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The Zombicide Season 1 boardgame from Guillotine Games & CoolMiniOrNot is a very popular cooperative zombie-themed gamed. There are lots of reviews, fan-made additions and paiting tutorials all around the web. I've collected those articles and videos I've found interesting.

Official material

Zombicide Season 1

Zombicide Season 1 Rulebook (updated)

Zombicide Season 1 FAQ

Additional Missions (you have to click on the Season 1 cover to see the Season 1 Missions)

Additional Survivors (you have to click on the zombie face to get the Zombivore sheet)

Additional rules and utilities

Zombicide fan websites

Mr. Slowfinger gaming

Zombicide blog by Kasper

Zombicide Stuff

Facebook pages and groups

Zombicide trading/painting (Facebook - open group)

Zombicide (Facebook page with 5000+ followers)

Zombicide Brasil (Facebook page) (in Portuguese)

Zombicide UK (Facebook page)

Zombicide Zombicide Italia Fan (Facebook page)

Zombicide, le Fan Site (Facebook page) (in French)


Season 1 - articles:

T0rrES: Zombicide (Reseña) (in Spanish) - Google Translate English version

Season 1 - videos:


CoolMiniOrNot: Zombicide Gameplay Introduction

Let's Play Zombicide With Nathan of Jaded Gamercast! (Raw & Uncut!)

Zombicide Part 1 - Tech Geek Gamers 104

Crits Happen: Critical Review - Zombicide

Spydah666: Games Night Video 10: Zombicide

Watch It Played: S17E04 - Zombicide - Gameplay Begins



Painting guides

Season 1:

Ivan Kaiser (from GangeekStyle): How to quickly paint Zombicide’s zombies!: A good tutorial with lots of pictures on painting Zombicide Season 1 zombies.


The Army Painter: Zombicide Painting Guide

FAST FATTY: Zombicide Painting Tutorial



Zombicide App in Google Store

Geek & Sundry: Home Brew Rules: Some good addition to the original Zombicide rules.

Zombicide Stuff: Custom tiles and maps: Downloadable tiles.

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Buying the product

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Do you know further articles about Zombicide from Guillotine Games & CoolMiniOrNot? Do you know other good sources? Tell us in the comments!


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