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Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by KadmonNitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)
image © Crew

The Nitro (2006) is a futuristic action graphic novel. The graphic novel was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)

Original title: Nitro těžkne glycerínem (English: Heart heavy with glycerine), English title: Nitro

Series: -

Setting: future Earth

Product type: Graphic novel, Genre: futuristic action, Features: futuristic, action, crime story

Release: -2006.06.14

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Preferences: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises to spoilers, prefers establishing elements before referencing them

Read: very recent (2022.02), first time

Rating: Good (2+ out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Great (3 out of 3 points)

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This is my review of Nitro, a futuristic action graphic novel from 2006. It's about a team of misfits trying to negotiate a ransom transfer with space pirates. The Nitro comic book is interesting and looks great, I recommend it to fans of the genre.

Warning! Reading further will lead you to see depictions of graphic violence.


"One of the worst problems that has plagued humanity since the very beginning of existence is the interplanetary theft of children's toys. Especially before Christmas. Then you will do anything to get them back from the thieves. You even team up with the famous morally flexible psychopath Richard Hackenbruder.

Richard Hackenbruder is definitely not a nice guy. A former professional stuntman with occasional bouts of insanity, who has a history of insane asylums and eight proven murders. Hackenbruder, of course, claims it's a thing of the past. That he has changed. That he is cured and his seizures are under control. That he doesn't kill people anymore. That he's a good boy. Sincere resolutions are a beautiful thing.

But those space pirates shouldn't be here. And fat social workers. And multi-billionaires. And gamblers. And nymphomaniacs. And crazy mass murderers. And blue rabbits. And indeed all the population on the planets of the Solar System. Because they're all screwing up the Hackenbruders.

Except that there's one more small question: Is it even worth becoming a good boy if you lose yourself in the process?"

* * *

Review (spoiler-free) - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)

Although it's been out there for a while (it was published in 2006), I never heard of this book, until I've found a copy. The cover looked good, so I started to read it, and I got hooked.

I've read the English translation of Nitro. Comparing it to the Czech original, I've noticed that some Czech text from the artwork was also updated for the English edition. For example, the text of the contract was slightly readable on Czech, but in the English version, it's some unreadable text.

The Nitro graphic novel is about a team of misfits trying to negotiate a ransom transfer with space pirates.

The story is good, it has interesting twists. The pacing is consistent. There are no character arcs. I didn't find any logical problems. There's plenty of humorous part, if you don't mind comedy based on violence.

The graphics are great. The pages are interesting visually. The violence is really graphic, so it's not for the squeamish. The characters are distinct and recognisable. The art is similar to Simon Bisley, Colin MacNeil, or Ajibayo Akinsiku "Siku".

We don't really get to know of the characters. We only get some glimpses into the past of the main character. However, I've found this acceptable in a violent action story.

Nitro is an interesting futuristic action graphic novel, I think fans of the genre will enjoy it.

My experience

I was satisfied with Nitro (2006). I happen to like stories with well-thought, interesting stories with good art, and Nitro delivered just that.

Rating: Good (2+ out of 3 points). Nitro is a well-made comic book.

Enjoyment: Great (3 out of 3 points). Nitro is an interesting and fun reading, I liked it a lot.

Rereadability: High. Although it's mostly the surprise of the story that makes you feel interested, but the story is engaging enough and looks good enough to enjoy further readings.

Chance of reading it again: There's a chance. Now that I know the story, there's probably no need to read it again, but I liked it enough that I might read it in the right circumstances.

Chance of reading a sequel: High. I'd sure read it.

Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by Kadmon Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by Kadmon
Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)
image © Crew

Will you enjoy this?

If you like futuristic action or thriller graphic novels, you might like Nitro.

If you like violent graphic novels, you might like Nitro.

If you like to be surprised by the development of events, this graphic novel will be interesting for you.

If you prefer visuals over story, the Nitro graphic novel is going to be a treat for you.

If you hate depiction of violence, you should avoid the Nitro comics.

Reading for plot points

If you are interested in futuristic crime or action stories, I think it's worth reading the Nitro graphic novel /series for the plot points.

