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If you'd like to be surprised by the Dune: Part One film, I don't recommend you to watch trailer 2 beyond 1:22, because it gives away too much of the plot. It basically provides a summary of the first half of the film.

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Article updated: 2024.03.06

The Dune: Part One (2021) is a futuristic fantasy adventure film. The movie was reviewed by Kadmon.

Product: Dune: Part One, movie (2021)

Original title: Dune: Part One

Series: Dune (2021)

Setting: future fantasy Earth (Dune universe)

Other adaptations of the story: Dune (1984), Dune (2000)

Sequels: Dune: Part Two, movie (2024)

Product type: Film, 2.5 hours, Genre: retro-futuristic fantasy adventure, Style: sci-fi, futuristic, retro-futuristic, futuristic fantasy, adventure

Release: Premiere: 2021.09.03 (Venice Film Festival), Release: 2021.09.15

Reviewer: Kadmon, Type: Male, 40s, Preferences: Immersive, logical story, consistent setting, prefers surprises to spoilers, prefers establishing elements before referencing them

Watched: very recent (2021.11), first time

Rating: Good (2+ out of 3 points), Enjoyment: Good (2+ out of 3 points)

* * *

This is my review of Dune: Part One, a retro-futuristic fantasy adventure movie  for the Dune (2021) series from 2021. It's about a futuristic noble house getting a new, dangerous colony planet to rule. The Dune film has some interesting parts, I recommend it to fans of the genre.

Dune, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonDune: Part One, movie (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T) & Legendary (Dalian Wanda Group)

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Review (spoiler-free) - Dune: Part One, movie (2021)

Even though I'm a fan of Dune, when I heard there would be a new Dune movie, I was not surprised, nor was I wasn't excited. There were already adaptations, so unless they are ready to continue the story, I've felt this movie unneccessary. When it came out, of course, I gave in, and watched it. I've seen the trailer, at least that showed me that we won't get anything new, and it looked competent enough.

The Dune: Part One movie is about a futuristic noble house getting a new, dangerous colony planet to rule. They get into trouble with the previous owner of the place.

The basis of the story is good, however it's edited in a way that's not always easy to understand. The scenes we see are good, but it feels like there were important scenes between them that were cut. This also makes the pacing somewhat inconsistent, as some scenes are rushed, while we often spend a long time on unimportant but cool looking things. We often spend time on seemingly unimportant minute details, why important things are left out. There's a character arc for the main character. There are only minor logical problems, nothing serious. There are some shots in the movie that will only make sense after you've watched the whole movie. So, to appreciate those, you'll probably need to watch Dune: Part One twice.

I have to admit that one of my favourite adaptations is The Postman, that retained practically nothing from the novel, yet it had the same themes and same message. So I don't mind if the story steers away from the source, as long as we get something that feels like the original. In this movie, I've felt that sticking to scenes and lines from the novel was a disadvantage.

The cinematography is good. The sets and scenes are interesting visually. The action scenes are not easy to follow.

The characters are okay, but beyond the few main characters, they are not really developed. They are portrayed by the actors fine.

The music is good, it's a good fit the movie. It's atmospheric, closer to some nature documentary, something like Baraka (1992).

Dune is a watchable retro-futuristic fantasy adventure film, I think fans of the genre might enjoy it.

My experience

I was mostly satisfied with Dune (2021).

Rating: Good (2+ out of 3 points). Dune is a well-made film, although it's not easy to follow.

Enjoyment: Good (2+ out of 3 points). Dune has some interesting parts.

Rewatchability: Average. Even if you know the story, the visuals are good enough to be enjoyed more than once. Also, there are some parts that you'll only understand if you watch the movie at least twice, so it's worth watching it again.

Chance of watching it again: Low. I didn't like it enough to want to watch it again.

Chance of watching a sequel: High. I'll sure watch it when it comes out (in 2023?).

Dune, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonDune: Part One, movie (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T) & Legendary (Dalian Wanda Group)

Will you enjoy this?

If you like futuristic adventure movies, you might like Dune.

If you like futuristic action movies (Star Wars, Star Trek 2010, Aliens), you might like the film, although there are not many action scenes in the Dune movie.

If you like futuristic military stories (Starship Troopers), you might like Dune, although the focus is not really on the fighting and combat.

If you enjoyed the Dune novels or any of the adaptations, you might be interested in this story.

If you hate subtitles, you'll probably need to get used to them, as some made-up languages are subtitled.

If you prefer visuals over story, you'll still enjoy Dune, as it looks great.

