Gameplay narrative: Warpath


Gameplay narrative for the Warpath universe setting of Mantic Games.

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  • Wargames - Playing Deadzone Ed2 on the Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2017 (2017.02.18-19) - Warpath Gameplay narrative

    I had a chance to attend the Makettfesztivál Miskolc 2017 on 2017.02.18-19, where I organised a couple of Deadzone Ed2 demos. There were lots of kids eager to play games. I tried to set up my Battlezones. Necromunda and Infinity scenery I prepared for the event, but as the kids were harrassing me to start playing, I gave up, and just used my trusty Nexus Studio container buildings. This is a retelling of the games played on the convention, at least what I remember from them. To fit with the previous gameplay narratives, I'll probably set the story in the universe of the Imperial Space setting at a later date.

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