* * *

Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by KadmonNitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)
image © Crew

Review with spoilers - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)

I liked the Nitro graphic novel.

Title: The original title "Nitro těžkne glycerínem" is a word-play on nitro meaning "heart" in Czech, so it means "Heart heavy with Glycerine". During the story, we see that the violent personality of the man is visualised as a violent bunny trapped in a barrel of Glycerine.

Parallel images: There are some clever references in the book, mirroring previously seen images. For example, on a page, they cut off the finger of a man, and on the next page, at the same space, a man is cutting a carrot.

Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by Kadmon  Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by Kadmon
Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)
image © Crew


The covers of the graphic novel is okay. It doesn't say much, but it doesn't spoil the story, and it looks good enough to be interesting.

Promise of the first scene

We see a man violently killed by pirates. I assume we'll see some more violence through the book.

Execution: Indeed, violence, we got plenty. I feel that the promise was fulfilled.

Plot summary / Synopsis

Space pirates capture a cargo ship (Kobe Tai), and they kill the crew. They get hold of the cargo of toys, prepared for the coming of Christmas. The pirates were working for the company (Midas) that owns the cargo ship, but they were fired some years ago, due to an unsuccessful worker strike. The leader of the pirates (Walter Delgado) blames a man (Richard Hackenbruder "Flex") for this.

When the pirates ask for the ransom fee, they demand that the company sends the money with that man.

The man is approached by a redhead girl (Tamara Broulard), who takes him to the company HQ, the meet the boss (Milton Da Silva). It is revealed that the man has a flexible personality, causing violent murder sprees when he gets angry. He got treatment for that, so he is more safe now. They offer him a lot of money if he accepts to go on the transfer mission, so he agrees. They are joined by a company man (Leroy) and a female captain (Nikki Vickers).

The man recruits another psycho (Kawalski), and a muscle (Vent), who is surprisingly cultured.

The man, the psycho, the muscle, the redhead girl, and the company man get on the spacecraft, that's actually an agricultural harvester hovercraft, fitted for space flight. They meet the crew of the ship, a co-pilot (Glippen) and another crewmember (McPherson). They take off.

The redhead explains that the briefcases are coded to the eye of the pirate leader, so if anyone else tries to open them, they explode. The redhead tries to get closer to the man, but he leaves her. She then decides to go with the psycho. When the man and the female pilot sees the two having sex, they get aroused, and also go for it.

The man wakes up for a noise, and finds that the psycho murdered and disemboweled the redhead, because he was convinced at the time that she must have been a dirty girl, as she slept with a psycho like him. After the psycho comes to his senses, he wants to commit suicide, but the man stops him, as he needs him for the mission. They decide to pin the murder on the company man. They plant evidence, and tell the captain that they've seen the company man do it. Before they push him out of the airlock, he pleads with them, telling that there is cocaine hidden in those toys, ten times the value of the ransom they bring. They still kill him.

They get to the pirate base, and the man, the psycho and the muscle get out to handle the transfer. The pirate leader tries to make the man angry, taunting and hitting him, but he keeps his calm for a while. However, he suddenly bursts out, killing the pirate leader, and starting to kill the rest of the pirates. He uses the spacecraft as a harvester to kill all the pirates. The muscle guy is killed during the fight. As the mission is now pointless, and he feels that the company wouldn't need his services any more, the man decides to kill the crew of the spacecraft. The female captain tries to talk sense into him, but he still kills her. The man calls the company boss, and tells him that he shouldn't pursue him, as he has evidence that they've tried to smuggle drugs.

The man and the psycho go to Jupiter, they sell the drugs, get their shares, and part ways.

The setting

Nitro is set in the future of Earth, probably 2100s?

They have spaceships regularly flying in the solar system.

Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by KadmonNitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)
image © Crew

* * *

Analysis of the story - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)

I mostly liked the story, I didn't find problems that would have prevented me from enjoying Nitro.

The message of the story

I'm not sure there's one. "Don't trust psychopath mass murderers"?

The structure of the story

The scenes of the Nitro comic book are mostly played in sequence, following the same storyline.

