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If you'd like to be totally surprised by the The Tomorrow War film, I don't recommend you to watch the trailer at all. Even if you don't mind knowing the premise, I don't recommend you to watch the trailer beyond 1:12, because after that, it starts to show major spoilers.

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Article updated: 2022.02.25

The The Tomorrow War (2021) is a futuristic sci-fi / action film. The movie was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)

Original title: The Tomorrow War

Series: -

Setting: alternate Earth / future fantasy Earth

Product type: Film, Genre: futuristic sci-fi / action, Style: sci-fi, action, time travel

Release: 2021.07.02

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Preferences: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises to spoilers, prefers establishing elements before referencing them

Watched: very recent (2021.07), first time

Rating: Average (2 out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Average (2 out of 3 points)

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This is my review of The Tomorrow War, a futuristic sci-fi / action movie from 2021. It's about a man taken to a war in the future against aliens. The The Tomorrow War film is interesting, I recommend it to fans of the genre.

The Tomorrow War, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonThe Tomorrow War, movie (2021)
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Review (spoiler-free) - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)

I haven't heard anything about the movie, but I've seen the trailer, and it caught my interest, and put it on my "to watch" list. When I've seen it was released, I gave the movie a try.

The Tomorrow War movie is about a man taken to a war in the future against aliens.

The story is good, there are interesting twists. The consistency is somewhat strange, there's a hard change in the middle of the movie, but these two halves are consistent in themselves. There's a character arc for the protagonist. There are lots of small logical problems, but nothing serious. There were some attempts at humour by the characters that were more annoying than funny, but they were just small distractions from the story.

The cinematography is good. The vistas are interesting visually. The creatures are cool. The special effects look good, except for the few scenes when the creatures had to interact with the actual actors.

The characters are okay. We get some information about that, and we get to know the protagonist well enough. The actors are good.

The music (by Lorne Balfe) is good. (Update: I've listened to the soundtrack in itself, and it's actually great. The movie was probably distracting me from enjoying the music properly.)

The Tomorrow War is an interesting sci-fi / action movie, I think fans of the genre will enjoy it.

My experience

I was satisfied with The Tomorrow War (2021).

Rating: Average (2 out of 3 points). The Tomorrow War is a well-made film. The first half of the story is Good (2+), but then it switches to Weak (2-) due to the illogical and inconsistent elements.

Enjoyment: Average (2 out of 3 points). The Tomorrow War is interesting, I liked most of it.

Rewatchability: Probably high. Even after knowing what will happen, I think the action scenes and the emotional aspects make it interesting multiple times.

Chance of watching it again: There's a chance. Now that I know the story, there's probably no need to watch it again, but I liked it enough that I might watch it in the right circumstances.

Chance of watching a sequel: High. I'd sure watch it.

The Tomorrow War, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonThe Tomorrow War, movie (2021)
image © Skydance Productions & Paramount Pictures (ViacomCBS)

Will you enjoy this?

If you like futuristic action movies (Aliens, Edge of Tomorrow, Starship Troopers), you'll probably like The Tomorrow War.

If you like action movies about war against alien creatures (Aliens, Edge of Tomorrow, Starship Troopers), you'll probably like the film.

If you prefer contemporary action movies (Die Hard 5, Terminator 2), you might like The Tomorrow War film, although you might get bored by the explanations of the futuristic technology and the research elements.

If you like time travel movies (Edge of Tomorrow, Primer, Tenet), you might like The Tomorrow War movie, although the focus is not on the time travel.

If you like scientific research stories (Andromeda Strain), you might like The Tomorrow War, although the focus is not really on the research and investigation.

Watching for plot points

If you are interested in research stories, I think it's worth watching the The Tomorrow War movie for the plot points. If you'd be interested in the time travel aspect, not much is explained in the film.

* * *

The Tomorrow War, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonThe Tomorrow War, movie (2021)
image © Skydance Productions & Paramount Pictures (ViacomCBS)

Review with spoilers - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)

I liked the The Tomorrow War movie.

I like it that they didn't spend a lot of time before getting to the story - by 10 minutes we already get the basics about the main character and his mission.

The movie is probably a bit too long, they try to cram too much story into the runtime. It would have been probably enough to end the movie when the protagonist gets home with the toxin, to give the audience a hopeful ending, then probably make a sequel that finishes the story with the destruction of the creatures.


