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If you'd like to be surprised by the Justice League - Director's Cut film, I don't recommend you to watch the trailer beyond 1:24, because it gives away too much of the plot.

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Watch the trailer on YouTube
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The Justice League - Director's Cut (2021) is a contemporary fantasy action / adventure film. The movie was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)

Original title: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Series: DC Extended Universe (DCEU)

Previous entries in the series: Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Other adaptations of the story: Justice League (2017)

Setting: contemporary fantasy Earth (DC Universe - DC Extended Universe)

Product type: Film, Genre: contemporary fantasy action / adventure, Style: sci-fi, contemporary fantasy, fantasy, action, adventure, super-human abilities

Release: 2021.03.18

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Preferences: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises to spoilers, prefers establishing elements before referencing them

Watched: very recent (2021.03), first time

Rating: Weak (2- out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Bad (1 out of 3 points)

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This is my review of Justice League - Director's Cut, a contemporary fantasy action / adventure movie from 2021. It's about a group of powerful people trying to stop something dangerous. The Justice League - Director's Cut film is boring, I don't recommend the film to anyone, but the most dedicated fans of the DCEU.

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
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Review (spoiler-free) - Justice League - Director's Cut, movie (2021)

As I like fantasy stories, I've seen the normal release of Justice League, but I don't remember much about it. I've watched the teaser trailer for the Director’s Cut before watching this film. I decided to watch it not long after the release as I've seen that reviews started to crop up all over the internet, and I wanted to avoid spoilers about the story. I’ve watched the previous episodes of this specific series, and I’ve seen every theatrical release based on Batman and Superman.

The Justice League - Director's Cut movie is about a group of powerful people trying to stop something dangerous.

The story is not very good. It feels like not very intelligent people try to write very intelligent characters, and they don't really succeed. I'm not the brightest person on the planet, but I really feel Batman and Cyborg being dumb in this film.

Some of the scenes are a little bit longer than necessary for me to be effective. The pacing is probably consistent throughout the movie, but that’s not an advantage in this case.

Sometimes we see things happen, then it's explained to us in another scene. Sometimes we get things explained to us over and over. It's true that repeating required information is useful, but we don't need to spend multiple scenes to remember a single piece of information.

I was bored through most of the movie, so I had the time for nitpicking, and taking notes about the powers of the characters, so I would spend my time more useful.

There are some character arcs for the supporting characters. Every major character begins and ends their story in the same state.

I watched the Synder’s Cut in two parts. There's a big battle at the middle of the movie, and I was bored enough by that time that I stopped the movie mid-battle, and decided to continue it sometime later.

This movie is closer in tone to the previous instalments than the original Justice League. I’m not sure which one I prefer, both have their own advantages.

The cinematography is okay, the movie is watchable. It has varied sets, and a variety of action scenes, making it visually interesting.

We don't get introduction to most of the characters. I consider this a weakness, as even though they are well-known, and I've read some of the comics, but I don't know which actor plays which character when I first see them. I get it that we should have seen the previous movies (and I did it when they came out), but I didn't remember anybody beyond the main superhero cast.

The actors are okay for these characters. Superman and Wonder Woman are psychopaths, while Batman is broken and / or bored.

The music (by Tom Holkenborg) is good, although not memorable.

I wouldn't recommend watching the movie in this format, although I can understand the appeal compared to the original release. A re-cut of the Snyder Cut could be useful to make this a good movie instead a boring one.

The Justice League - Director's Cut is a watchable, but boring contemporary fantasy action / adventure movie, that I think only dedicated fans could enjoy.

My experience

I was not satisfied with Justice League - Director's Cut (2021).

Rating: Weak (2- out of 3 points). Justice League - Director's Cut looks good, but the story is weak.

Enjoyment: Bad (1 out of 3 points). Justice League - Director's Cut was boring and stupid, I didn’t like it.

Rewatchability: High. I think if you liked it once, you’ll like to watch it multiple times for the action scenes.

Chance of watching it again: Unlikely.

Chance of watching a sequel: High. No matter how bad these movies are, I always hope to find an excellent one among them.

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
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Will you enjoy this?

If you like super-hero movies, you might like Justice League - Director's Cut.

If you are a fan of DC comics, you'd probably watch Justice League - Director's Cut either way.

If you are a fan of Zack Snyder's DC movies, you should probably watch Justice League - Director's Cut.

If you like action movies, you might like Justice League - Director's Cut, although there are some long scenes you have to sit through between actions in this movie.

If you don't mind illogical elements in your movies, you can enjoy this.

If you prefer visuals over story, this movie looks great, but there are also some boring parts.

Do you need to read the original graphic novels to enjoy this?

That’s a good question. Reading them might make watching the movie more confusing, as there are so many differences between the adaptation and the original material.

Do you need to see the previous films to enjoy this?

Justice League it’s mostly a self contained story, and you’ll get enough explanations that you'll understand what's going on. However, watching previous films give you more information.

Man of Steel (2013) gives some background on the parts with the Kryptonian spaceship. Superman vs. Batman (2016) adds some more information about the ending of this movie.

Do you need to see the previous version of Justice League to enjoy this?

I didn’t feel there’s that much of a difference between the two, but if you loved Man of Steel and Superman vs. Batman, and you’ve seen and disliked the previous version, you might appreciate the Snyder Cut a lot better.

