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Article updated: 2019.01.12

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Details - Pentart acrylic paints from Pentacolor

Miniature hobby supply: Pentart acrylic paints

Company: Pentacolor, Production: -2015-2019-

Features: Acrylic Paints - Acrylic Glossy Paint, Acrylic Matte Paint, Acrylic Metallic Paint

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Review - Pentart acrylic paints from Pentacolor

The Pentart acrylic paints from Pentacolor are a generic purpose acrylic paints. There are three types - matte, glossy, and metallic. They are not created specifically for painting models but they can be used for them.

If you've got used to high quality model paints it can be a tiresome and frustrating experience to work with Pentart paints. While they work fine to paint terrain and scenery where the detail is not that important, it's hard to paint details with it. You need to be patient and determined to work out how to handle it.

My original review was a bit more negative before the rewrite, but in the past half year I only used Pentart acrylics for painting and I got used to it, even came up with some solutions for my original problems. By the time you've painted ten different minis with Pentart, I think you will have enough experience to master these paints. Then you can repaint those poor minis you've used for practice.

Problems with the Pentart acrylic paints

Problem 1: The density of the pigment is low. If you dilute it, the paint can change into a wash-like consistency.
Solution 1: Don't dilute Pentart paints. Dip your brush into water to soften it, then dip it into the paint before painting.

Problem 2: The consistency of the paint is very random, from normal to thick, creamy. If you dilute the creamy paint, it will become a wash. I’m not sure if it depends on the colour, the date of manufacture, or is it utterly random.
Solution 2: Your painting instincts might tell you that the thick paint will need dilution, but most of the time it really doesn't. Dip your brush into water, dip it into the creamy paint, then smudge it on your palette so the paint spreads over your brush.

Problem 3: The consistency of the paint can vary during brushstrokes because it's so uneven. First you see that it covers evenly, then you pull up the brush, start to paint again, and the paint runs down from your brush, like a wash, and it ruins your previous work.
Solution 3: Just like the previous solution - smudge it a little, so the consistency will become even.

Problem 4: The changing consistency sometimes trick you. After you think you have finished painting and let the mini dry, instead of drying normally, it runs down from the painted area like a wash and ruins everything.
Solution 4: This didn't happen recently. I suppose the same uneven consistency was the cause, so smudging the brush to even it solves this too.

Pentacolor Pentart acrylic paint types

They come in several packagings - 30 ml/ 50 ml/100 ml/230 ml pot, or 20 ml/ 50 ml tube.

Primer: It works well as a primer. It comes in two colours - white and black.

Glossy paints: They are nice, glossy. I think there's a good variety of them, although I don't use glossy paints.

Matte paints: They are matte. There's a huge variety of them, if you buy them all, you will never need to mix paints again.

Metallic paints: The basic colours (gold and silver) are somewhat metallic, but they are glittering instead of shining. It's like there's glitterdust in them. They would fit a Barbie doll better than a gaming miniature. There's a basic set of gold, silver, bronze and probably some other metallic colours.

Painting techniques

Normal paint: Unless it's so thick, lumps of paint stick to your brush, never ever dilute it. Even when you think that it's really time to thin it - don't. When I gave in and diluted it, most of the time I regretted that decision, so not diluting will save you the regret (and maybe your paintjob).

Wash: The paint can be used for mixing washes. You just need to add a really small amount compared to what you got used to while using other paints. As the density of the paint is already low, just a few drop to thin it will be enough.

Glaze: It is also good for glazing. If a layer of glaze dried up, you can check if there is enough pigment on the surface. In case you need more, you could just get another layer on it.

Drybrush: It’s hard to get a good drybrush done with it. The brush most be totally dry, because if you just try to use up the wetness by brushing strokes, by the time the paint is dry enough on the brush, there’s not much pigment left. Sometimes the paint itself is too thin to use it for drybrushing. These times I usually just put small dots on the areas I want to highlight, then I try to smudge them together with another brush or my finger. If you get the paint out of the pot and wait for that to dry up, it can be used almost normally though. You just need some time before you can start.

Mixing Pentart paints

Some model painters told the Pentart acrylic paint mixes well with AK Interactive paints.


While Pentart paints are cheap and they are sold in several places (at least here in Miskolc), I’m still undecided about them. If I’d buy a small pot (18ml) of cheap model paint for the same price, I’m not sure which one would last longer. You lose a lot paint as you can't dilute it. You lose it when smudging it to be even. You also lose a lot when you try to drybrush.

It’s also a pain to use them on miniatures, where the details are important. If you’d like to use them for covering large areas of terrain, they could be useful.

However, while not a fan, I will still use it, as I have loads of them, and they are not terrible.


It's not the worst choice there is if you are on a budget. You can get used to it with some practice.

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Resources - Pentart acrylic paints from Pentacolor

Pentart: Acrylic paints: Official webpage.

pentartvideo: Krémes akrilfesték // Creamy Acrylic Paint: Review video.

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Buying the product - Pentart acrylic paints from Pentacolor


Base price (Pentart acrylic paints in 50ml pot): ca. 1,5 EUR, Price/liter: ca. 30 EUR

Where can you buy it?

In Hungary: You can find them in hobby shops around the country, but if you'd like to order them, the cheapest ones I could find are the ones in Nosza Andi's webshop (that looks offline as of 2017.09). 

Worldwide: Apart from Hungary, I've seen a distributor in the United Kingdom that carries Pentart supplies. Outside of these two countries the advantage of the low price could be lost due to the shipping costs.

Base price (Pentart acrylic paint in 50ml pot): ca. 1,5 EUR, Price/liter: ca. 30 EUR

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Have you tried Pentart acrylic paints from Pentacolor? What are your experiences? Tell us in the comments!


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