Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonSeungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by Kadmon
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Article updated: 2021.11.13

The Space Sweepers (2021) is a sci-fi / action / adventure film. The movie was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)

Original title: 승리호 (Seungriho), meaning "Victory", English title: Space Sweepers

Series: -

Setting: future Earth

Product type: Film, Genre: sci-fi / action / adventure, Style: sci-fi, futuristic, action, adventure, cyberpunk

Release: 2021.02.05

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Preferences: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises to spoilers, prefers establishing elements before referencing them

Watched: very recent (2021.03), first time

Rating: Good (2+ out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Good (2+ out of 3 points)

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Space Sweepers is a futuristic action/adventure movie from 2021. It's about a space salvager crew finding a secret cargo on a derelict, and they try to score big with it. The Space Sweepers film is fun, I recommend it.

If you'd like to be surprised by the Space Sweepers film, I don't recommend you to watch the trailer beyond 0:44, because it gives away the first twist. But even though you get glimpses of the scenes up to the ending, I think you'll still be able to enjoy the story.

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Review (spoiler-free) - Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)

Somebody said that this is a fun sci-fi movie, so I thought I'll take a look sometime. When I had the chance, I've decided to watch it. I can't remember watching the trailer, but I might have seen it previously.

The Space Sweepers film is about a space salvager crew finding a secret cargo on a derelict. As they try to score big with it, they get between a terrorist organisation and a corporate conspiracy.

The story is good, interesting. It starts with more consistency and logic, but in the end, they sacrifice these for twists and surprises. There are some character arcs, I always welcome these. The story starts more down to Earth, and as it gets more and more epic, logic gets into the background.

The cinematography is good. The vistas and scenes are nice. There are many scenes that are reminescent of the Star Wars films or the original concept art, but they don't feel like copies, so I appreciate that.

The characters are not really introduced, but we see a lot of character background during the film. Some of that during flashbacks, some of that during exposition, but overall, we get to know them pretty well. Only the young man gets time for a proper introduction, and it is only wasted on his goal for finding his lost daughter, we don't get any glimpses about his personality or past. The rest of the crew gets introduced in the middle of an action scene, so everything gets rushed.

The actors are good, made the characters believable.

The music is good. I liked the rock elements between the usual instrumental soundtrack.

The Space Sweepers is an interesting futuristic adventure movie, I recommend it to the fans of the genre.

My experience

I enjoyed Space Sweepers (2021). There were some parts (especially the ending) that could have been better, but it was still a fun movie .

Rating: Good (2+ out of 3 points). Space Sweepers is a professionally made, good looking film.

Enjoyment: Good (2+ out of 3 points). Space Sweepers is fun, I liked it.

Rewatchability: High. If you liked the movie, I think you'll like to watch it some more time, because of the story itself.

Chance of watching it again: High. Even though I now know the plot, I still think it could be enjoyable to watch the story.

Chance of watching a sequel: High. I'd sure watch it.

Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonSeungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by Kadmon
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Will you enjoy this?

Space Sweepers is a mix of different genres, so it's not easy to tell who'll enjoy the movie.

If you like space opera (Flash Gordon, Star Wars), you'll probably like Space Sweepers, but the story is less epic than Star Wars.

If you like space western (Firefly, Outland), you might like Space Sweepers, but the story is more epic then those.

If you like space opera / space western (Outlaw Star, Serenity), Space Sweepers is pretty close to that.

If you like cyberpunk (Johnny Mnemonic, Elysium), you might like Space Sweepers, although this movie builds on cyberpunk themes, and not on cybernetic implants.

If you like gangster movies from Guy Ritchie, you could be interested in the Space Sweepers film, even though it's less gangster than those.

Watching for plot points

If you are only interested in the plot points, you'll be better off reading the plot summary, as the plot itself is not very interesting, and the story is just padding around that.

Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonSeungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by Kadmon
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Review with spoilers - Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)

I liked the Space Sweepers movie.

I don't think the English title (Space Sweepers) really indicates what the movie is about. The original title was (Victory) is also a little too generic, but probably better.

Truth to be told, I would have preferred a little more open ending, where they got rid of the evil leader, but there were a possibility of a sequel to continue their quest to make the world a better place. It was probably more epic this way, but it seems like I prefer less epic stories.

I liked the crew of the ship, they were cool, believable characters. They were far from flawless, like the heroes of many other stories. They were ruthless criminals, focused on money, until they've found a cause they were ready to die for.