Do you need to see the other films in the series to enjoy this?

There’s a movie about Aquaman, and another two about Wonder Woman, but I don’t think either of those would add to the experience.

Watching for plot points

If you are interested in fantasy adventure stories, I think it might be worth watching the Justice League - Director's Cut movie for the plot points. But you could just read the summary.

Should you watch this on your own screen at home, or is it worth going to the cinema?

The visuals would definitely look better if you could watch it in cinema.

* * *

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
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Review with spoilers - Justice League - Director's Cut, movie (2021)

As I've seen the original release before, I remembered that Superman will die, and they will resurrect him, and that there will be a battle where Aquaman will join them, and another one, where Superman will join them. Most of the details were lost, as the story was not very memorable.

I've mentioned the lack of introductions earlier. Flash got a nice introduction, and that was good. Aquaman and Wonder Woman at least got some kind of introduction, probably because at the time of the original release, they didn't have a solo movie. Later in the movie, we see the origins of Cyborg, but we still don't get to know too much about his character.

We get probably the most info about the enemy boss.

The plot devices would have also needed some introduction. The lack of information could be great if the story is about investigation, as Batman slowly uncovers the truth about the motherboxes, Steppenwolf and Darkseid, but that doesn't happen in the movie, and we still get dumps of exposition in later scenes, so that might have happened earlier, to inform the audience.

There's no real tension in the movie. The enemy wants to destroy the Earth - but we know that they won't succeed. The protagonists are practically invulnerable, so we know that they won't even be damaged. There's no set time limit, there are no loved ones involved, there's nothing at stake beside the fate of the world - and we already know that the world will be saved, no matter what.


The cover of the movie is okay, it doesn't say much, but it doesn't spoil the movie.

The trailer

The trailer shows multiple major spoilers.

If you prefer spoilers, it's a great trailer for the Justice League - Director's Cut film. If you prefer to avoid spoilers, it will ruin the movie for you.

Promise of the first scene

We see multiple ancient relics guarded by multiple factions. I'm not sure what to expect, but the story will be probably about those relics. (And super-heroes.)

Execution: As I didn't know what to expect, I'm not sure how satisfied I should be. The story was really about those relics, and there were super-heroes, so I guess this is okay.

Plot summary / Synopsis

The movie is shown in 6 acts and an epilogue.

Part 1: Don't Count on It, Batman (30 min)

The death of Superman (an alien super-hero) activates ancient relics (motherboxes) guarded by multiple factions (Amazons, Atlanteans and Cyborg).

Batman goes to Iceland to recruit Aquaman to join the him, as he thinks that aliens are going to invade the Earth (we later find it out the Lex Luthor told him so). Aquaman declines. Batman tells Alfred that Aquaman declined.

Mama Kent (I assume, because she is not introduced) sells her old home, and leaves.

Lois Lane strolls in the city.

Terrorist storm a museum, take the visitors hostage, and set the timer of their bomb to 4 minutes. Wonder Woman happens to stand on the top of the museum at that moment, so she intervenes. She has 15 seconds left when she enters the final room. She quickly and violently kills most of the terrorists. She throws the bomb up in the sky, then returns to the museum, and causes an explosion that blows the outside walls of the building, throwing big chucks of debris on the waiting cops.

The motherbox of the Amazons open, and the boss alien (Steppenwolf) comes out with some alien warriors. The leader of the Amazons takes the relic, and causes the building to collapse. She gives the relic to a group of fighters to take it away. After a long (and pointless) chase, the boss alien takes the relic and teleports away. The Amazons decide to call Wonder Woman.

Part 2: The Age of Heroes (30 min)

The boss alien builds a base in an abandoned nuclear reactor (in Russia?), and sends his fighters to find the other two relics.

The aliens break into a science lab, and attack the janitor.

The Amazons light an old sanctuary on fire to send a message to Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman gets the message.

They start an investigation at the science lab, and they find it out that the aliens were looking for the mother box. A scientist goes home to Cyborg, and tells him that the mother box is not safe in his wardrobe.

Aquaman saves a fisherman from sinking with his ship. He goes to Atlantis and talks to an old man, who asks him to be the king of Atlantis. Aquaman declines.

The boss alien talks to an even higher boss (DeSaad), and promises him to get all the three mother boxes.

Wonder Woman visits Batman, and tells him the background exposition about the past events.

Part 3: Beloved mother, beloved son (45 min)

Flash sees that two cars are crashing into each other. He saves the good looking girl.

Batman and Wonder Woman talk about recruiting Flash and Cyborg.

In a flashback, we see Cyborg's past. He got into a car accident, where he was badly wounded, and his mother died. The scientist from the science lab is his father, and saves him, turning him into a cyborg using the motherbox. When the Cyborg receives his powers, he immediately steals from a bank, to give it to the poor.

Flash visits his father in the prison. Batman visits the Flash at home. The Flash joins his team.

Cyborg calls Wonder Woman to meet him. She asks Cyborg to join their team. Cyborg declines.

Cyborg goes to a cemetery, and hides the motherbox near the grave of his mother. Cyborg's father is abducted by an alien.

