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Roleplaying Game Sites

Dark Sun Officail Page (English)

Dying Earth RPG (English)

Harn (English)

RogueS (Hungarian)

Fantasy Literature

Dying Earth (Jack Vance) (angol)

Heroes of Dark Fantasy (English)

Scrolls of Lankhmar (English)


Gerald Brom's Site (English)

Stephen Fabian's Site (English)

Tom Baxa's Site (English)

Conan - the Series (English)

Conan webring (English)

Conan, the Barbarian - or

Hyborian Age (English)

EarthDawn Journal (English)

EarthDawn Publishing Trust (English)

Strands (English)

Book of Brilliant Things (English)

Echoes of the Dragon Isle (English)

Eternal Champion (English)

The Ruby Throne (English)

The Sailor on the Sea of Fate (English)

Roleplaying systems used for Alkony games

Wizards of the Coast

Games Workshop

Critical Hit

Fantasy and roleplaying sites


RPG.Hu, the Site for Hungarian Roleplay Gamers
supporter of the Alkony page

Dark Lords Roleplaying Community



Sites of computer games

D i a b l o


Pages of the members ot the workshop

Abdul - (Hungarian, currently unavailable)

Andrew Field - (Hungarian)

Arc Poave - (English)

Kadmon - (Hungarian, under construction)

Larv - (Hungarian) (English)

Leonsio - (Hungarian)

_Neo - (Hungarian) (Hungarian)

Scorba - (Hungarian)

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