Kings of War

Game system: Kings of War Ed1, Gameplay sources: Kings of War (Ed1)

Forces: Dwarfs vs Undead, Gameplay sources: Dwarfs (Ed1) vs Undead (Ed1) : Dwarfs vs Undead (Ed1)

Points: ?

Mission: ?

Date: 2013.12.06. (uploaded)

Players: ?

Source: Tabletop Game Shop: Wargamesupplies Kings of War Battle: Undead vs Dwarves: Gameplay video.

"In this game we are using a small force of Undead and a small force of Dwarves to battle to the death using Mantic Games' Kings of War rules."

Features: Kings of War gameplay source, Kings of War Ed1 gameplay source, Kings of War-Dwarfs, Kings of War-Undead

Kings of War-Dwarfs vs Undead gameplay source, Kings of War Ed1-Dwarfs vs Undead gameplay source

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