Do you need to read the original Dune novel to enjoy this?

As the film is somewhat incoherent, and missing some important elements, I think it's useful to either read the book, or watch either of the earlier adaptations.

Do you need to see the second film to enjoy this?

The Dune: Part One film is not a self-contained story. If you'll be able to, you should watch Dune: Part Two (2023) after watching the Dune: Part One movie (2021).

Watching for plot points

If you are interested in low-tech futuristic fantasy stories, I think it's worth watching the Dune movie for the plot points.

Should you watch this on your own screen at home, or is it worth going to the cinema?

The visuals definitely look better if you watch it in cinema.

* * *

Dune, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonDune: Part One, movie (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T) & Legendary (Dalian Wanda Group)

Review with spoilers - Dune: Part One, movie (2021)

I liked the Dune movie, although it's still not perfect.

As I'm biased toward Rebecca Ferguson, and I feel that she always looks suspicious, I think she's a good choice for the daughter of Baron Harkonnen. At first I was afraid that I won't be able to enjoy the movie due to her role, but in the end I find it's okay. Although I probably still prefer the previous actresses who portrayed Jessica, but her portrayal is also good.

This adaptation retains many aspects of the original novel that were missing from the David Lynch version, but then, it misses out some other parts that could have been nice to see. I sometimes felt it's like a TV movie, made from scenes cut from a longer series.


The cover of the movie is okay, it doesn't say much, but it doesn't spoil the movie.

The trailer

The trailer spoils the first half of the movie.

If you prefer spoilers, it's a great trailer for the Dune film. If you prefer to avoid spoilers, it will ruin the movie for you.

Promise of the first scene

We see locals ambushing opressing invaders. Then there's a regime change. I assume the locals will be fighting against the new opressors. Probably defeating them.

Execution: Well, not in this movie. It might be the story of the next movie, though. I would have preferred some other beginning that would lead more into the actual story we have seen.

Plot summary / Synopsis

We see local freedom fighters (Fremen) ambushing the opressing forces (Harkonnen) on a desert planet (Arrakis). Then there's a change of regime.

We see a young guy (Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides) waking up on another planet (Caladan). He dreams about the desert planet, and a girl (Zendaya as Chani). After breakfast with his mother (Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica), he reads about the desert planet. An envoy arrives an tasks the noble house of the young guy to take over the desert planet. His father (Oscar Isaac as Duke Leto Atreides) accepts it.

The young guy confesses to his warrior friend (Jason Momoa as Duncan Idaho) that he often dreams about the desert planet. The young guy talks to his father, who tells him that they got this planet to incite war between his house (Atreides), and the one who previously owned the planet (Harkonnen), so both of them would get weaker, not to threaten the Emperor's hold of the noble houses. The father plans to befriend the locals. The young guy has a weapons training with an old man (Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck).

On the evil planet (Giedi Prime), the homeworld of the previous owner of the desert planet, an evil warrior (Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban) talks to their evil leader (Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen) about his anger about their departure.

The young guy gets called to a meeting with the Emperor's high priestess (Charlotte Rampling as Gaius Helen Mohiam). The priestess tests his will, and finds him acceptable. She tells her mother that her kid is probably not the chosen one, but they did what they could to help them when they arrive on the desert planet.

They arrive on the desert planet. The religious locals think of the mother and son as their messiah, due to the work of the priests. They talk to the leader of the locals (Javier Bardem as Stilgar), but he doesn't seem to accept their friendship.

On the evil planet the high priestess demands that the evil leader won't hurt the mother and the son. He promises this. Later he says to his aid (David Dastmalchian as Piter De Vries) that although he won't hurt them, but the desert planet is quite unforgiving.

The boy and his father meet with the local ambassador (Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Dr. Liet-Kynes), and they survey the mining operations. They need to send the requested amount mined material (the spice Melange) to the Emperor. One of the mining vehicles get in trouble due to a giant creature (sand worm). The father saves the crew, but the mining vehicle gets destroyed by the creature.

One the planet of the Imperial Army (Salusa Secundus) we see the aid of the evil leader recruit Imperial soldiers against the house of the young guy.

A traitor, one of the father's man (Chang Chen as Dr. Wellington Yueh) betrays them, switches off their defenses, and poisons the father. Enemy forces start bombing their, and soldiers land at the palace. Everyone is captured, except for the warrior friend. The mother and the son get free when they are to be executed in the desert.

