Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottókép © Gregor Ottó

Game: Zombicide (CoolMiniOrNot)

Author: Gregor Ottó
Edited by: Kadmon

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The story of the Zombicide game experience based on real events was made by Gregor Ottó.

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Zombie Hunting Report From Belle's Diary - It's Halloween!

They say there is a day in the year when the otherwise impenetrable boundary between the spirit world and the physical world ceases to exist. The souls of the dead can all return to our real plane plane for a last desperate walk. I wouldn't be surprised if it really was. The carcasses of the dead are still walking around here at twenty-four.

Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

Tradition! Halloween. It's a time for getting sugar, costumes and funny scares. We decided that we would go out for chocolate. Anyway, Amy indicated she needed raw materials for her pumpkin. Amy's gingerbread is worth all the risks! Tiff and Grindlock joined the party as regular troublemakers. In addition, Shannon, the little girl, and I, were in a mess. We headed for a long-abandoned city section that has long been reported as a ghost place!

The dead were on the streets, but they were not supernatural. Splitting meat masses. We burst into the door of the first building. "Trick or treat!" The finest chocolate waited for us behind the front door, throwing an automatic shotgun into our basket. It was then that the buildings came to life!

Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

The self-opening, closing electric security doors, the smaller mass of zombies, let out the streets. At first we didn't understand what could cause. Grindlock suggested that the block maintenance center may have failed the door management system. Well, we sat in a car and headed for the service building. Meanwhile, our class was still in chocolate, Grindlock got two revolvers with huge blades from the searched cars. We arrived at our destination soon.

Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

The building was closed, but it did not cause any trouble, Tiff's carpenters made their impact both at the door and on the console. Using the Russian method, we rectified the faulty instrument panel and then we were amazed at how much power we had gained. All the security doors of the building can be operated! With one touch of a button we could get in anywhere! It was time for a little more chocolate!

The doors opened, the doors closed. Tiff was in charge of the console's handling of the console, and we flew to the candy. We opened everything we wanted to get into, but the buildings were not empty, and the outcrying halloween crowd had a larger number than it might have been. At the next hoax, he was still waiting for chocolate, a military shotgun. Yum! But we soon noticed the crowding crowd on the streets growing. We had to go.

Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

We became two. Grindlock with a double blade gun crust in the northern block while I was sitting in a car with Shannon and headed for a car repair shop. We hoped in chocolate but we became victims of fraud!

Grindlock was the first to jump on his neck. They were quick and ruthless, but with a few bites, Grindlock and the two blades came out winning later. Do not panic! Everything is alright. For now. Couple bites are not the world yet. We got to the thought. It will take days for someone to completely transform. Although it soon becomes apparent that his humanity is beginning to lose.

Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

We also got into the workshop with Shannon, but he caught us with a horde that had a glimpse of my back. I looked out the window. The crowd fluttered across the street. Whether it is a river with a mass of meat, between buildings. The bloody sea fluttered, spread across all the feet. Smaller, larger specimens were muttered, destroying everything they got in their way. Horrible!

Tiff was alert. He closed the security doors, excluding the dead sea, but it was too late. Some of them got in, and that couple of points were enough to get enough of me! While they were tearing me, it was time for Shannon to deal with the liberated group. When I came to myself, I felt strange. I saw bleeding from more wounds and missing pieces of meat from my body, but I didn't feel any pain. Trolling blood and hanging skin cocks did not cause any serious inconvenience than a mosquito bite. But there was no time to worry about starting the crazy pace of exploring the building for any explosive that could blow the way through the shattering sea to safety. But in vain. There was nothing in the building!

Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

We didn't have much hope, but we could still count on Tiff and Grindlock. The last chocolate Tiff got in the form of a chainsaw. It was time to step down. While the chainsaw's banging and the bloody battle of our companions began to pull some of the crowd, we managed to crack the back door. Running! No pain could stop him from reaching the exit, but the crowd didn't let me go. It burst into waves. The sea of ​​great power showed again and again that water is the Lord! Shannon got out. His military training proved to be more effective than my street moves. But I had another chance. Two full vending machines in my hand and I started to become one with the dead! Torn, bitten, in vain. Milling the sea was no more annoying than a mosquito bite. I dropped a magazine. Then one more. And one more. The sea has never been lost, it hasn't become less, but I have seen the way back to the exit! I was moving with the crowd, swimming in it. The drift of the dead brought forward. I got in!

In a restaurant I understand my peers. They were surprised to see. I don't blame them, I would have given up on myself. But I was sad to see Tiff swim. Her eyes were misty and her clothes soaked in blood and underneath her, the milling marks. It was time to close this party.

Zombicide board game - It's Halloween! - Gameplay narrative by Ottóimage © Gregor Ottó

On the way out of the restaurant I saw a huge baking pan on the counter. Perhaps Amy's gourmet cake will be the last cake of my life. I wouldn't miss out on the world! I grabbed and walked out of the building with the others, leaving behind the dead souls of the dead souls, which I will soon be part of.

Happy Halloween!

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