Promise of the first scene

The man is looking for a missing girl - probably his daughter, sister? - and he is going to find her, hopefully alive. Based on the first scene, the story looks like some serious drama.

Execution: We did get something like this for about a minute in the very end (even though it was a bit confusing for me what exactly happened), but the story was totally different, so I think the promise was misleading.

Plot summary / Synopsis

A young man (Song Joong-ki as Kim Tae-ho) enters a morgue, to take a look at a dead girl, they've recently brought in. It's not the girl he was looking for, so he leaves.

On the large space station, group of reporters enters the office of the leader (Richard Armitage as James Sullivan) of the corporation that builds space stations (UTS Corporation). They talk with him about his plans of terraforming Mars with a super-plant.

There are space salvagers trying to catch a derelict spaceship before it damages the satellites. Another spaceship (Victory) arrives, piloted by a young woman (Kim Tae-ri as Jang), who steals the derelict from them, endangering the other salvagers. The crew of her ship is the young man, an engineer (Jin Seon-kyu as Tiger Park) and a robot (Yoo Hae-jin motion captured as Bubs). They get away with the derelict, but as they escape, they damage one of the satellites, and the fine for this damage is more than they have on their account. They get notified that there's a dangerous android (Dorothy) on the loose, that looks like a little girl, and has a Hydrogen bomb inside. The android was last seen with terrorists (the Black Foxes).

The crew of the Victory start to argue among themselves due to their lack of money, than a fight breaks out. They start to take the derelict apart, when they found a little girl (Park Ye-rin as Kot-Nim) inside. They assume she is the deadly android, so hillarity ensues every time she sneezes, or even looks at them. When left alone, the girl magically restores a dried plant.

The crew first calls the police, but then decides to sell the girl to terrorists, so they contact one of them.

We see the leader of the company, knowing about this call.

A policeman arrives, responding to their calls, but the crew threatens him, until the policeman leaves.

When they meet with the terrorist (Kim Mu-yeol as Dr. Kang), we see a group of soldiers ready to kill all of them when they make the exchange. When they get the money, and try to handle the girl over, they realise that the girl has escaped. The soldiers get confused, so they don't kill them, and by the time they start shooting, they got far away. The girl is able to project some kind of shielding against the shots, protecting the escaping crew.

During a company meeting, we get to know that the nanorobots can be stopped by a Hydrogen bomb, and that they don't intend to use the super-plant on Earth, only on Mars. The leader of the corporation starts to get transformed.

We get background in a flashback about the young man (Tae-ho), who used to live on the large space station, and who was a soldier. He had a mission to capture refugees to send back to Earth, but he decided to keep one of the babies (Su-ni) , and raise her. Due to his attachment, he started to neglect his work, he couldn't shoot at people any more, so he was fired. They moved to a less prosperous space station. When the station was hit by space debris, they got separated, and he couldn't find the girl any more. He thinks that she died.

Others find out about the girl with the crew, and they try to steal the girl from them, but the crew manages to get her back, and subdue the kidnappers.

The leader of the corporation is talking to a reporter. Soldiers bring in a terrorist. The leader promises to give a place on the large space station if he shoots the terrorist dead. When he does, the leader tells him that there's no place for killers like him there, and kills the reporter.

The kidnappers tell the crew that they are not terrorists, the Black Fox is an environmental organisation. They reveal that the girl in not an android, but a human child, who was infused with nano-robots to heal her of her deadly disease, but this caused her to be able to communicate with other nano-robots, and to make plants flourish. The corporation wanted to use her for their terraforming project, and were able to create the super-plant, using her abilities. They tell them that the corporation now wants to destroy every evidence, including the girl, and that they want to destroy life on Earth, crashing a space station to cause nuclear fallout and tsunamis.

Soldiers arrive, and start to shoot everybody. They almost get away with their ship, but a soldier (Carla Fernanda Avilla Escobedo as Soldier 01 / Camilla) grabs the girl, and both of them fall off the ship. The engineer swings by, and rescues the girl. As fighters start to chase them, they get into a space debris field. The fighters leave them, but the spaceship is damaged by the debris. Nano-bots also infest them, and start to eat the hull away. Luckily, the girl is able to control nano-robots, so they get away.

They meet with the rebel group, and the girl is reunited with her father. EMP bombs go off, stranding their ship. Soldiers dock with the ship, shooting the rebels. They take the girl and the crew, and execute everyone else. The leader of the corporation comes personally to taunt them, and give them a lot of money, and tells them he had erased all of their crime records. They take the girl away to blow her up with a Hydrogen bomb. The leader tells the soldiers to only kill the crew after they see the death of the girl, and when the debris falls on Earth, to torture them more.