The traitor is killed by the evil leader, but he already prepared a trap for him. He put a poisonous gas capsule in the mouth of the father, and when the evil leader gets close to him, he spits the gas, killing almost everyone in the room, but luckily, the evil leader is spared. The evil leader commands the evil warrior to maximise the mining operations, because they'll have to pay for the help they got from the Emperor.

The mother and son are rescued by the local ambassador and the warrior friend. Enemy soldiers ambush them, killing the ambassador and the friend, but the mother and son escapes. They meet with the leader of the locals. They want to kill them, but the mother overcomes their leader, and the son is forced to kill one of their fighters. After seeing their prowess, they accept them into their tribe.

The setting

Dune is set in the future of Earth, thousands of years after our time.

There are people with supernatural abilities.

Dune, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonDune: Part One, movie (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T) & Legendary (Dalian Wanda Group)


Ray weapon: Able to cut through stone walls with ease. It's probably some kind of laser.

Shield: Only slow things can get through it.

Silence field: Noises inside the field can't be heard outside.

Slow darts: They have propulsion to go slowly enough to be able to get through a shield force field.

Suspensor: Makes things able to levitate. The Sardaukars use them to land before an attack.

Special abilities

The voice: A special modulation of speach, allowing the user to command others.

Medical examination: Seems to be aura reading?

Precognition: Paul seems to foresee possible futures.

The message of the story

I'm not sure there's one. "No matter which leader you follow, the regular people will die"?

The structure of the story

The scenes of the Dune film are played in sequence, following the same storyline. There are some events that happen parallel to each other. There are some visions into possible futures.

There is no single viewpoint character.

It has the usual arc of the dramatic structure - beginning, action, and a kind of resolution, leading into the next movie.

Elements of Dune (1984)

Some scenes are straight out of that movie. It's not a bad thing though.

  • The exposition scenes with the projector.
  • The box scene has some burning hand shots, just like the Dune 1984.
  • When Arrakis is attacked, the Atreides soldiers run out of the barracks in a similar manner.
  • The Harkonnen biohazard suit looks like the suit of the Harkonnen soldiers in the 1984 movie.
  • When Paul and Jessica run to the hills from the sandworm.

Missing from this adaptation

The spice: We don't really get to know why is the spice that important. We don't really see any use of the spice, except for some scenes when it affects Paul.

Kynes: The Imperials knew her as Kynes. The fact that she was also the Fremen leader, Liet, was a surprise in the originals.

Yueh: It's not even mentioned that the mentats are conditioned to be loyal, so they should be above suspicion.

Jessica: Only a passing mention that she is not the wife of Duke leto.

"Here I Am, Here I Remain": I'm not sure this means anything to the audience of this film.

* * *

Things I liked

  • I liked the look of the setting.
  • The ornithopters looked cool.

* * *

How does it compare to the other works of the creators?

From the writer (Denis Villeneuve), I haven't seen anything.

From the writer (Eric Roth), I have seen The Concorde... Airport '79 (1979), that was mediocre. Also, Forrest Gump (1994), The Horse Whisperer (1998), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (2011), that were good. Then, the The Postman (1997), that was great. I suppose the movie could have been better if he had more control of the script.

From the writer (Jon Spaihts), I have seen The Darkest Hour (2011), Prometheus (2012), Doctor Strange (2016), The Mummy (2017), that were all mediocre, while Passengers (2016) was okay. I feel he is the weakest link in the team.

From the director (Denis Villeneuve), I've seen Prisoners (2013) and Blade Runner 2049 (2017), that were mediocre. Also, Arrival (2016), that was okay. Overall, it's an improving tendency.

How does it compare to the original source?

It uses the names and the plotlines from the Dune novel. It also has the actions from it. Yet, I do not think that the message of the original comes through.

How does it compare to other adaptations of the same story?

There were two previous adaptations, the Dune movie (1984), and the Dune mini-series (2000). This adaptation goes very slowly, compared to the others, and it misses a lot of plot-lines and information from the original book. It takes even longer to reach the Fremen, than in the mini-series.

I still prefer the epic music of the 1984 Dune, that helped to raise emotions with the right musical choices, but this is also fine.

Baron Harkonnen: He looked bored, and was kind of boring in this. He didn't look intelligent nor menacing.

Jessica: She looks suspicious, so it would have been great, had they include the sideplot about suspicions about her, but it was not in this adaptation.

Paul: He is fine, scrawny little 15 year old kid (at 23), probably a better choice than the actors in either the 1984 (at 25 years) or the 2000 (at 26 years) adaptation.

