I've gathered my recommendations about running demonstration games for the Zombicide Season 1 boardgame from Guillotine Games & CoolMiniOrNot.

Before you read further, I recommend you to read: Running game demos - Guidelines

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I've collected the resources and boardgame tutorials I've found interesting.

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Zombicide Season 1 from Guillotine Games & CoolMiniOrNotimage © Guillotine Games & CoolMiniOrNot

The Zombicide Season 1 boardgame from Guillotine Games & CoolMiniOrNot is a very popular cooperative zombie-themed gamed. There are lots of reviews, fan-made additions and paiting tutorials all around the web. I've collected those articles and videos I've found interesting.

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I've collected the sources and boardgame tutorials I've found interesting.

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Rum & Bones Logo

The Rum & Bones system is a historical fantasy, MOBA style combat game from CoolMiniOrNot. I've collected the sources and gaming tutorials I've found interesting.

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Aliens vs Predator Chess from Scenery World Workshopimage © Scenery World Workshop

Wargame system: Chess (19th century) (Chess)
Product: -
Reviewer: Kadmon
Reviewer's preferences: Immersive, Realistic approach
Review: Based on a free copy, playtested

Reading the rules

The rules of chess are easy to learn and easy to follow. It really shows that it has been thorougly playtested.

First play

It was so long time ago I don't remember.

What I liked

If you learn the moves you can instantly start playing - you just won't be very good at it.

What I didn't like

I don't like the memorising aspect of chess, I'd prefer a pure logic-based gameplay. I don't like to spend hours to come up with unbeatable strategies, but I see that my playing partners enjoy that aspect as much (if not more!) as playing the game itself.

Getting it

I have a chess set I inherited from my father, and most of my opponents also have their own set, so I didn't need to buy any. I don't think I'd buy one if I wouldn't already have my own.


It's a solid rule system, and the game is easily available almost anywhere on the planet. It's a good game to spend hours if you like strategical thinking.

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Further reading

Wargames - Chess - Wargame system

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Buying the product - Chess

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Have you played Chess? How does it compare to this review? Do you agree or disagree with the reviewer? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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