The young man takes the money, and leaves the ship to hire an agency to find his lost daughter, then he returns to the ship. They start the ship up to free the girl. Fighters start to fire missiles on them. The young woman shoots the missiles with her rifle, while the robot jumps to space to use a harpoon to disable the fighters. While they wait for the rifle to recharge, they take the spaceship into the atmosphere of the Earth, as the missiles are not made to widthstand atmospheric entry. They are able to get to the place the girl was hidden, and they free her. They realise that even if they try to escape, the radiation created by the bomb will disable the nano-robots in her, so her disease will kill her anyway. A soldier (Camilla) gets in, and starts to beat them, but the engineer is able to take her out. They try to fly away to get away from the blast radius. They ask the space sweepers to help them in their fight. The space sweepers come to their rescue. They almost get away, when the leader of the corporation reaches them in a fighter. When he gets to their ship, his fighter transforms into a combat robot, and starts to walk on the ship.

In a flashback we see that we were mislead, it was not the girl the crew tried to take away, it was the bomb, and the girl was left on the station.

The bomb goes off, the explosion engulfing the spaceship and the fighter of the leader. Then the spaceship gets out, it was protected by nano-robots.

Some time later we see that the corporation is changed, they apologise, and the rebels are treated as heroes. The young man is able to reconnect with the mind of his lost daughter for a moment, with the help of nanobots, before she leaves orbit (whatever that means). The young woman takes revenge on the people that wronged her, and starts a relationship with another captain. The crew of the spaceship turned from ruthless gangsters to slightly better ones. Nature was restored to Earth, everyone is happy.

The setting

The story is set in the future of Earth, in 2092.

Due to pollution, the Earth became a barren place without plants. There's a large space station in orbit, with lush forests, for the rich. There are smaller orbital stations, that can be approached by orbital lifts. People work on the smaller stations, while they live on the polluted Earth.

They have artificial gravity. They have humanoid robots with AI. Those robots can look like humans, and there's no easy way to distinguish them from normal humans, as we don't see the crew trying to test the little girl. They have installed nanorobots in space to remove space debris by consuming them, but they still need space sweepers to clear the rest.

They work on terraforming Mars, by planting super plants that can live in the soil of Mars, and create oxigen.

The suit of the soldiers amplifies their strength. Camilla was able to break the legs of a military robot with the help of her suit or other augmentations.

Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonSeungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by Kadmon
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The message of the story

Protect the nature of the Earth, otherwise we'll die. There are good causes that are worth dying for.

The structure of the story

The scenes of the Space Sweepers film are mostly played in sequence, but there are some flashbacks inserted into it, and there's a twist in the end that makes the audience re-evaluate the events they've seen.

It has the usual arc of the dramatic structure - introduction, action, resolution.

* * *

Things I liked

  • The look of the setting is great.
  • The main characters were not flawless, they were ruthless criminals.
  • I liked the look of the soldiers.
  • I liked that the police spaceships were transforming mechas.

* * *

How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

I haven't seen any other works of the writer / director (Sung-hee Jo), but now I got interested.

* * *

Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonSeungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by Kadmon
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Analysis of the story - Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)

Although I liked the story, there's a bit too much exposition I could have lived without.

I didn't understand what was happening with the young man's lost daughter. Is she still alive somewhere? Is she dead, but her memory as accessible by the nano-robots?

Problematic elements

Black Fox: The name sounds a bit too ominous. I'd prefer something like Green World, or Clean Air as a name for an environmentalist organisation. Black Fox really sounds like they are terrorists.

The development of the bad guy: First we see the leader of the corporation as a decent guy, with nice plans. Then after a while he turns out to be a vile bad guy, intent on destroying the Earth. If the whole story was based on this twist, this could have worked, but this twist didn't have a lot to do with the outcome of the events, it just took time out of the film they could have spent better. Had they shown us the bad guy as a bad guy early on, they could have used his screentime to develop his personality, as in the end it lacked anything memorable, he was just a generic bad guy.

The debris eating nanobots: The idea itself is not bad, but why does it also eat spaceships? I'd assume they build some kind of transponder into non-debris structures that transmit a signal that would stop the nanobots from destroying them. If they really wanted to use these cannibal nanobots, they could have gone rogue, but this should have been established.