Use of languages: In the novel, there were a couple of foreign phrases that were repeated over and over, so the reader started to understand them even without constant translation. The 1984 adaptation also used these phrases, that added to the authenticity of the story. Here, however, these phrases are missing, but we have long dialogues in made-up foreign languages, that are subtitled. I don't think this was a good choice.

* * *

Dune, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonDune: Part One, movie (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T) & Legendary (Dalian Wanda Group)

Analysis of the story - Dune: Part One, movie (2021)

I mostly liked the story, I didn't find problems that would have prevented me from enjoying Dune.

Problematic elements

Lack of personality: I missed a deeper personality for the main characters. It's true that the original writer (Frank Herbert) is partly to blame for this, but the writers could have fleshed out at least the three main characters (father, mother, son) a little more. The father gets some tidbits at least, so we get to know him better, before we lose him, but the son and the mother are blanks. There's the same problem with Kynes - we just don't know anything about her when she gets killed. Idaho gets some introductions, but the rest of the Atreides team, and all the others in the movie, don't.

Lack of military training: In most scenes, the soldiers fight like savages, instead of sticking to their doctrine.

Sardaukar recruiting: Seeing them being recruited gets the surprise out from the scene where they appear. Also, it would be great to see them in action before, sö the audience would know about their efficiency in combat.

The slow projectile: The way it looks, Leto could have just push his back to a wall to defend against the projectile.

Travelling to Salusa Secundus: As it's the Emperor that hands the Harkonnens the troops, I don't think it's necessary for a Harkonnen agent to get to the planet. Especially that in the novel they tried to keep the conditions and training methods of Salusa Secundus a secret from the rest of the Know Universe.

Sardaukar troops: The Sardaukars wear their own suits, instead of Harkonnen uniforms as a disguise

Lack of armour: Protective force fields are great, but it would be probably more efficient to wear some normal protective gear under that.

Defiant last words: As we didn't get to learn that he says his personal motto, it doesn't carry an impact.

Lazy Sardaukars: It doesn't seem efficient that the Sardaukar (supposedly the best fighters in the universe) don't even bother to check the body of Duncan, automatically assuming he is dead.

The signet ring of the duke: The ring seems to be an especially good fit for the kid's index finger, although his father with much bigger hands wore it on it's ringfinger. A line of explanation that the ring fits itself to the wearer would be enough to make this work.

Non-essential scenes

As the movie is already long, and there are some things that are missed from the book, the time could have been used better.

We get to see in long scenes that the Atreides have a bull fetish (multiple shots of the bull head and the bull statue, mentions of bull fighting, seeing bull reliefs), and that would be great if other important parts wouldn't get lost in this adaptation.

Paul and Jessica arrive at the botanical station and change 'thopter: They could have just used their original 'thopter, and continue their flight. We don't really get anything interesting here anyway.

Duncan escaping with the thopter: As the scene itself is cool, it could have been Paul and Jessica, after taking control of the 'thopter.

The death of Duncan: It could have been included in the palace attack.

The death of Kynes: She is not very important, why should we care about her?

Unanswered questions

Why did the traitor Yueh trust the baron?

Why didn't Leto marry Jessica?

* * *

Possibilities of improvement

To make a better story, there should be some scenes added into the movie. I'm pretty sure the old movie or the TV series has them, and even though the actors look different, at least the story could be intact.

How it could have been better?

Choose the focus of the story more visely. Focus on the parts that are integral to the story. For example, an easy choice to focus on would be the character arc of Paul. Make him a reluctant ruler, who doesn't want to take matters in his own hand. He don't want to spend his life with lectures by his mother or training with swords, when there's a whole world outside to explore. Yes, he has visions of the future, but he could have visions of the many planets of the Known World. During the movie, let him learn that the world is full of evil and greedy rulers, who'll want to ruin the beauty of those planets, and they would need the right ruler. As the story progresses, he gathers the strength, knowdledge and motivation to be this ruler for them. When the story ends, he reaches this point, and he decides to lead the Fremen. While we don't learn whether or not he'll be succesful at this, we'd still get a complete story.

As they spend plenty of time on the story, instead of the straight exposition from the projector device, we could see what planet Arrakis and a sandworm is, when they arrive, and the planetologist take them on a joyride.

* * *

Dune, movie (2021) - Film review by KadmonDune: Part One, movie (2021)
image © Warner Entertainment (AT&T) & Legendary (Dalian Wanda Group)

Uses for the film - Dune: Part One, movie (2021)


  • A ruler gets jelous of a noble, so he takes the land of another noble, and gives it to them, to make them directly antagonistic.
  • A new colonist ruler wants to make the indigenous people allies.