The cover of the movie is okay, it doesn't say much, but it doesn't spoil the movie.

The trailer

The trailer includes multiple spoilers that's not ideal if you like to be surprised.

If you prefer spoilers, it's a great trailer for the The Tomorrow War film. If you prefer to avoid spoilers, it will ruin some parts of the movie for you.

Promise of the first scene

People with guns in their hands are falling from the sky over a burning city. Some of them land in a swimming pool. This sure got my attention. I assume this will be some kind of futuristic action movie. They will be probably fighting against aliens.

Also, the fact that they survived the fall into the pool shows that the movie won't take physics into consideration.

Execution: We got exactly that, so it's a good start.

Plot summary / Synopsis

A group of soldiers fall from the sky to land in a swimming pool. One of them is the protagonist (Chris Pratt as Dan Forester).

Decades before that, in 2022, the protagonist, an ex-soldier is going to the party of his small daughter. He applied for a corporate job, but he got rejected. They are watching a soccer match when the game is interrupted by a group of soldiers appearing in the field, who tell it to the camera they came from the future, and they need the help of the people to fight an alien threat.

A year later, volunteers are sent to the war on one-week missions, but 70% of them are killed before they are able to return, and the survivors are traumatised. The protagonist works as a teacher, but the kids are not interested, as they feel everything is pointless because of the future war. He tries to convince them that knowledge might be the way to win the war. He is called to a medical examination, but they tell him that he got called back into military service, and they install a device in him that enables him to be sent into the future. They'll monitor him through the device, and he has to report back in a day to be sent to war. It's revealed to him that he would be dead in a couple of years in the original timeline.

He goes to his father (J. K. Simmons as James Forester), who is an engineer, so he could take the device off. He then decides that he don't want to do anything with his father, and leaves with the device still on.

He goes to the recruitment center, and they get some briefing. The protagonists team with some clever people will be sent to a future research facility, so they could come up with ways to defeat their enemy. Before they would get a proper training, they are sent prematurely into the future, because the research facility is under attack.

In the future, due to a jump error, they arrive high up above the city of Miami. Most of them die because of the fall, some of them - including the protagonist - fall into a swimming pool on top of a skyscraper, so they survive. They are tasked with the rescue of the research team in a nearby building.

The research team is dead by the time they get there, but they are able to retrieve their works. The creatures swarm over the area, so the command sends bombers to clean the place. They have to get out of there before the bombing begins, so they fight their way out, loosing many people.

The survivors are taken to a base in Dominica. It turns out that one of the leaders of the military (Yvonne Strahovski as Muri Forester) is the now adult daughter of the protagonist. The military seems to be convinced that the fall of humanity in a couple of weeks is unavoidable.

He is recruited on a mission to research why the female creature was able to survive getting poisoned. The female defeats the team sent in to retrieve it, so the daughter gets into the lair. They are able to get the female into a cage, but a swarm of creatures attack them, so they fight their way through them.

They get to the research base on Bahama. The daughter tells the protagonist that if they can come up with the right toxin to kill the females, she intends to send it back with the protagonist into the past, so they can mass produce it, and be prepared by the time the creatures arrive. When they finally find the proper toxin, the female comes out of sedation, and summons a swarm of creatures. The protagonist still has a couple of minutes until he is able to return, so he and his daughter has to fight their way through the creatures, while the whole base is being destroyed. His daughter gets wounded, and she seems to be captured by the creatures. The protagonist is sent back, but the base is destroyed with the time machine, so they are unable to jump any more.

They manufacture a large amount of toxins, and decide that they try to find the lair of the creatures before they emerge in 2048. The protagonist tells their theory to the military, but they refuse to hep, so he gathers a team, including his father. They find the alien spaceship in a Siberian glacier. The place would melt by 2048, letting the creatures out. The spaceship was piloted by another alien species, not the creatures. They start to poison the creatures, but some of them get out, so they have to fight. When they are overwhelmed, they decide to blow up the spaceship. A female tries to escape, but they hunt it down.

In the end, he returns home, and his family reconciles with his father.

The setting

The film is set in an alternate Earth of 2022, and a future Earth of 2050. In 2022, time travellers arrived from 2050, to recruit soldiers to their war against alien creatures.