Small universe: It seems like every protagonist have some connection to the bad guy, as revealed near the end. This could have been an interesting addition, had they revealed it earlier, and built the story around it. The way it was played, at first I thought it's something the bad guy came up with, what will they tell the world about the terrorists, and it took me a moment to realise that he talks about their actual backstory. I think it's better left out, or built into the story from the beginning.

The taunting of the crew: First, I don't understand why did the leader come personally. We see that he could project 3D visions of himself, so he could just used that. Also, why does he really erase their criminal records if he wanted to kill them anyway? Then, if they really wanted to have them killed, why did he had their spaceship rebooted, and why did he let them leave the ship to wander off? These doesn't really make sense.

The command to let them live: The leader tells the soldiers to let the crew live until they witness the death of the girl. Yet, when the spaceship starts up, they immediately start to shoot it with missiles. If any of those missiles would hit them, it will be pretty hard for them to witness anything.

The leader fighting personally: It might be that it was in the personality of the leader to be in the front of every single battle, but it's not logical, and we don't get any explanations.

Misleading the viewer: I didn't like that the creators intentionally mislead the audience. It looked like they took the girl on the ship, and they also took a huge risk, as the soldiers were already nearby. After they thought that the girl was taken, the logical thing to do would have been to disable the bomb until they find the girl again. So, the first thing the soldiers would have done is to get to the station, and they would have noticed that the bomb is not there, and they might have also found the girl.

The fake sacrifice: I probably would have preferred if the crew really sacrificed themselves. The fact that they cheated certain death, made the whole story a little cheap for me. It took off the respect that was built in me for them.

Surviving the Hydrogen bomb: According to the movie, the nanobots that surround the spaceship, saved them from certain death by the Hydrogen bomb. However, if it was the nanobot fleet left there by the girl, the whole purpose of the Hydrogen bomb was to be able to destroy the special nanorobots that were in her. The protection might have been also provided by the debris-eating nanobots that still stuck to the ship. But then, even though the debris-eating nanobots and the special nanobots might have totally different hardware, I assume certain events affect them similarly. Even if the debris-eating nanobots were able to survive the EMP that hit the ship earlier (which I find questionable), I'd think that the Hydrogen bomb should be enough to incinerate them, or at least cause some havoc in their software due to the heavy dose of radiation. This part of the movie not only didn't make sense, I feel it didn't fit into the dramatic structure.

This also means that the bomb probably wouldn't have been an actual threat to the girl, because she would have been saved even if the bomb went off around her. So this whole switcheroo was not only dumb, but it took away some of the seriousness from the story.

The overly optimistic ending: Why did the corporation change? They could have handled things just like they did before, and call the sweepers rebel terrorists, and treat them like criminals instead of heroes. It was not established, why would they change their ways. Then, we see that all the pollution on Earth was cleared magically, and animals roam lush forests. This was too fast for me.

Movie posters

The posters are pretty generic, but that's not bad. They don't spoil the movie, and even though they don't make you rush to the cinema to watch it, you'll still have a general idea that this is some kind of futuristic film.

The trailer

The trailer gives us glimpses from a large part of the story, up to the ending. So if you watch the trailer, you will already know they find the robot girl, they will be shot at when they get to the disco, and that there will be a large space fight in the end. So, I'm glad that I didn't watch the trailer.

If you prefer spoilers, it's a great trailer for the Space Sweepers film. But even if you prefer to avoid spoilers, I don't think it would ruin the movie for you.

Unanswered questions

How does the little girl power her nanobots? I can get it that they have connection to her brain so they do what she wants, but to repair all those plants, and to send radio signals to control other nanobots far away from her, it would take a lot of power. Does she drain it from the ship? Do the nanobots feed on her?

When the EMP hits everything, how do the nanobots survive in the little girl? The combat robot fries, even though he supposed to have protection against EMP. Nanobots are a lot smaller, and I can't imagine them having proper protection at their size, especially without preparing them for the pulse.

When the hydrogen bomb blows up, how does the nanobots save the Victory? The hydrogen bomb was specifically created to destroy these kinds of nanobots.

What was wrong with the leader of the company? Why did he transform? What happened to him in the end?

What's up with Camilla? Out of the dozens of soldiers, why was she named? Why was she always there when the actions happened? What was her fate after her hand was cut?

What is the fate of Su-ni? Did she die? Did she survive? What happened in the end?

* * *

Possibilities of improvement

Use the derelict stealing scene as the beginning, and use the morge scene (the original first scene) later, or leave it out entirely, as we'll see that the guy is looking for his daughter in the flashback scene.