The alien boss teleports to Atlantis, where they keep their motherbox. The Atlanteans are quickly defeated, when Aquaman arrives to defend an Atlantean girl (Mera). The girl is saved, but the relic is still stolen.

Commissioner Gordon promises to a colleague that he'll ask Batman about the strange happenings that are caused by the aliens.

Cyborg finds it out that his father was abducted.

The alien boss uses the second box to create a force field to defend his base.

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
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Part 4: Change Machine (30 mins)

Commissioner Gordon uses the Bat-signal to call on the Batman. Wonder Woman and Flash comes with him. Cyborg also joins them. They come up with the idea where can they find the alien base. They go there. They rescue the prisoners, but the evil boss teleports away. The tunnel is damaged in the battle, water bursts in, but Aquaman saves them.

Cyborg shows his motherbox to the rest of the team.

The boss alien speaks with his boss, and tells him that he thinks that there's an ancient secret (the Anti-Life Equation) etched into the surface of the Earth. The boss of his boss (Darkseid) takes the call over. The main boss promises the alien boss that he'll be forgiven if he conquers the planet, and transforms it with the motherboxes.

The heroes are back at their base. Cyborg tells them the story of his motherbox, and the story of his creation (that we have seen previously in a flashback).

Mama Kent visits Lois Lane. She tells Lois to stop being depressed. When Mama Kent leaves, she changes shape, and it's actually an alien shapeshifter, Martian Manhunter.

The heroes decide to use the motherbox to resurrect Superman.

Part 5: All the King's Horses (30 mins)

The heroes exhume the body of Superman.

They break into the science building that was previously broken into by the aliens, as it also holds the spaceship of Superman, and they want to use it to resurrect Superman, with the help of the motherbox. Cyborg gets a bleak vision of the future if they resurrect Superman, so he tries to stop the process, but he is too late.

The resurrected Superman flies to the Superman memorial. The heroes arrive. Cyborg's self defence mechanism starts up and shoots at Superman. They all start to fight. When Superman is about to defeat them, Lois Lane, who happened to be nearby, asks him to stop. He takes Lois, and flies away.

The alien boss arrives to take the motherbox from the science building. The scientist heats it up with a laser before the motherbox is taken. The heroes find it out that the motherbox will be hot, so they look for heat signatures all over the Earth to find it.

Part 6: Something Darker (40 min)

Superman has some time together with Lois and Mama Kent.

The heroes plan an attack on the alien base. They decide that they'll need to get Cyborg to interface with the motherboxes.

They get there. Batman flies a fighter jet, and takes out the defences. The heroes go in and start to fight with the aliens.

Superman visits Alfred in the Batcave, then he goes to the alien base to help the heroes. They are almost victorious, when the artifacts synchronise, and Darkseid arrives. Flash sees this, and turns back time. Cyborg gets into the motherboxes, and with the help of Superman, they separate them. Steppenwolf gets killed. Darkseid decides to send a full armada next time.

Epilogue: A Father Twice Over (20 mins)

Batman starts to build the headquarters for the team.

Superman goes back home.

Lex Luthor (who we didn't see in the movie until now) escapes from the Arkham Asylum. He meets with Deathstroke, and tells him that Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne.

We see a vision of the future or an alternate timeline, where Batman has teamed up with a Cyborg, armoured Flash, Deathstroke, Mera, and Joker. It turns out that Batman sent Robin to do something with Lois Lane, and that lead to both of them die. Someone did something to Aquaman, and Mera wants revenge. Harley Quinn is also dead. Joker hints that Batman already created multiple alternate timelines to make things right, and none of them worked. Superman arrives, and they prepare for a battle.

In the present, Martian Manhunter offers his help to Batman.

The setting

Justice League is set on the DC Extended Universe, a contemporary Earth, where magic and aliens exist.

There's another universe where aliens come from through portals.

5.000 years ago Darkseid tried to invade the Earth. The alliance of humans, Greek gods, Atlanteans, Amazons and the Green Lantern Corps defeated the invaders. They blew their space ships up, and took the three motherbox relics. They hide the relics in three places. This was the only time Darkseid was defeated.

This means that the humans and the Greek gods are the most powerful people of the whole universe, beside Darkseid.

The Anti-Life Equation that gives power over all life in the universe is etched into the surface of the Earth?

In this setting, time travel to the past can change past events.

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
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The characters: Heroes

Wonder Woman

She is a stone cold killer in this movie.

She is able to create explosions that can blow up massive walls.

She can run faster than submachine gun bullets fly. She can deflect (or stop?) the bullets with her armband.

Her lasso makes people tell the truth. (Also, it probably compels them to speak.)

Her shield can stop parademon blasts, or Steppenwolf's axe.

She can hit Steppenwolf strong enough that he fell through walls.

Superman throws a boulder that is multiple meters in diameter on her, and she can just cut it with her sword, not affecting her in any way.

Superman punches her, but it doesn't harm her. Superman's direct headbutt also doesn't harm her. When she uses her shield to defend herself from Superman, it pushes her back 10 meters, so it's probably better if she just takes the punch in her face.

She is able to deflect a hit with her shield from the alien artillery, that blew up the Batmobile with a single hit.

Her shield and sword deflects Steppenwolf's axe hits. When she can't deflect it, the hits send her flying back a dozen meters.

She can drop from quite a large height without getting damaged.

