Kings of War

Game system: Kings of War Ed1, Gameplay sources: Kings of War (Ed1)

Forces: Abyssal Dwarfs vs Undead, Gameplay sources: Abyssal Dwarfs (Ed1) vs Undead (Ed1) : Abyssal Dwarfs vs Undead (Ed1)

Points: 750pt

Mission: ?

Date: 2011.06.30 (uploaded)

Players: ?

Source: Bill Schmidt: Kings of War: Battle Report - Undead Versus Abyssal Dwarves: Gameplay video.

"This is the first quick attempt at a battle report for Kings of War. It features video shot from an iPhone (sorry about the shaky cam, I'm going to try to get a tripod for the next one), Abyssal dwarves and Undead going head to head in a 750pt battle report. Sorry for the lack of painted miniatures and lack of terrain, we're new to this game still, and newer still to making videos... Tons of improvement on the next videos for sure!"

Features: Kings of War gameplay source, Kings of War Ed1 gameplay source, Kings of War-Abyssal Dwarfs, Kings of War-Undead

Kings of War-Abyssal Dwarfs vs Undead gameplay source, Kings of War Ed1-Abyssal Dwarfs vs Undead gameplay source, Kings of War Ed1-Abyssal Dwarfs vs Undead-750pt gameplay source

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