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Alkony - The sky above the Inland Sea

Article updated: 2020.04.04

The world of Alkony is similar to ours. The planet that houses the Inland Sea and the Raider plains, has a single sun, a single, broken moon with an irregular orbit, and also a dark planetary ring.

The sun is a pretty normal yellow sun, it's similar in size to the sun of the Earth, and the distance between the planet and the sun is also similar.

The dark Broken Moon got destroyed in large battle against the King of the Black Throne, who resided on the moon at that time. After the gigantic explosions that tore the planetoid into pieces, the moon still didn't stabilize into a normal orbit, so it slowly rolls, wobbling through the sky, the debris still forming a small ring around the wrecked satellite.

The Shadow Ring is the asteroid field that's circling the planet. The ring consists of the dark grey rocks that exploded from the moon after the assault on the fortress of the Black Throne.

The Shadow Ring and debris field of the Broken Moon contains pieces of the ancient fortress, some of them still functioning. These could include working force fields that retain atmosphere, create gravity, and sometimes hide still living guardians.

Although the look of sky probably doesn't come up too often during games but it's good to keep these in mind.

Broken Moon references

Broken Moon by Darksider

RSI Community Forums: Broken Moon? (2020.04.04: The article is offline.)

the article on

Planetary ring references

Jason Davis (from The Planetary Society): What would Earth's skies look like with Saturn's rings?: Article, using Ron Miller's illustrations.

Stack Exchange: What would the sky look like from the surface of a planet with rings?: Article, discussing the topic.

T0R0YD: THE RINGS OF THE EARTH , 3DS Max Animation: Video,

John Matson (from Scientific American): What would rings around Earth look like?: Article, discussing the previous video.

John A. O'Keefe (from Nature): The terminal Eocene event: formation of a ring system around the Earth?: Article about a theory of Earth's planetary ring in the Eocene period, that caused colder winters.

Nola Taylor Redd (from Scientific American): Mars May Become a Ringed Planet Someday: Article about a theory that the moons of Mars could desintegrate into a debris field of rings around the Mars in 20-40 million years.

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Do you know further references about broken moons or planetary rings? Do you have further ideas you'd like to see on the skies above the Inner Sea? Tell us in the comments!


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