Her sword cuts Steppenwolf's head off after Superman weakened his armour.


He is able to walk through a glass door of a shop unharmed, without taking care to step out of the way of the broken glass.

His steps break the street when he stops, but it doesn't harm his feet.

When he carelessly runs into stairs, he makes a large hole in it, like a cannon ball would, but it doesn't hurt him.

He is able to transfer some of his powers to the people he touches. He could take the girl from the car crash without tearing her apart due to the force he caused.

Flash's armour is made of a material space shuttles are covered with. It protects him from heat? The blast of a parademon goes through the armour.

To be able to run, he needs to have uninjured legs.

If he receives a serious injury, he can spend a couple of seconds to speed up his healing.

He seems to heal quickly, as in the next scene after his injury by an alien raygun, he doesn't seem to be affected any more.

He is able to create a tremendous amount of energy when he gets close to the speed of light.

He can turn back time by a couple of minutes.

In the future we see him wearing extra armour plates, and that's a good idea, as he is not bulletproof like the other heroes.


He has superhuman strength. He can fly. He can turn his left hand into a ray weapon.

He can control every electronic and digital device on Earth. He can also interface and control Kryptonian technology.

He is not above committing crimes, to help others. He cheats, steals.

He can create 3D visions, that doesn't look entirely realistic, but they could still be effective decoys (although he doesn't use the visions for that in the movie).

He is able to withstand and deflect Superman's heat vision.

A hit from Steppenwolf's axe puts him out of the fight after he fought Superman, but the axe doesn't cut his armour.

While flying, the push of his thrusters couldn't move Superman, but Superman was able to push him with a walking pace. Cyborg's push could push Steppenwolf a couple of meters away.

He can recreate destroyed machinery.

In the future we see him materialising heavy weapons from his body.


He has Atlantean armour, and a magical trident.

He is able to withstand the blow of Steppenwolf in the water.

Ha is able to control the flow of water (probably with his trident?).

Superman punches him, and he flies at least a hundred meters before crashing, and it doesn't harm him.

Flash runs into him with his ramming speed, and it throws him into a wall, he makes a hole in it, but he seems to be more angry than hurt by this.

He is able to breath water. He can fly.

He can generate a blast with his trident that threw Steppenwolf at least a dozens of meters away.

A kick from Steppenwolf sends him flying away a couple of meters. A hit from his axe sends him flying, and also seems to hurt him.

His trident goes through the body of Steppenwolf, after Superman weakened his armour.


He has equipped himself with a gauntlet that absorbs blasts, dissipating their energy. These gauntlets are able to protect him from parademon blasts. When the gauntlet gets a blast from the heat vision of Superman, it protects Batman, but it gets overheated, so he has to take it off.

When parademons landed on the Batmobile, that was reinforced for the assult, they tore the armour in a couple of seconds, although the Batmobile was still able to move after that. The Batmobile has a tank turret installed (or maybe just the artillery).

One hit from the alien artillery blows up the Batmobile.


Cyborg's blasts do not harm him.

When Cyborg uses his thrusters to push Superman, with the help of Aquaman, it doesn't even move him. Superman is even able to push Cyborg back in a walking pace.

He can move almost as fast as Flash does. After Flash got injured or tired, Superman was faster.

Machine gun fire doesn't harm him, but the landing of the bullets is able to push him back.

His heat vision is able to blow up an armoured military car in a matter of 2-3 seconds. It also melts the armour of Steppenwolf.

He is able to pull the golden lasso of Wonder Woman.

When Wonder Woman headbutts him, it seems to have an effect. Maybe it's the headband? I don't think Wonder Woman would be stronger.

When he headbutts Wonder Woman, it doesn't affect her at all, but when he gets off the ground, and headbutts her into the ground, it seems to hurt Wonder Woman.

He is not affected by a direct hit from Steppenwolf's axe. He is able to freeze the axe, and shatter it.

His punches and kick sends Steppenwolf flying tens of meters.

Martian Manhunter

He knows that Superman was Clark Kent. He stalks Lois Lane for some creepy reason, and tells her to start living her life again.

He can change his shape to a human form, in a couple of seconds.

He can fly.

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T)

The characters: Enemies

The alien warriors (parademons)

They are created by the power of the motherboxes. When they conquer a world, they transform the killed inhabitants into parademons, undead servants of Darkseid. (Does this mean that there are multiple varieties of parademons, based on their home world?)

Their armour is easily punctured by the swords and arrows of the Amazons.

They have some kind of ray guns. The shots go through the Amazon armour, and a single shot is enough to take out an Amazon.

They can fly faster then the speed of Amazon horses. They can fly with the additional weight of a human they carry.

They can easily tear through concrete and reinforced steel to get inside secure buildings.

They are able to sense if a person or a place had contact with one of the motherboxes (but they are unable to sense the motherbox itself, unless it's active?). People that contacted the motherbox must be constantly on the move to evade detection.

The parademons were able to tear the reinforced Batmobile's armour in a matter of seconds.

Their artillery is able to blow up the Batmobile with one hit, but Wonder Woman is able to deflect a hit with her shield.


His armour is not pierced by the Amazon weapons. Or even if it pieces it, he can shake them off.

The Amazon warriors can hinder him physically. He can either fly or jump good. He can easily pick up and throw a ton of weight. He can throw a human at least 10 meters away.

