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Alchemists társasjáték (Czech Games Edition) - Társasjáték ismertető Ottótólkép © Czech Games Edition
Alchemists board game

Game: Alchemists board game (Czech Games Edition company)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

Translation based on: Alchemists társasjáték (Czech Games Edition) - Társasjáték ismertető Ottótól (2019.01.05)
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The Alchemists board game from Czech Games Edition was reviewed by Gregor Ottó.

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"Our world ... It's complicated. Many people can't understand. They blindly believe in theories and myths set up. I don't belong to them! Fairy tales and propaganda are all about. I have a much better weapon to understand the world. A weapon with which I can shape the elements I want! This is alchemy!"

This medieval fantasy world hosts some of the most determined, emerging, perhaps somewhat eccentric, alchemist masters, whose ultimate goal is to be the largest, most famous scientific discoverers. Their specialty is the exploration of the elements with the help of certain everyday objects. To do this, alchemy, a great cauldron, and some fictional science are being called upon!

Alchemists board game

"Bleed? Throb? Split? Aches? WHAT IS BACK?
Special medicine for you! All hugs, hurts, bibes heal! Immediate, guaranteed regenerative effect.
Healing Essence! Heal today to not die tomorrow!"

In the game, we will feed various raw materials (scorpion, shroud, frog, nadragul etc.) into a large cauldron and cook it, allowing us to make different types of drinks. Healing Essence or Poison. Accelerator or paralyzing crashed. It is an enchanting, maybe forgiving drink. Or even the very delicious, though no-effect soup! The trick is that, in our experiments, we put 2 components into the cauldron, we get the desired drink, and from this we can deduce the "qualities" of the folded delicacies that we call it (in its form) "molecule". To understand this, we call some fictional chemistry. You don't have to be scared, it won't be so bad.

"Do you know that they call the honorable adventurers? They're dead!
The crappy, sneaky methods are more effective when it comes to eliminating opponents.
Dip your arrows into this death-proof poison drink, or mix it with your unfaithful husband's dinner. It doesn't show any blood tests, so you'll never be suspected!
Poison Drink! Deadly good!"

Quiet, quiet in the classroom! Now kids would like to listen very well to the next few lines to understand the most important element of the game: how different molecules react to each other and produce different types of drinks! Let's start.
Every ordinary substance has 3 affinity. These are marked with red, blue, and green atoms (circles). These atoms have polarity (+ or -) and have a size (small or large). Atoms of the same color and polarity react with each other, but only if their atomic size is different (one small, one large)!

So, for example, if a red positive large atom molecule meets a red positive low atom molecule, we get a red positive healing drink.
We know every possible molecule and every possible element, but we do not know which molecule is a molecule. Your task is to make small alchemists to find the right molecular formula for the right materials. Bence, don't sleep in the hour!

"Late? Have no time? Slow metabolism? Switch to higher gear!
An accelerating drink will help you to keep it accurate and alert. A lot of time to do? Many enemies?
Accelerating drink! Don't miss it!"

The mechanics of the game are "worker placement", mixed with some bluffing. It starts with who wants to get up early. The one who is the earliest will act first. You have a lot of things, time is short. The longer you stay in bed, the more random bonuses you can dream of, but you will act everywhere later. This, as we know, is always disadvantageous in a job placement game. The market may be lost when you buy it, the potential buyers may become dull, and the like. There are 3 types of action on the board:

  • Sale / purchase / purchase
  • Research / experimentation
  • Publish

"Have you ever said to someone that "hold on!" ?
You can now seriously say it!
Our special paralyzing drink is guaranteed to relieve all moving limbs and body parts. Multi-hour effect without loss of consciousness!
Crippling drink! Play it cool!"

Heroes arrive in the city every time, who want to buy drinks, we have to make the various cowboy to order if we can. If they don't get what they wanted, they could get into our reputation and not pay for it. This is part of the research where we embark on, experiment with ourselves, or on an innocent student (just don't let us drink a negative drink). We learn how to mix such a type of drink and try to draw conclusions from the results.

These results (which raw material which molecule) can be published! With our discoveries, we can gain fame and money, because if we first publish things, we are entitled to royalty! Even if we are not completely sure of the authenticity of the theory, we believe that everyone is doing it! But beware, if we turn out to be bluffing, our reputation may start to fall. After all, there is no room for error in the scientific world!

"Isn't learning going? Are you the brightest star in the sky?
Brighten your mind with our tonic made of super bifidagy! Just a sip and a diploma landing in your pocket!
Waxing drink! Because I'm not stupid!"

Although the game may seem complex to the first block, it is not so bad. Great help, well-traceable symbols that guide everything. We can feel our laboratory as our own small empire, where we produce different theories that we are guarding from others. The discoveries exclude opportunities as Sudoku, while finally finding the right formulas, loud "Heureka, I found it!" amid the shouts! Part of the bluffing is well-elaborated, and in the short term it is worthwhile to bluff some explorations, get smaller bonuses, but in the long run, just for sure discoveries are rewards! That's why we feel it is very worth exploring, and all the discoveries are fantastic!

"Tortured by painful memories? Do you want to hide horrible secrets? Maybe they caught someone?
Simply FALSE EL!
Tuti is a sure, forgetful essence with the power of the raven. Just scratch up, and you won't be sure to remember the night!
Forgetful essence! For a carefree life!
(Please note that the beverage cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Please note that the drink will only forget the events with its dipper and not with its surroundings. Side effects may include: Headache, nausea, dizziness)"

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