game

Game: Dark Souls board game base set (Steamforged Games company)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

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The Dark Souls board game base set from Steamforged Games company was reviewed by Gregor Ottó.

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The Dark Souls is a video game series that has a surprisingly large and enthusiastic fan base. He deserved the notorious accolades for his "brutal, but fair" gameplay, which he calls attention every time: "You're going to die!"

Dark Souls board game base set from Steamforged Games - Board game review from Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó
Dark Souls board game

Dark Souls: The Board Game

"First, there was nothing but fog, darkness, and hereditary dragons.
Then the fire came.
And with the fire came the opposite! Cold and warm. Darkness and light. Life and death."

"The First flames quickly faded. The darkness will soon embrace the countryside. But one day, tiny flames will dance in the dark. As a proud king of a past king."

The game takes place in a war-torn kingdom, where the dragons have failed, the people are cursed and they are no longer mortal, but rather as dead. Because death does not have to fear in eternity, they can lose a much more important thing: their souls. The body without the soul is just an empty frame. The consciousness, the will, the goals are gone, and the sheer animal instinct and the hunger for the souls!

We are the chosen undead knights whose only purpose is not to become an empty-headed zombie. But this requires souls. There's plenty of souls, so we're going to feed our starving consciousness, becoming stronger and stronger after every glorious battle, and then free this damned kingdom from some really awful horrors!

Dark Souls board game base set from Steamforged Games - Board game review from Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó
Dark Souls board game

"The whole world is against me.
So the odds are equal!"

In the game, we choose which boss we want to free the world. To win, we'll hunt down a minibus and then a main boss. But before we get to them, we need to strengthen and find better equipment to have a chance. We'll go from room to room, where we will fight with undead knights, warriors, archers, and tease their juicy souls, which is the currency of the world. We will buy equipment from this, and we will become stronger, thanks to which we can use better equipment. Character development is very nice. The picked-up adventurer from the brigade can become a real battle-demon at the end of the game. But we have to work hard for all this!

Before we enter the fog-covered gate of our destination, there is a small map of the world where we do not know what awaits us until we enter the door. The mechanics can take part in exciting battles with exciting elegance. We can fight against several types of opponents, each equipped with different combat modes. Much of the tactic is where you position yourself on the map, giving a gladiator battle to the whole. It's a fantastic sight to see warriors circling in a small arena, trying to keep armored knights close to your opponents, and defending weaker characters, and carefully, one by one, cutting off our bad guys.

Dark Souls board game base set from Steamforged Games - Board game review from Ottóimage © Pápai Bence
Dark Souls board game

A brilliant action point system ensures that we always act very carefully because we sacrifice our life points after all our actions. You can distribute huge damage to your big sphere, but be careful not to leave anyone standing around, because it becomes so exhausting that you will be very vulnerable to attacks. Death is punished hard by the game!

"Maybe we're tiny, but we're falling into colossus!"

Being dead is so good that a sword in your chest is not pleasant, but it is not the end of the game and you may have learned something from it so that it does not happen again! As you lose the spirit of your opponents, they are yours as well. All your current souls will be lost to your death, and you will be moving away from your room to your camp, but then your opponents will be the same. So you can go back on your way to try to get the souls confiscated from you. Your mind will begin to abandon your earthly dust sheath with all your death, and if it happens too many times, you will become a soulless, empty human skeleton in the realm of damned souls, the end of the game.

The highlight of the game is the fight against the main enemies, which is fantastically executed and faithfully represents how it would look if you were to fight with a sword and ax with a towering beast. Constantly circling around the enemy, watching, learning his movements so that he can injure him where he hurts the most at unprotected points. The evil one usually holds a real challenge, but the sweeter the knights can experience.

Dark Souls board game base set from Steamforged Games - Board game review from Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó
Dark Souls board game

"Don't fail!
Failure is not a sin. He's guilty of fighting for tiny goals.
Huge size battles, fail too glorious!"

Who knows the video game knows exactly what to expect here. The game simulated the source material very nicely. The battles are exciting, though when things go very oily, they can become somewhat repetitive. That's why there will be plenty of "WE HERE TO DIE!" moments. Increasing the number of players will also reduce the difficulty, but you have to be lazy. Playing time is definitely long. Collecting souls to use some equipment requires a lot of "work" (this can be remedied by a few homemade but not a short game!)

All in all, we got exactly what we could expect from the title. "Hard but fair." Although not the most powerful, but definitely pleasant dark fantasy, with knights and giant beasts! It could be a bit more diverse - the accessories will hopefully help with this - but it's also a great experience to enter this cursed, gloomy world!

"One day the bad guys go out." But that's not the day!?

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