He can teleport (probably to his home? spaceship?).

He owes 50.000 worlds to Darkseid, and he can join him when he conquers all of them.

The rayguns of the Atlanteans don't seem to harm him at all.

He seems to be able to go without breathing air. Or probably can breathe water.

Batman's machine guns do not hurt him. When a rocket is shot at him, he grabs it mid-air.

He also senses the connection to the motherboxes, like the parademons do.

The motherbox is heated up so it gets so hot that it's visible from space. He can just hold it in his hand without noticing this, so I assume he's able to withstand heat based attacks.


He can break the crust of the Earth with a blow of his axe.

The power of the Greek gods were able to harm and damage him seriously enough that he went unconscious. Green Lantern powers were able to hinder him.

The only time he was defeated was by the people of the Earth.

He has a spider-like organic device that can read the minds of the people if it stands on their head.

The motherbox relics

Created by ancient technology. Three seers were guarding them. They can be united to destroy a planet with fire, and it terraforms the planet to be a copy of the creator's world. The dead inhabitants become parademons, undead servants of Darkseid.

One of the mother boxes created Cyborg out of an injured human with the use of contemporary human technology. This allows him to interface with every electronic device on the planet, and gives him superhuman strength. I'd assume that if an outsider was able to do this, the aliens who used this device could enhance their own at least this good. Does this mean that the parademons (or at least the alien leaders) are better and stronger than Cyborg is? If the abilities given depend on the specific relic, I'd still assume they are equally useful.

The change matter to anything else. They can reinstate previous states of a matter (thus able to regenerate or resurrect people).

When they were stolen from Darkseid, they were hidden. One in Atlantis, one on the island of the Amazons, and one was left in the woods. This third one was found by Germans in WW2, then it was taken by the USA.

When the motherbox is active, it can be sensed by the parademons.

The motherboxes are afraid of Superman. When it was activated, it waited until Superman died, so it could contact Darkseid.

They retain the energy they receive, and it heats them up. They are indestructible this way, as nothing can harm them, they will just be hotter.

The message of the story

I'm not sure there's one.

The structure of the story

The scenes of the Justice League - Director's Cut film are played in sequence, following the same storyline. There are some flashbacks. There are even flashforwards.

There is no single viewpoint character.

It has the usual arc of the dramatic structure – a very long introduction, action, resolution.

Plot points of interests

The were a couple of changes to the setting and characters.

New characters

Barry Allen / Flash: A speedster hero. Joins the Justice League.

Darkseid: An alien warlord.

J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter: An alien, who offers help to Batman.

Silas Stone: A scientist. The father of Victor Stone.

Steppenwolf: An alien warrior.

Victor Stone / Cyborg: A cyborg hero. Joins the Justice League.

Changes to characters

Superman: He gets resurrected.

Wonder Woman: She is now a psychopath.

Characters killed

Silas Stone: Kills himself to help the League.

Steppenwolf: Killed by the League.


Motherbox: An alien artifact.

* * *

Things I liked

  • The look of the Batmobile, and Batman's flyer is cool.
  • The Batmobile vs parademons scene was fun.
  • I liked the look of future Flash's armour.
  • Ezra Miller is cute and funny as the Flash. Keep him.

* * *

How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

From the story and screenplay writer (Chris Terrio) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019) were mediocre. Justice League (2017) was okay, probably due to the Joss Whedon edits.

From the story writer (Will Beall), Aquaman (2018) was okay, although he worked with multiple people on that one.

From the story writer / director (Zack Snyder), I've seen some movies. Dawn of the Dead (2004), 300 (2006), Watchmen (2009), Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010), Sucker Punch (2011) was good. Man of Steel (2013) was still okay, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) was mediocre. Army of the Dead (2021) was made later, and it's also a good movie. It looks like he is a good director, he just doesn't have luck with DC movies.

How does it compare to the original cut of the movie?

I have to admit that I enjoyed the original release more than the Director's Cut. That's probably due to its runtime.

The Snyder Cut of the movie probably looks better. People often complain about Steppenwolf's look in the original, but I didn't have any problem with that, and I don't think the new look is any better (although it's visually more interesting).

The story is maybe slightly better, but than, at four hours of screentime, it's too long. I assume it could easily be cut to at least three hours, and we'd still get the same story.

How does it compare to the other films in the series?

The Snyder Cut probably fits the tone of the previous movies better.

How does it compare to other adaptations of the same story?


* * *

Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T)

Analysis of the story - Justice League - Director's Cut, movie (2021)

I didn’t really like the story, and I’ve found so many problems that it prevented me from enjoying Justice League - Director's Cut.

Problematic elements

They call the home of the aliens "another universe". A universe – by definition – is a self contained place, you cannot go from one universe to another. If you can go, that means they are not multiple universes, but a single one that encompasses both places.

When the terrorists get into the museum, why do they set a timer instead of just blowing the bomb up? They didn't intend to leave, and it just gave time for the police (or in this case, Wonder Woman) to stop them. This doesn't make sense.

I'm not an architect, but I'm almost sure that the museum walls Wonder Woman blows up are supporting walls, so the ceiling would collapse on the hostages.

