Alkony: Bartertown - Backround for the gameplay narratives

Gameplay narrative: Alkony gameplay narrative - Bartertown gameplay narrative, Setting: Alkony universe - Bartertown

I've collected information about the Batertown campaign, we use during the Alkony games.

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Alkony - The sky above the Inland Sea

Article updated: 2020.04.04

The world of Alkony is similar to ours. The planet that houses the Inland Sea and the Raider plains, has a single sun, a single, broken moon with an irregular orbit, and also a dark planetary ring.

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Alkony - Arena combat - Images

Arena combats between gladiators are a common form of entertainment on the world of Alkony. On the pictures, captured raider elf gladiators fight against penal legionaries from Lel Tessin in an arena combat, while the arena master and the trainer of the gladiators overviews their fight.

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The Alkony is a fantasy universe that contains the settings created by our team. These settings are designed by their own creators, and they are related to each other by background elements. These settings usually contain a geographical area, or the campaign settings of a role-playing game.

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