Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) exhibition

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Translation based on: Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 (2018.02.02-04) - Esemény beszámoló (2018.02.14)
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The Makettfesztivál (Model Festival) is an annual miniatures hobby event, organised by Miskolci Makettezők Egyesülete (Modelers Association of Miskolc). On this Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 the Nexus Club also participated at 2018.02-02-04, working closely with The Forge wargaming club. The Győzelem Pajzsa (Shield of Victory) modelling competition was also held here, the programs are basically built around this. For this occasion Kelemen Gábor made a wargaming board for Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings.

There were many sights to see even beyond the Győzelem pajzsa competition. There were modelers showing their trade - how to build and paint models. Many model hobby stores were present to provide the possibility of shopping with a discount.

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018Modelers show their trade

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

The wargaming board of Kelemen Gábor

Kelemen Gábor (MeyilKree) has spent the last few monthes with the creation of this beautiful gaming board for his Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings wargaming tutorial missions.

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

Railway Modelers of Miskolc

Miskolci Vasútmodellezők Egyesülete (Railway Model Association of Miskolc) displayed several electric model railway boards.

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

My favorite was the track section showing the work modelling process - this way you can see how it came to be created, from pieces of foam to the painted model.

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

Nexus Klub

From the Nexus Club it was Takács György (Kadmon) who held presentations of the Massive Darkness and the Star Saga board games.

The organisers provided a model helicopter for the club from the legacy of the late Ulrich József, for which I would like to thank them!

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

The Massive Darkness boardgame from CoolMiniOrNot company attracted many young gamers.

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018
Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 image © Nagy István

The Star Saga boardgame from Mantic Games company. interested visitors due to its futuristic theme.

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018image © Nagy István

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

The donated helicopter appeared in our games.

Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018

You can find further coverage of the Star Saga gameplay in the following article:

Társasjáték / Taktikai játék - Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2018 Star Saga játékok - Játék beszámoló (in Hungarian)


We would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to participate in the Makettfesztivál miniature festival. I hope we can be also here next year!

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The Star Saga: The Eiras Contract boardgame for the games has been sent by Mantic Games for demonstration games.

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Did you like to game, and want to get one?

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What do you think of the 2018 Makettfesztivál of Miskolc? What was your favourite event? What would you like to add, what do you miss from the festival? Tell us in the comments!


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