The parademons are slaves of Darkseid due to the power of the motherboxes. Why doesn't anyone think about helping them to be free from the influence? Probably with the use of the motherbox? At least Batman should recognise this, as he is supposed to be clever.

I actually don't like the names of the bad ones. Darkseid just sounds pretencious, De Saad is most likely a reference to the human marquis, and Steppenwolf's name makes no sense - how many steppes are there on Apocolyps? Or where did he get this name? I know that they had the same name in the original comics, but they could have come up with something more plausible that still sounded cool. Disney did it for the Captain Marvel movie, and it didn't destroy the story.

When the Martian Manhunter leaves the flat of Lois, he immediately changes shape, right in the door, when it closes. Isn't he afraid that Lois will open to door again, to tell Mama Kent something, or to offer to have a walk with her? Also, there seems to be a devide near the door - I'm not sure if it's a lamp, or a smoke detector, but it could be also a camera, and he changes right before that. And again, what will the neighbours of Lois think, if they see an alien creature walking out of her door, or walk down the stairs?

Also, the addition of the Martian Manhunter here didn't add much to the movie, yet it made the previous scene less impactful. I'd left this out.

As Dr. Jordan Breeding* points out, the whole car accident where Flash saves the day doesn't make sense. The truck driver is insanely careless, as he eats while driving, and spends effort to find the food he drops. Even when he hits the food vendor, he still doesn't slow down. Also, there's just not enough time for the girl to gather that much speed that allows her car to flip over when she hits back of the truck, as it's not the truck that runs into her car at full speed, but the other way around.
* not an actual doctor

When I've seen the original release, I think I assumed that Lois is there at the fight because Batman brought her as a safe-guard. In this version, it's clear that she was just strolling by, and happened to be at the fight by chance.

When Superman comes back, and the butterfly flies to his hand, I felt that this scene would be a nice addition to a Disney princess movie, but here, it was out of place.

Steppenwolf's base is defended by a force field that let's fighters through if it takes some damage. It would probably also let through guided missiles that can take out the projecting tower. Why doesn't Steppenwolf tries to defend his base? Even if he doesn't want to bother with anti-air defences, his parademons could easily take down fighter jets. We later see that he has some artillery in place, although we can't know if it could be used against aircrafts.

The fact that Flash can turn back time turns off the tension in any future action scene. We will know that if they botch a job, they will just rewind the time, and do that until they will succeed.

The abilities of Cyborg make the presence of Batman unnecessary for the team. Cyborg has more knowledge and more processing power through the internet, ha can become more rich, and he can handle and develop gadgets and machines a lot easier. He has integrated armour, he has built-in weaponry, and even safety mechanisms that don't need the conscious decisions of Cyborg to work. He is better than Batman in every aspect.

The movie somehow managed to make Wonder Woman uninteresting. I could watch Gal Gadot drinking tea with Jeremy Irons for an hour, and I'd probably enjoy it more than her performance in this movie.

I didn't like it that Wonder Woman can fly. I preferred her abilities we see in the first Wonder Woman movie. Although we see in WW1984 that she started to develop this power, but it looked like she needs her lasso, and possibly clouds to catch to work. Here she flies like Superman and Aquaman without any effort.

(I also didn't like that Aquaman can fly, but I can forget that, especially as he also seem to often forget that he can fly, so he can travel on the back of trucks.)

