The mission of Nexus Club

Our goal is to provide place and resources for the members to gather and play games. For this cause we try to collect every kinds of boardgames, miniature games and role-playing games.

Nexus Club Miskolc

Address Takács György (intercom 18 or 15)
Soltész Nagy Kálmán u. 3, 2nd floor
3527 Miskolc
Phone +36-46 / 342-735
Club leader
Takács György (Kadmon)
Facebook Nexus Klub Miskolc


Nexus Club Miskolc is in close association with:

Epic BG Day boardgaming club

Gémeskút boardgaming club

Magic Klub card gaming club

The Forge modelling and wargaming club


We accept any kind of donations for the club - board games, role-playing games, miniatures, gaming magazines. Even things that have no value to others could be treasured by us! Our addess is:

Takacs Gyorgy
Soltesz Nagy Kalman u. 3, 1. emelet, 18-as kapucsengo
3527 Miskolc
Phone: +36-46/342-735

For the latest news and events visit Nexus Klub Miskolc Facebook page! (in Hungarian)

List of donations

Nexus Club news and events

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