  • The arrival on Arrakis looks cool.
  • The saving of the Harvester crew looks good.
  • The Harkonnen attack on Arrakis looks nice.
  • The scene when Duncan escapes with the 'thopter looks cool.

Scenario ideas - Role-playing game scenario ideas

  • You get an assignment to take over a mining operation from one of your rivals. You have to pay taxes to your lord, but otherwise you can keep what you mine. Your rival wants to take back the mine, and tries to sabotage your operation. If you cannot pay the taxes you are required to send, your assignment will be taken away from you.

Scenario ideas - Wargame scenario ideas

  • Hiding troops: The battle is played on the land of the locals. They have prepared the playing area to ambush the outsiders. The outsiders have to reach the objective in the middle of the playing area, then leave the playing area. The player of the locals sets up the playing area. Then the local troops are deployed. The player can decide to pay x1.5 points for troops that are hiding in suspicious spots - put an ambush marker on any zone. The player can also pay x2 points for them to hide them totally. Write up the location of the hidden troops on a paper, or use a ghost marker. If the outsiders enter into a zone that's near an ambush marker, the ambushing troops have to be revealed, and put on the playing area. Hidden troops can be deployed any time, the local player may even interrupt the action of the outsider to set any number of them on the playing area. The local player wins if they kill more than half of the outsiders. The outsider wins if they reach the objective, and more than half of their troops either leaves the playing area, or they are still alive when they defeat the local units.
  • Evacuation: A fortified place is about to be destroyed, so there's a limited time to escape. The cause: the siegers were able to breach it / it's about to collapse / it's on fire / some device has gone critical / a giant monster is about to swallow it. They get reinforcements to evacuate everyone. The defending player sets up the playing area, with the fortification in the middle. Put a number of models inside the fortification. Then, the attacking player sets up their army anywhere outside of the fortification. Then, the defending player can enter from any edges of the playing area, with units that are able to transport units (mounts, carts, transport vehicles, dropships). They have to get through the attackers, reach the fortification, and get out before the time runs out. Every model that's still in the fortification when the time runs out, is destroyed. The defenders win if they are able to evacuate at least half of the crew of the fortification. The attacker wins if more than half of the crew dies.
  • Bombardment: The defenders are ambushed by the attackers. The defending player set up the playing area, with barracks surrounding an open place, where they have transports. Some transports are good for fighting, others are good for carrying troops. Set up the defending troops, touching the barracks, as they run out. The attackers have siege engines on the edges of the playing area, and they are able to shoot at them. The defenders have to escape from the overwhelming odds. They can use the fighting transports to destroy or distract the siege engines, and they can use the carriers to move their troops. The defending player wins if more than half of their troops leave the playing area, or they are still alive when all of the siegers have been defeated. The sieger wins if more than half of the defending troops are destroyed.
  • Siege of the palace: There's a palace that is being attacked. The defender sets up the playing area, with a palace with multiple rooms in the middle, with the main entrance destroyed / open. The defender puts a number of noble family members in separate rooms, then puts defending troops with regular skills anywhere in the palace. The doors are shut, but the noble family members have keys to unluck them. Otherwise they must be destroyed to open. Then the attacking force is set up anywhere outside the palace, that have better equipment and skills than the defending troops. Then the defender puts a veteran team of soldiers at the edge of the playing area. The defender wins if at least half of the family members leave the playing area, or if they defeat all the attacking troops. The attacker wins if they kill more than half of the family members.
    • Harder for the defender - Assassins: Among the attackers, there's an elite troop of killers, sent specifically to kill the family members.
    • Automatic units: The regular defenders and the regular attackers can be played automatically. First, the players make actions with their elite troops, then the regular troops try to attack the nearest enemy, or move towards them. This would make it easier to handle the number of models, but it also simulates that they are less efficient than the veterans, that are controlled by the players.
  • Mining operation: There's a miner, who established a mining operation in the middle of the playing area, that belongs to the raiders. The miner acts as the defender, the raiders are the attackers. The raiders set up the playing area, and the miner puts a mining device (a tent, a well, or a non-mobile vehicle, for example a cart without oxes, a container without a truck) in the middle. Then the miners deploy their units anywhere on the playing area. Then the raiders can enter from any of the edges. The miner can call for extraction at the beginning of any turn, including the first one. If the extraction is called, then roll a d6 on the beginning of every turn, on a 1, they arrive on any edge of the playing area. The extraction team has very fast, or even flying models (horses, towing truck, helicopter). When they reach the mining device, they spend one turn attaching it, then on the next turn they start to get it away. The miner gets one resource point at the end of every turn, that they spend with mining. If the raiders destroy the mining device, then the miners lose every resource point. If the extraction team gets destroyed, in the beginning of the next turn they can call for a new one. The game ends when the mining device left the playing area, or get destroyed. Then every resource point count for some victory points. The miners win if they accumulate enough victory points. The raiders win if they destroy the mining device, and more than half of their troops are still alive.
    • Sabotage v1: Similar to Mining operation, but the raiders have prepared for the miners, and set traps for them. When setting up the area, the raider can secretly mark areas as traps, except for the middle. When the game begins, if any of the miner units stand on a marked area, they get hit by the trap. Any remaining trap will only activate if miner units enter them. Raiders don't activate the traps, however, they still get hit if a miner activates the trap.
      They can even trap the extraction routs. If they use one of their traps in this way, when a 1 is rolled for the extraction to enter, the raider can show up his trap counter, and the extraction team is delayed, until they roll a 1 again.
      They use up a trap as hidden units. These units are in secret tunnels, in covered holes, or have perfect camouflage for that specific spot. The raiders have to decide the hiding place after setting up the playing area, before any unit is deployed. The raider can reveal these hidden units any time. Enemy units can spend an action to find the hiding place. Each model may do a test for skill, or roll a d6, and on 1-3, they find one hiding model if they did it in the area where units are hidden. The raider player may reveal the model at this time. The mining player may attack the hiding model.
  • Robbers: Similar to the previous one, but after the raiders set up the playing area, they also set up their troops. Then the miners have to enter through any edge, and the mining device has to reach the middle point to start accumulating resources. The miners act as attackers, the raiders are the defenders. The miners get the some fast vehicle to move the device for free. If that vehicle gets destroyed, they need to call for extraction.
    • Sabotage v2: Similar to Robbers, with Sabotage v1, but the raiders can even trap the middle.
  • The Guardian: There's a large creature that protects the resource they are trying to get. At the beginning of every turn, there's a chance of the Guardian waking up. Roll a d6, on a 1, it's awake, and howls. The players will get this warning. Then, on the beginning of every turn, roll a d6, on a 1, it enter the playing area. The raider player deploys some large creature on an edge, that's closest to the current location of the mining device. The creature spends every action to get close to the mining device. Anything that gets in its way, will get a ramming attack. The creature moves faster than a moving human, but slower than the extraction team.
    • Sabotage v3: Similar to the Sabotage v1 or Sabotage v2, with The Guardian, but the raiders can even lure the Guardian. If they spend a trap on it, when they roll for the Guardian, they can show up their trap marker, and reroll the dice, if it's not a 1.