Unanswered questions

  • Why does Batman tell Aquaman about his secret identity in front of the whole village?
  • What does Wonder Woman do on top of the building? Did she know there's going to be a terrorist attack? If she did, why didn't she stop them from entering?
  • Why is Wonder Woman a mass murderer? She probably could have disposed of the terrorists without killing them.
  • Why does Wonder Woman create an explosion in the museum? She could have easily handled one old man. The explosion endangered the hostages, and most likely damaged the policemen outside.
  • When the little girl asks Wonder Woman if she can be like her, why does she wants to be a reckless murderer who causes wanton destruction? Is she a psychopath?
  • (Ex: If the relics were there for thousands of years, why were they activated by the death of Superman? Later in the movie, it's explained that it was not the death of Superman that activated it, it was already active, it just waited to be able to signal its master, until Superman died, because it was afraid of Superman.)
  • Why was the motherbox afraid of Superman? Is it just Superman, or Kryptonians in general?
  • Where are the spaceships of Darkseid that fell to the Earth after being blown up? 5.000 years is probably not much for them to endure.
  • Why did the Green Lanterns leave the motherboxes on Earth? Wouldn't it have been more efficient to hide them on planets, not known by Darkseid? Or even if they leave one here, they could have taken the other two on other planets, in far away galaxies. Not to mention that if a human scientist was able to use the motherbox for good, the Green Lantern Corps also could have used it to make the universe a better place.
  • If the motherboxes were taken from Darkseid on Earth, why didn't he think that they might still be on Earth after he regenerated? It would have worth a try.
  • When Darkseid was contacted by the activated motherbox after the death of Superman, why didn't he come here personally? Or send more people? If the motherboxes were the sources of his power, and he needs them to create his army, why is he not interested enough?
  • What is this Anti-Life Equation? As Darkseid knows that it is on this planet, and it seems like getting it is his highest priority, why doesn't he just come to the planet, and get it? As far as we know, he wouldn't need to conquer the planet through the motherboxes before he could do that, and even if conquering is a requirement, he could come, grab those boxes, and do the thing himself.
  • If the motherboxes made the parademons the slaves of Darkseid, when he left the motherboxes on Earth, why do the motherboxes still serve him? Why can he still command the parademons without the motherboxes?
  • If the motherboxes made Darkseid the ruler of the planets and the parademons, when Steppenwolf has the chance to get them, why doesn't he uses to further his own goals? Especially as the Anti-Life Equation is also on Earth, he could have just conquered the planet, get the motherboxes and the Equation, and be the sole ruler of the universe.
  • Cracked's question: Why don't Wonder Woman and Batman go to Atlantis to help them keep their motherbox?
  • Cracked's question: Why does the flash destroy the door of the doggie daycare, instead of opening it like a normal person? Initially I thought that he did it because opening it would have shattered it anyway, but later we see that he is able to lend his speed powers to people he touches, so that's a valid question.
  • In the car crash why did the Flash only save the good looking girl, while leaving the driver of the other car?
  • How bad is Cyborg's life that he considers being dead a better option than being a super-powered cyborg?
  • Why does Cyborg steal money for the poor woman? The money will be most likely deducted from her account, and if she takes it in cash, she's on camera, the bank will know who did it. And even if she won't be caught, the stolen money will cause harm to those people, who (like the woman he helped) keep their money in that bank.
  • If Cyborg really wants to help people, why doesn't he use his abilities for good? Even if he doesn't want to spend effort on helping the world (he could prevent crimes by listening to conversations, he could stop poverty by organising distribution, he could build an Artificial Intelligence to do these for him, so he can rest), he could do things in the gray area, like getting insider information on the stock market.
  • When Batman gets evidence that aliens are invading the Earth, why doesn't he contacts the government to get help? Or even multiple governments through world news? At that time he doesn't know he'll be able to resurrect Superman.
  • If Steppenwolf has the mindreader spider, and he only has 8 people as prisoners, why does he still need that much time to interrogate them?
  • Why is Aquaman near the tunnel fight? How does he know that they are there? Why does he just waits outside for a chance for a grandiose entrance, instead of just coming in and help them?
  • When the heroes free the prisoners of Steppenwolf, why do they just let them go? The parademons found all of the prisoners due to their exposure to the motherbox. When they let them go, they will be found again, just as easily. They should have taken them into their base, or into some kind of heavily fortified place.
  • If Cyborg and Flash only uses spades in normal time to exhume Superman, while Batman and Alfred prepares the tech on their base, why don't they send Aquaman and Wonder Woman instead to do the shoveling, while Cyborg could interface with the tech, and Flash could have to prepare everything in seconds.
  • Why does Cyborg's father sacrifice himself? Couldn't he just switch the laser, and not stay there to be blown up? The cord seems long enough that he could have just stepped outside of the door.
  • As RedLetterMedia points it out - why doesn't Batman prepare with equipment to deal with Superman if the resurrection goes awry? In Batman vs Superman, he had special armour and equipment just for that case. Did he forget about it?
  • Why did Superman spend time to colour his clothes black? Doesn't he have better things to do? Why did he choose that colour?
  • Why doesn't Darkseid just go through the portal, to grab the three motherboxes from the heroes? They were just fighting Steppenwolf, so he must know that they are not in top form.
  • Did Batman help Superman to build a secret identity, or does he need to hide, as Clark Kent is dead?
  • At the end, when Mama Kent and Lois finally meet for real, wouldn't it be awquard for them that Mama Kent doesn't remember talking to her? Will Lois think that Mama Kent has dementia, or that she is hallucinating due to depression?
  • When the heroes retrieved the motherboxes, why don't they use them to transform the Earth into a utopian paradise? Or at least, they could have resurrected some people with them.

* * *

Possibilities of improvement

  • Make Steppenwolf more independent. Darkseid might have sent him here, not knowing that Earth has both the motherboxes and the Anti-Life Equation, but when Steppenwolf finds the first motherbox, he should try to take it over for himself. Whis would make more sense for him, and also for the movie, so Darkseid wouldn't send his whole army, and come himself to reclaim those.
    • When Superman arrives, Steppenwolf realises that he is clearly outmatched, so he contacts Darkseid. They open a portal to his location, but when Steppenwolf tries to escape, the heroes kill him, and they manage to close the portal.
  • There shouldn't be time rewinds involved, as they make the story and successive stakes cheaper. They should just make things work for the first time, or they should remain defeated.
    • If Flash didn't catch the box at the right time when they resurrect Superman, it could make him the evil Superman we see in the movie.
  • It would make more sense if there would be some reason why Darkseid doesn't remember the Earth - for example, one of the Greek gods wiped their memory before they left. Or they used the motherboxes for that effect, before they had hidden them.
  • Leave the Martian Manhunter out, he is unnecessary.
  • Make the death of Superman a hoax. Superman goes hidden to spend more time with Lois and his mother, or something. He takes a leave from super-hero duty. Batman helps to cover him, but as he knows that he'll need help, he tries to gather reinforcements. As he hopes that the bad guy is just some madman, like his previous villains, he goes with the new team into the tunnels. After the fight he comes to the realisation that this is too much for them, and he contacts Superman. As time is running out, the team goes to the enemy base, and Superman joins them there. As the signal by his death doesn't make sense anyway, you can just leave that out of the story.
    • Even if the death of Superman is left in there, digging out his corpse shouldn't be included, because it's 1) distasteful, 2) the execution doesn't make sense, 3) his body should be held either in a super-secret government facility or in the Batcave.
  • Keep the stakes lower at first. Let there be mysterious disappearances, people go missing, or found death in alleys. The description of the criminal looks very close to Batman, and in the previous movie we have seen that he has spiralled down to committing violence, maybe outright killing the people is not impossible for him to do any more. The audience could be kept on their toes before we get to see that he is actually trying to catch the kidnappers. When he finally defeats one of them, he realises that he'll need the help of the others. (The Batman introduction scene from the original cut could be used for that part, without the three motherbox shot.)
    • By then, there might not be enough time to contact the government and the military to get help, so they have to solve the problem by themselves.