In 2023, if someone is sent to the future war, and dies, the family get 1 million dollars.

In 2048, creatures appeared in Russia, and started to spread around the world, killing humans. In 2050, humans have sent back people through a time gate, to recruit past people to their war. By 2051, about 500.000 humans remain.

Beside the technology for time travel, the future doesn't look very futuristic. They use the same technology that we do.

The Tomorrow War, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonThe Tomorrow War, movie (2021)
image © Skydance Productions & Paramount Pictures (ViacomCBS)

The creatures - White Spikes

They have six pair of limbs. They have two (four?) tentacles on their backs that is able to shoot spikes. They basically look like a white displacer beasts from D&D, or an animal-like lambent berserker from Gears of War.

They seem to weight a lot. When a creature stands on a bridge railing, that can easily support the weight of a human, it bends under the creature.

They seem to be able to climb any surface, even vertical ones. I'm not sure how they do that, because even if they are able to stick to a wall like Spider-Man, the plastering would just give way due to their weight. They can also use their tentacles to help them climb. The tentacles have claws that can grab things.

They eat humans.They sometimes just hang them all, then return later for them. (This hanging doesn't seem to fit the rest of their style.)

They are able to sense the smell of blood from kilometers away.

They have a hearing in the range of humans. Humans are able to hear their communication. They are pack hunters, and communicate with growling and clicking noises to coordinate their hunt.

The neck and torso are their vulnerable parts. Their back seems to be armoured enough that it withstands automatic rifle fire. Otherwise even an axe is able to penetrate their body.

They can ram a heavy military car (about 3.5 tons) so hard it flies up a couple of meters and flips over. That's some pretty serious strength. Given their size and speed, it almost looks to me they are able to convert all of their built up force into their target. The energy they convey through their ramming is similar to being hit by a 155mm artillery shell.

The females are hiding under the ground, and they are rarer and more dangerous than the males. Males look heavy, the female is bigger, yet, four humans are able to force the female into a cage. The females smell bad to humans. The females can summon males with their cries, even if they are kilometers away, and the female is enclosed deep inside a bunker. Females seem to be able to command the males to do their bidding.

Humans created a toxin that kills the males, but the females are able to survive. They are able to sedate even females.

If they jump from a height, they are able to glide. They are able to cross the water by swimming.

They spend a day every week with something that prevents them from attacking that day.

They arrived on a spaceship, as the cargo of another species. The spaceship got under the ice of a glacier, that melted in 2048, allowing the creatures to wake up, and get unleashed on the world. The creatures might have been pets, friends, weapons or food source of the aliens.

Time travel

They have a time gate in the past and one in the future that are moving through time, so they can't decide to go to an earlier or later date. After the time gate is destroyed, they are unable to make any further time jumps.

They are able to communicate back and forth between those points of time.

They don't send people to a time where they already exist. Current people can only be sent to a future where they died, and future people can be sent back before they were born. I assume this is just some extra precaution on the time travellers part, as otherwise doing this doesn't seem to make sense.

During the time jump, people are getting sucked up in the air, and they land from the air on the target area. Unless there's some mishap.

Getting back is set to the end of exactly 168 hours after they arrive. When this time runs out, the time traveller is sucked back to its own time, and arrive a couple of meters above the ground.

It seems to me that time travel works with parallel realities. There's at least two:

  • There's one reality where the creatures came in 2048, and destroyed humanity. They managed to create a time gate in 2050 to the 2022 of another reality.
  • Then there's the reality where time travellers arrived in 2022, allowing them to destroy the lair of the creatures. This will create a future where the creatures didn't come at all, so humanity is not destroyed.

But I wouldn't be surprised if every single time jump would have created its own reality.

As I'm sure the scientists in the world would also come to this conclusion, this should be common knowledge.

The fact that the future people just send the past people into the war without any preparation also supports my theory, as otherwise they would be a lot more careful about the implications, and also, they would care more about their parents if those were really the parents from their own past.

The message of the story

I'm not sure there's one. "Don't keep grudges"? "Don't leave your family"? "If you have cancer, you might as well become a soldier"? "Climate change is bad, it will destroy humanity"? Things like these are brough up, but the movie didn't focus on either of them.