Miniatures - 1/50-1/60 (28-32mm scale)

Atreides soldier: Human-sized early modern / modern soldier with swords.

Harkonnan soldier: Human-sized futuristic soldier in full armour, with swords.

Fremen: Human-sized futuristic soldier in cloaks.

Sandworm: Any kind of gigantic wormlike creature.

Sardaukar: Human-sized futuristic soldier in full armour, with swords.

* * *

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Dune: Adventures in the Imperium (Modiphius Entertainment, 2021): Similar futuristic setting.

Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium (Last Unicorn Games / Wizards of the Coast, 2000): Similar futuristic setting.

Fading Suns (Holistic Design 1996 / Holistic Design (d20), 2001 / RedBrick, 2007 / FASA, 2012 / Ulisses Spiele, 2020): Similar futuristic setting.

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Frequently asked questions - Dune: Part One, movie (2021)

Is the Dune: Part One film based on a book or comics?

Yes, Dune: Part One is based on the Dune novel from Frank Herbert.

Is the Dune: Part One film a remake or reboot?

No, the Dune: Part One film is neither a remake nor a reboot, but it's an adaptation of the Dune novel that has been previously adapted as the Dune (1984) movie and the Dune (2000) TV series.

Is there a post credit scene in Dune: Part One? Does Dune: Part One have end credit scenes?

No, there's no post credit scene in Dune: Part One.

Where can I see Dune: Part One? Where can I watch Dune: Part One online? Is Dune: Part One available on Netflix? Is Dune: Part One on Amazon?

As of 2021.11.16, Dune: Part One is on HBO Max, and on Hulu (with an HBO Max subscription).

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Buying the product - Dune: Part One, movie (2021)

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