How it could have been better?


* * *

Behind the scenes


Thoughts about the reviews of others


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Justice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021) - Film review by KadmonJustice League - Director's Cut, movie for the DC Extended Universe (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T)

Uses for the film - Justice League - Director's Cut, movie (2021)


  • Aliens want to conquer an inhabited planet (Earth).
  • There are relics guarded on the planet that needs to be recovered to create the ultimate weapon.
  • There is an artifact in the planet itself that needs to be conquered.


  • The ancient battle against Darkseid looks interesting.
  • The fight against the parademons in the tunnels look okay.
  • Where Batman drives the Batmobile to combat the parademons, it looks cool.



Scenario ideas - Role-playing game scenario ideas


Scenario ideas - Wargame scenario ideas

Protect the building: One side wants to blow up a building. The other side wants to protect the building. The attackers choose a place in the playing area for the bomb. The game starts with the attackers anywhere on the playing area. The defenders try to find it. They start in random areas that allow them entry (through air ducts, secret tunnels, main entrance). They can interrogate / inspect every attacker if they can take them out without killing them, on a successful test they will get clues where they can find the bomb, or where can they be sure that the bomb is not there. They defenders have a limited amount of time to find the bomb. The leaders of the attackers have to leave the playing area before the bomb goes off to win. If the bomb goes off, but the leaders are still there, it's a draw. If the protectors can disarm the bomb or if they defeat all of the attacker leaders, they win. If they disarm the bomb, and they also defeat the leaders, it's a major victory.

Bomb: The attackers need to put the bomb in a specific place to be able to maximise the results. That place is randomly decided before the game, and only the attacker knows it. The attacker has a bomb, that is carried by one of his models (it must be noted before the game starts). The game starts with the attackers entering the building. They have a couple of turns before the defenders also enter the building to try to stop them. The attacker can set the timer on any number of turns he wishes.

Suicidal attackers (harder for the defender): The attackers are suicidal. When they get to the specific place, they can just blow themselves up. The defenders don't know this, until they try to interrogate one of them.

Tunnel fight: The fight takes place in a tunnel. If either side does area damage, it can collapse the whole tunnel on them. If they throw things or push things around, it can also damage the walls of the tunnel. If the tunnel collapses, it will cause damage to everyone in the area of the damage.

Water: There's a river or lake above or outside of the tunnel. If the tunnel collapses anywhere, the water will rush in, and causes damage to everyone, and flushes everyone out, or at least it moves participants out of their current position.

Dangerous materials: Instead of water, it can be acid, frozen hydrogen, molten metal, or any kind of interesting material that can affect the people fighting in the tunnel.

Assault of the fortress: One force of over-powered troops is about to assault the base of a lesser powered, but more numerous enemy, that has fortified itself. Once they get inside the base, there is the leader of the defenders, who is more powerful than either of the over-powered troops.

Time limit (harder for the attacker): There's an objective in the base that needs to be completed in a limited time. There's probably not enough time to complete it, if the assaulters wait until they finish the leader of the defenders.

Protection (harder for the attacker): There are protective measures that prevent enemies to enter the playing area. They need to spend a large amount of effort / ammo to enter at one place. There's an objective / building that controls the protective measures, if they destroy / disable it, they can enter anywhere without the expenditure of effort. If a small team of assaulters enter to disable the objective, they can let the others get to the area at their choice of entry.

Miniatures - 1/50-1/60 (28-32mm scale)



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Frequently asked questions - Justice League - Director's Cut, movie (2021)

Is the Justice League - Director's Cut film based on a book or comics?

Yes, Justice League - Director's Cut is based on the Justice League graphic novels.

Is the Justice League - Director's Cut film a remake or reboot?

No, the Justice League - Director's Cut film is neither a remake nor a reboot, but a re-edited version of the original Justice League movie.

Is there a post credit scene in Justice League - Director's Cut? Does Justice League - Director's Cut have end credit scenes?

No, there's no post credit scene in Justice League - Director's Cut.

How different is Justice League Snyder cut?

The Snyder Cut is different in tone and story from the original cut.

Where can I see Justice League Snyder cut? Where can I see Justice League - Director's Cut? Where can I watch Justice League - Director's Cut online? Is Justice League - Director's Cut available on Netflix? Is Justice League - Director's Cut on Amazon?

As of 2022.01.02, Justice League - Director's Cut is on HBO Max.

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Psycho Drive-In


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