The structure of the story

The story starts in the middle of the plot, then switches back to the beginning, then onwards it's played in sequence, following the same storyline.

It has the usual arc of the dramatic structure - beginning, action, resolution.

Parallels with other stories

There are some scenes in the The Tomorrow War film that are similar to other movies.

Alien (1979)

  • Derelict spaceship is found with a dead pilot.
  • There are dangerous creatures on the derelict, that can wake up to attack the intruders.
  • The dangerous creature was probably an intruder or maybe even cargo, probably as a biological weapon.

Aliens (1986)

  • The females of the creatures are bigger and more dangerous, and they are able to command the males.

Predator (1987)

  • The creatures hang their victims upside down.

Starship Troopers (1997)

  • The soldiers are sent into the fight with the creatures without proper briefing or protective gear.
  • The soldiers enter the lair of the creatures to capture their leader, then blow up the lair to kill the rest of the creatures.
  • The military experiments on the leader of the creatures.

The Thing (1982)

  • There's an alien spaceship found under the ice.
  • They blow up the ice above the spaceship to get access to it.
  • They hunt the creature on snowmobiles as it tries to get away. (Although this part was only in the script of the The Thing movie.)

* * *

Things I liked

  • I liked the look of the creature.
  • I liked the way the handled the jump, by getting lifted into the air, then dropped from there.

* * *

How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

I haven't seen any other works of the writer (Zach Dean) or the director (Chris McKay). Although I don't consider the writing or the directing perfect, now I'm interested in their movies.

* * *

The Tomorrow War, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonThe Tomorrow War, movie (2021)
image © Skydance Productions & Paramount Pictures (ViacomCBS)

Analysis of the story - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)

I mostly liked the story, I didn't find problems that would have prevented me from enjoying The Tomorrow War.

Problematic elements

The fall to the pool: Unless they have some kind of anti-gravity device installed that slow their drop, falling to the swimming pool would just kill all of them. It seems to me that they are falling from at least a hundred meters above the pool. Even if somehow they would survive the fall on the surface of the water, the pool seems to be too shallow (less then the recommended 5 meters), so they would crush into the bottom.

Carelessly wasting people: It's an interesting but overlooked aspect of the plot is that neither the future people nor the government care about the people they send into the future. They also don't seem to care about how succesful will they be in their fight against the creatures. It's like they just want to get rid of them from the current time.

They don't even get a briefing about the creatures, or how to survive in the future. They don't get armour or even proper military clothing. They don't get to see a map of the area where they are sent to.

Because of this, at first I thought that the future people from the parallel timeline just want to empty this timeline so they can migrate from their own creature-infested reality.

Repetitive scenes: Most of the action scenes are like this - the soldiers are sent to achieve an objective; they do it with a few casualties; then creatures start to swarm over the area, so they have to fight their way through them on ground instead of being air-lifted.

The scene with the father: I didn't feel it was established why does the protagonist leaves his father before the device is removed. Things didn't seem to change during their talk. If he didn't want to do it, he shouldn't have gone there. I understand that the scene is there to provide background for the protagonist leaving his own family, but this scene just doesn't really fit into the plot.

Combat doctrine: It would have been nice if they had actually told the people that they should focus on the missions, and shouldn't bother with spending time to rescue others. This should be one of the first things to teach them, as US soldiers are indoctrinated with the "leave no man behind" directive. In situations like this, it can be detrimental to the success. Showing this to the viewer would have been an interesting clash with the actions of the protagonist.

Hanging victims: I feel that the hanging bodies were only included as a reference to Predator (1987). As they are eating them, I assume they either eat their catch, or they haul them away into their lairs. Spending time to hang all those people doesn't make much sense.

The staircase scene: They have to get out of the area immediately, before the carpet bombing begins. Yet, they approach the stairs very slowly, and when they notice the creatures, they start to shoot at them, instead of getting quickly away from there.

Unlimited ammo: The people they sent into the future are practically untrained civilians. They do not conserve ammo, they shoot on full auto all the time. Yet, they don't run out of rounds, they don't need to change magazines.

Inconsistent creature endurance: In some fights, they require a heavy dose of bullets, sometimes just a couple of bullets, then there are cases when a hit from a melee weapon is enough.

