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Humanoid with cannon shell in 1/56 scale (Plague Gen 3 Loader for Warpath) from Mantic Games - Miniature figure reviewimage © Mantic Games
sculpt © Mantic Games
painting © Mantic Games
Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games

The Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Deadzone and Warpath from Mantic Games is a humanoid with a cannon shell.

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Details - Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games

Miniature figure: Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader

Product Code: -

GN Code: ?

Sprue: -


Features: Human-sized (S3) Futuristic (Advanced) Savage humanoid (Humanoid) Warrior unarmoured, with no weapons, holding a cannon shell with two hands

Humanoid - Humanoid alien / Human-sized (S3) humanoid - Human-sized (S3) Humanoid alien

Advanced miniature - Advanced humanoidHuman-sized (S3) Advanced humanoid - Human-sized (S3) Futuristic humanoid

Advanced humanoid warrior -  / Human-sized (S3) Futuristic humanoid warrior

Savage humanoidHuman-sized (S3) Savage humanoid - Human-sized (S3) futuristic savage humanoid warrior


Range: WarpathPlague (Futuristic/ Futuristic fantasy)

Series: Warpath

Company: Mantic Games

Production: 2013-2016? (out of production)

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Species: Modified human (Human)

Gender: ?

Based on: ?

Technology: Futuristic (Advanced)

Accessories: -

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Scale: 1:56 (28mm / 32mm)

Proportions: Realistic / Heroic

Size: ?

Material: Resin (restic)

Priming: Primer is not necessary

Assembly: Multi-piece (Tight fit peg), Needs glue, On sprue?, Needs cutting?

Posing: Medium

Paintjob: Unpainted

Base: Integral base (Fits Mantic base)

Conceptual design: ?

Sculptor: ?

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Review - Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games


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Comparison photos - Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games


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Using the miniature - Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games

Possible uses

  • 1:100 scale: ?
  • 1:72 scale: ?
  • 1:64 scale: ?
  • 1:56 scale: ?
  • 1:50 scale: ?
  • 1:35 scale: ?

Uses for games

Rules for the miniature

Uses on the website

  • none yet

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Resources - Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games





DarkSylann (on flickr): Deadzone - Plague Mortar Canon: Showcase image.

DeathWatch Studios: Deadzone – Plague Booster!: Showcase article.

GMorts Chaotica: Plague for Warpath - Part 5: Showcase article, and painting log.

Keith's Wargaming / Painting Blog: Deadzone - The Plague - Part 2: Showcase article.

Maledrakh (from At the Mountains of Minis: Off the shelf: Reaper Bones, Deadzoners, another Mantic Werewolf: Showcase article.






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Buying the product - Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games


Base price (Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader): ? GBP, Price / mini: ? GBP

Base set price (Plague Support Booster): 15 GBP / ? EUR / ? USD


Where can you buy it?



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Possible substitutes - Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader for Warpath from Mantic Games


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Do you have the Plague Gen 3 Mutant Loader miniature figure for Warpath from Mantic Games? How do you like it? Would you recommend it to others? What further uses can you come up with? Tell your opinion in the comments!


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