Cut the reveal of the connections of the protagonists to the bad guy.

Cut the fake sacrifice, or cut their survival. The first probably fits the story better.

How it could have been better?

Find a message and build the story around that: One of my problems with Space Sweepers is the lack of focus. If the creators would stick to one thing, it could make a more consistent story.

Change the first scene: This scene makes it look like we are going to watch some futuristic family drama. Try to come up with something exciting as a first scene - for example, the third scene, when they steal the derelict would be a good one.

Detail the romance plot: There's a plotline about the captain woman's romantic involvement with another captain (Pierre), but we don't get to know a lot about them. We don't even get introduced to Pierre's crew. As I feel that the character arc of the captain includes that she lets others to get closer to her, it would have been nice to see more of this. It seems to be a more interesting plotline, than the one with the dead girl anyway.

Develop the bad guy: The main antagonist was evil for the sake of being evil. Try to come up with something better.

Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonSeungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021) - Film review by Kadmon
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* * *

Uses for the film - Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)


  • A corporation is planning to terraform Mars with the help of a super-plant that can live in the soil of Mars and produce Oxygen
  • There's someone with special abilities that can further the goals of an organisation. That person got freed from the organisation, and now the organisation wants that person back.


  • The vistas and the setting looks great
  • The battle scenes all look good

Scenarios - Role-playing game


Scenarios - Wargame

  • There is an assaulting force, with over-powered units. There's a defending force, with almost no weapons, but they know the area. They have a person the assaulters are looking for. The target person begins the game in the middle of the playing area. The assaulters are placed on the edge of the playing area. The defenders are placed anywhere in the playing area. The defenders need to protect the target person until it leaves the playing area. There can be resources in the area (equipment, facilities, secret doors, traps) that can be used by the defenders against the assaulters. The assaulters can take defenders prisoner if they defeat them in melee combat, and spend an action for tying them up. The assaulters win if they disable the target person. The defenders win if the target person leaves the area. It's a draw if the assaulters disable the target person, but they lose more than half of their units in the process. It's also a draw if the target person leaves the area, and the assaulters don't lose more than half of their units, and they take more than a quarter of the defenders as prisoners, so they can interrogate them about the target person.
    • It can be run as a solo game if one of the sides are controlled by the system. If you use the assaulters, when it's the defenders turn, they try to get away to the nearest exit from the playing area. When they are in line of sight to an assaulter, roll d6: 1-4: they run into another direction, away from the assaulter, 5-6: they try to attack the assaulter. The target person always try to escape. If you use the defenders, the assaulters block the exits, and just try to shoot any defender, and if there are no more in line of sight, they move closer to the center of the playing area.
    • The target person has a small group of allies (3+d3 models). They need to escape together to win the game. The defender writes it down before the start of the game who are these allies. The defender can put these models anywhere on the playing area. The assaulters don't know who are these allies. It's a draw for the defender if the target person and at least half of the allies escape, but they get separated. It's a win for the assaulter if more than half of the allies are killed or imprisoned.
      • The allies are spread around the playing area. The defender has to put each of them in a different location. They need to meet to be able to escape together.
    • The defenders have a vehicle they can use to move around the playing area. In a less advanced setting, it can be a boat, a car or a cart. In a futuristic or magical setting, it can be a flying vehicle or creature, and the scenery can be multi-level to make things more interesting. There is at least two places of exit that can be reached by this vehicle. The weapons of the assaulters are not strong enough to destroy the vehicle.
      • This vehicle is useful to gather the allies if they are spread around the playing area. There's enough space in the vehicle to transport the target person and all of the allies.
  • The area is going to be demolished, and there's an objective inside that needs to be retrieved (it can be an item to get, a person to free, or a devide that needs to be switched on). The objective is in the middle of the playing area. There is an assault team that enters the edge of the playing area. They have some free turns to go, but then the defenders also enter the edge of the playing area. There can be resources in the area (equipment, facilities, secret doors, traps) that can be used by the defenders. The game is played until the the last unit leaves or time runs out, when everything in the playing area is destroyed. The assaulters win if they complete their objective. The defenders win if at least half of their units is alive, and they deny the objective. It's a draw if the assaulters cannot complete their objective, but the defenders still lose more than half of their units.
  • There's an objective that needs to be saved, and a timed event that will destroy / cancel the objective, if the objective is in the target zone. One force has to save the objective, the other side wants to have it destroyed. The saviors can decide to carry the objective away, or they can carry the source of the event away, while they hide with the objective. They have a vehicle that lets them carry either of them. The destroyers have multiple units - they can send people to investigate the area, or to pursue the vehicle of the saviors. The game ends when there's no destroyer near the objective, and the timed event has either passed, or got away from the playing area.