Carpet bombing: As Ryan George mentions, it's somewhat strange that there's this "last hope of humanity" research, but instead of focusing on saving the research, the military decides to kill a couple of creatures with the bombing, endangering the rescue mission. There are no inhabitants in the city to rescue with the bombing, so the bombing only serves the killing of the creatures.

Using the toxin: The miliatary also has the toxin, and they mention they've already used it previously. So, the bombers could just shoot the toxin around the place, that would kill the creatures. It doesn't work in the females, but it's the males that attack the city anyway.

Catching the female: When the first team tries to catch the creature, they do it in a very stupid manner, in order to get killed, so the daughter could enter the lair.

Researching the female: Why do they bring the creature into the most precious human base? The female should be researched in an otherwise unremarkable outpost. This is a typical problem in movies like this, and it really feels like the creators want to force some epic last stand on the plot. We later see exactly why it was a stupid idea to get the female there, as they destroyed the last bast bastion of humanity due to this decision.

Killing the female: The cries of the female summon a swarm of males to the Bahama base. When the protagonist recommends that they kill the female so it would stop summoning more, the daughter tells him that they have only one dose of the toxin and it's more precious than to spend it on one female. However, I assume, regular weapons would still work in it, so putting some rounds into the neck would be just enough.

Using the females: If they knew that the males would come for females, it would be easy to put a female into an empty place, let it summon the males, then just use the toxin that kills the males. That way, they could easily get rid of the males, and they would only need to fight the hiding females in the end.

Shooting while balancing: When the protagonist shoots the creature while balancing on a beam seems a little strange for me. I'm not sure about the kickback of the futuristic weapon he uses, but the scene looks questionable.

The toxin: They send back the toxin in time. I assume it would be a lot easier for the scientists, had they sent back the data about the toxin, so they won't have to spend extra effort to analyse it.

Private research: When the protagonist collects his friends to find the lair of the aliens, the story starts to become unplausible. I always find it irritating when regular lads are more brilliant in these stories than the best scientists of humanity. Their research started to become ridiculous when they recruited a high school student. This trope could work in a less serious story, but I don't think it fits here.

Careless handling of the lair: The main protagonist doesn't look stupid, but he acts in an uncharacteristically careless way with the spaceship. When they find it, it's a perfect evidence they could use to report to the military. They could have sent their own research team, taking out the creatures effortlessly, and they would still have the alien technology of the spaceship to gather knowledge from. The carelessness of the team lead to the death of most of them, and there might be still plenty of creatures roaming around they didn't notice.

Blowing up the spaceship: First, they don't seem to have enough explosives to blow up both the ice and the spaceship. Second, we don't know what material they use in the ship, but I assume it's more resistant to damage than the materials we use. So it's likely that the explosions would only clear the rooms where they explode.

Time travel physics: As time travel seems to work in parallel realities, this should be common knowledge among the population. So, the protagonist wouldn't try to save his daughter in the future by destroying the creatures - as his actions in this reality wouldn't change anything in the reality of the daughter.

Unanswered questions

  • Why are the future people and the current governments so careless about the people they send?
  • Why don't they use the toxin in combat situations?

* * *

Possibilities of improvement

  • Cut the part when the protagonist meets with his father.
  • During the briefing, add dialogue about forgetting the "leave no man behind", and focusing on the mission.
  • After the time travellers arrive in Miami, in the fight against the creatures, add some cries "I'm out!", indicating that they actually run out of ammo.
  • Cut the part when the first team fumbles with catching the female.
  • Adding dialogue about the reasons why they had to bring the female to the most important human base.

Cutting the story into two movies might be an improvement, but I'm not sure a re-edit would be enough for that. The last part doesn't really fit into the previous story, and it's full of stupid decisions on the part of the main characters, so leaving it out probably makes the story better.

The story might also work if it was cut into 30 minute episodes to create a mini-series.

As Ryan Menezes points out, make it look like the governments do not support the time travellers. They let them do their thing, but they don't gove them soldiers, money or technology. That's why they have to trick the protagonist to join them. That's why we don't see time travelling armies in the future. And also, that's why they have to destroy the nest by themselves.

How it could have been better?


