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Reference images are collected from the works of famous artists.
Images are pictures from the works of the Alkony Workshop.
The sketches are usually done by myself (Kadmon). The latter are closer to my ideas but the former are nicer.

(under construction)

(under construction)


There are 4 major races on the world of Alkony: dwarves, elves, humans and orcs, but several less numerous races exist.

Dwarves are a about 3-4' short and divided into 5 nations. They are usually sturdy and enduring, most of them are fierce warriors or sneaky thieves. They are a long-time inhabitants of the world even the first elven legends mention them. They worship strange, ancient spirits and even more alien demons.

Elves are the shapers of the magic of nature. A long time ago, before the Cataclysm came, they ruled over the world and they brought the wisdom of sciences and magic to the people. They believe in the forces of nature. Elves are divided into 7 nations:

Humans were a barbaric race long ago but the elves gave them their gifts and knowledge - as it is told by the storytellers. Some of their nations were destroyed by the Cataclysm or the following wars but they have established city-states throughout the plains and on the coast of the Inner Sea. There are 10 human nations:

Orcs were a primitive race of humanoids but they rose up after the Cataclysm on the remains of the knowledge they've collected as the slaves of the theldarin and mercenaries of the elves. There are 4 separate orc nations.

Other races dwell in the city states of the Inner Sea or live in the badlands of the Rowlind Plains. Ten of them are the most numerous.

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