Miniatures - 1/50-1/60 (28-32mm scale)

Kim Tae-ho, the young man: Human-sized modern or futuristic human male.

Captain Jang, the young woman: Human-sized modern or futuristic human female. For example Abby for the Eden range could be good.

Tiger Park, the engineer: Human-sized modern or futuristic human male engineer. For example Bruce for the Eden range could be good.

Bubs, the robot: Human-sized humanoid robot, with slender legs and arms. An 1/56 scale K-2SO could work fine.

Kot-Nim, the little girl: Small modern or futuristic young human female.

Soldiers: Human-sized futuristic soldier in full armour. Infinity models could be a good fit, or Enforcer models for Warpath.

* * *

Similar stories - Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)

Graphic novels

Planetes (プラネテス)(1999-2004): Stories about the crew of a space sweeper spaceship.

TV series

Cowboy Bepop (1998-1999): Similar setting, a story about a spaceship with a shady crew.

Firefly (2002): Space western setting. Spaceship with a shady crew.

Planetes (プラネテス)(2003-2004): Stories about the crew of a space sweeper spaceship. Based on the Planetes comics.

Outlaw Star (1998): Similar setting, a story about a spaceship with a shady crew. Outlaw Star is more light hearted and has more humorous elements.


Elysium (2013): Similar setting. Used-up Earth, depressed population. People escape from Earth into an orbital station. Both stories end with a revolution.

Serenity (2005): A space criminal crew gets in the middle of a space corporate conspiracy, that leads to a space battle that decides the fate of the universe. Used-up Earth. Serenity is probably better than Space Sweepers, but it depends on your tastes.

Snatch (2000): A criminal crew gets a valuable loot that they try to sell, but things get out of their hand.

Star Wars Ep 4: A New Hope (1977): A space criminal crew gets in the middle of a rebellion, that leads to a space battle that decides the fate of the universe. A New Hope is better than Space Sweepers.

* * *

Frequently asked questions - Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)

Is Space Sweepers worth watching?

I think Space Sweepers is worth watching, if you like futuristic stories, and don't mind light hearted fun, with no real drama.

Is there romance in Space Sweepers?

There are hints of a romance in Space Sweepers between Captain Jang and the French captain, but it's not very developed. I would have liked to see more of that.

What language is used in Space Sweepers?

The most common languages used in Space Sweepers are English and Korean. Some characters use French. According to IMBD, there's also Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish used in Space Sweepers.

Is Su-ni alive in Space Sweepers? / Is Su-ni dead in Space Sweepers? / Did Su-ni die in Space Sweepers?

I have no clue. She might have remained alive in a sealed part of the space station that drifted apart from the main body, leaving the orbit of Earth. I assumed that she died, but then I don't understand how could have Tae-ho contacted her at the end.

Does Space Sweepers have happy ending?

It really depends on what you consider a happy ending. In the end of Space Sweepers, most things were better than in the end.

Who is the bad guy in Space Sweepers?

The bad guy in Space Sweepers is James Sullivan, the owner of UTS Corporation. He is played by Richard Armitage.

Is the Space Sweepers film based on a book or comics?

No, Space Sweepers is not based on either books or comics. However, there are comics based on the movie.

When did Space Sweepers start? / When was Space Sweepers released?

Space Sweepers was released in 2021.02.05 (February 5, 2021).

How much did Netflix pay for Space Sweepers?

According to Hankyung, Netflix paid 21.2 million USD for Space Sweepers.

Is there a post credit scene in Space Sweepers?

No, there's no post credit scene in Space Sweepers.

Where can I watch Space Sweepers online? / Is Space Sweepers available on Netflix?

As of 2021.04.01, Space Sweepers is only available on Netflix.

Will Space Sweepers movie be available with English audio dub?

I'm not sure. I've seen the movie with the original language. I assume Netflix will make an English dub, if they haven't already.

Will there be a sequel to Space Sweepers? / Will there be a Space Sweepers 2?

We will see. I'd sure like to see a Space Sweepers 2.

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Resources - Seungriho / Space Sweepers, movie (2021)


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Reviews with spoilers - Space Sweepers film (2021)

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