* * *

The Tomorrow War, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonThe Tomorrow War, movie (2021)
image © Skydance Productions & Paramount Pictures (ViacomCBS)

Uses for the film - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)


  • Set in a near future setting.
  • People arrive from the future, to send people into the future to fight a war.
  • Creatures (aliens) destroy humanity.
  • Aliens arrive through a spaceship to the Earth.

Alternate plot:

  • They send the current people into the war so they could make this timeline empty, so they can take over and travel here from their own timeline.


  • The fall into the pool scene is good to depict a teleport error.
  • When the creatures swarm the Bahama base it's good to depict aliens swarming a sea base.

Scenario ideas - Role-playing game scenario ideas


Scenario ideas - Wargame scenario ideas


Miniatures - 1/50-1/60 (28-32mm scale)

Human soldiers: Modern or futuristic human-sized human soldiers.

Male creatures: Large quadruped carnivore, with tentacles on the back. WH40K Tyranid or D&D displacer beast models could be used.

Female creatures: Large quadruped carnivore, with tentacles on the back. WH40K Tyranid or D&D displacer beast models could be used.

* * *

Similar stories - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)


Agent (2017): In a contemporary setting, an alien artifact buried under the Earth for millennia is uncovered, threatening to destroy humanity.

Alien (1979): In a futuristic setting, humans find a derelict spaceship with dangerous creatures on board. The last 30 minutes of The Tomorrow War is similar to the beginning of Alien.

Aliens (1986): In a futuristic setting, humans are fighting against savage alien creatures. The fighting in the buildings in The Tomorrow War is similar to Aliens.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014): In a near future setting, humans are fighting against savage alien creatures. They use time travel to fight the creatures. Scientific research helps them to defeat the creatures.

I Am Legend (2007): In a near future setting, humans are fighting against savage alien creatures. Scientific research (chemical weapon) by the main character helps them to defeat the creatures.

Independence Day (1996): In a contemporary setting, humans are fighting against alien creatures. Scientific research helps them to defeat the creatures (although this explanation was cut from the movie).

Reign of Fire (2002): In a contemporary setting, creatures buried under the Earth for millennia is uncovered, threatening to destroy humanity. They have to find and destroy the rare females to defeat the creatures. Humans are fighting against savage creatures.

Starship Troopers (1997): In a futuristic setting, humans are fighting against savage alien creatures. The fighting in the creature lair in The Tomorrow War is similar to Starship Troopers.

The Terminator series (1984-): Soldiers are sent back in time to help in a future war. One side sends their soldiers back to prevent the existence of their enemies.

The Thing (1982): In a contemporary setting, an alien creature buried under the Earth for millennia is uncovered, threatening to destroy humanity. The last 30 minutes of The Tomorrow War is similar to The Thing. Or probably more similar to The Thing (2011).

War of The Worlds (2005): In a contemporary setting, alien creatures buried under the Earth for millennia wake up, threatening to destroy humanity. Humans are fighting against savage alien creatures.

World War Z (2013): In a contemporary setting, creatures buried under the Earth for millennia wake up, threatening to destroy humanity Humans are fighting against savage alien creatures. Scientific research (chemical weapon) helps them to defeat the creatures. They have to recover the research from a base overrun by the creatures.

* * *

Frequently asked questions - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)

Is the The Tomorrow War film based on a book or comics?

No, The Tomorrow War is not based on either books or comics.

Is there a post credit scene in The Tomorrow War?

No, there's no post credit scene in The Tomorrow War.

Where can I watch The Tomorrow War online? Is The Tomorrow War available on Netflix? Is The Tomorrow WarThe Tomorrow War on Amazon?

As of 2021.07.03, The Tomorrow War is on Amazon Prime Video.

* * *

Resources - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)


Amazon: The Tomorrow War: Official article.


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Reviews with spoilers - The Tomorrow War film (2021) - Turkish

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Analysis - The Tomorrow War movie (2021)

Alteori: White Spike Aliens EXPLAINED and Explored: Analysis video about the creatures of the film.Ł

Ryan George (for Screen Rant): The Tomorrow War Pitch Meeting: Analysis video about some of the logical problems of the film.Ł

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Buying the product - The Tomorrow War, movie (2021)

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Have you seen the The Tomorrow War film? How do you like the movie? Would you recommend it to others? Do you know reviews or resources you'd like to add? What further thoughts do you have about it? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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