There's no single viewpoint character.

The story has the usual arc of the dramatic structure - introduction, action, resolution.

Things I liked

  • The artwork is really nice.
  • When the protagonist kills everyone in the end, it surprised me.

Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by KadmonNitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)
image © Crew

Problematic elements

The names: It's not always clear what is the name of the characters. Sometimes they are introduced with their first name, and referenced with their last name. It would have been better to get proper introductions with full names, or calling them always with the same name.

For example, there was a reference to a "Sterling" that I have no clue who can be.

Super-human powers: The protagonist, Flex, seems to possess physical abilities that are above everyone else in the story. There's no explanation for this, and even the pirate leader is surprised by this, when he gets killed by one blow from Flex. The pirate leader knew the guy, he should have know what he is capable of.

The man-mower: There's a scene when the protagonist uses an agricultural vehicle to mow through the pirates, who practically line up in a queue to be killed. I've found the scene a little over-the-top, and it also makes the pirate band look stupid.

Unanswered questions


* * *

Possibilities of improvement

  • Redraw the scene with the spaceship used as a lawnmower to make it look less stupid.
  • Add some extra text, explaining how Flex got his super-human powers. For example, after getting unemployed, he might have worked for the mob, and got wired reflexes and synthetic muscles. Or he might have just worked in the asteroid mines, where these enhancements are a requirement.

How it could have been better?


* * *

How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

From the writer (Štěpán Kopřiva), I didn't read anything else, but now I'm interested in his works.

From the illustrator (Jiří Grus), I didn't read anything else, but I really liked his style.

* * *

Behind the scenes


Thoughts about the reviews of others


* * *

Nitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006) - Graphic novel review by KadmonNitro těžkne glycerínem / Nitro, graphic novel from Crew (2006)
image © Crew

Uses for the comic book - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)


  • Criminals steal an important shipment of cargo.
    • The cargo consists of toys, ready to be sold as Christmas presents.
    • The cargo actually has tons of drugs hidden in the toys.
  • For a hostage exchange, the criminal demands a man to be sent, against whom he has a grudge.


  • The beginning, when the pirates take over the ship is great to depict such a thing happening.



Scenario ideas - Role-playing game scenario ideas

  • A nemesis of one of the characters demands that he takes part of a meeting, where the character would be at a disadvantage.

Scenario ideas - Wargame scenario ideas


Miniatures - 1/50-1/60 (28-32mm scale)

Space criminals: Human-sized futuristic / post-apocalyptic human civilians or warriors.

* * *

Similar stories - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)

Novels like Nitro

Alfred Bester: The Stars My Destination (1956): In a futuristic setting, an aggressive man is on a mission of revenge. The setting of Nitro reminded me of this novel, and if you liked Nitro, you might be interested in this novel.

Graphic novels like Nitro


Movies like Nitro


* * *

Frequently asked questions - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)

Will the Nitro graphic novel be available with English translation?

Currently (in 2022.02.02) Nitro is already available with English translation.

Is the Nitro comic book based on a book or a movie?

No, Nitro is not based on either books or comics.

Is the Nitro comic book a remake or reboot?

No, the Nitro comic book is neither a remake nor a reboot.

Where can I read Nitro online?

As of 2022.02.02, Nitro is available on Google Play, izneo.

* * *

Resources - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)


Crew: Nitro těžkne glycerínem: Official article


Comicvine: Nitro těžkne glycerínem: Database article.

Goodreads: Nitro těžkne glycerínem: Database article.

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Reviews with no spoilers - Nitro comic book (2006)

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Reviews with spoilers - Nitro comic book (2006)

: Review article of the Nitro graphic novel, with spoilers. Includes a very detailed plot summary.¤

Analysis - Nitro graphic novel (2006)

: Analysis video, explaining the finale of Nitro.¤

* * *

Buying the product - Nitro, graphic novel (2006)

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Have you read the Nitro comic book from Crew? How do you like the graphic novel? Would you recommend it to others? Do you know reviews or resources you'd like to add? What further thoughts do you have about it? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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